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// Scintilla source code edit control
/** @file WindowAccessor.h
** Implementation of BufferAccess and StylingAccess on a Scintilla
** rapid easy access to contents of a Scintilla.
// Copyright 1998-2001 by Neil Hodgson <>
// The License.txt file describes the conditions under which this software may be distributed.
class WindowAccessor : public Accessor {
// Private so WindowAccessor objects can not be copied
WindowAccessor(const WindowAccessor &source) : Accessor(), props(source.props) {}
WindowAccessor &operator=(const WindowAccessor &) { return *this; }
WindowID id;
PropSet &props;
int lenDoc;
char styleBuf[bufferSize];
int validLen;
char chFlags;
char chWhile;
unsigned int startSeg;
bool InternalIsLeadByte(char ch);
void Fill(int position);
WindowAccessor(WindowID id_, PropSet &props_) :
Accessor(), id(id_), props(props_),
lenDoc(-1), validLen(0), chFlags(0), chWhile(0) {
bool Match(int pos, const char *s);
char StyleAt(int position);
int GetLine(int position);
int LineStart(int line);
int LevelAt(int line);
int Length();
void Flush();
int GetLineState(int line);
int SetLineState(int line, int state);
int GetPropertyInt(const char *key, int defaultValue=0) {
return props.GetInt(key, defaultValue);
char *GetProperties() {
return props.ToString();
void StartAt(unsigned int start, char chMask=31);
void SetFlags(char chFlags_, char chWhile_) {chFlags = chFlags_; chWhile = chWhile_; };
unsigned int GetStartSegment() { return startSeg; }
void StartSegment(unsigned int pos);
void ColourTo(unsigned int pos, int chAttr);
void SetLevel(int line, int level);
int IndentAmount(int line, int *flags, PFNIsCommentLeader pfnIsCommentLeader = 0);