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// Scintilla source code edit control
/** @file Accessor.h
** Rapid easy access to contents of a Scintilla.
// Copyright 1998-2001 by Neil Hodgson <>
// The License.txt file describes the conditions under which this software may be distributed.
enum { wsSpace = 1, wsTab = 2, wsSpaceTab = 4, wsInconsistent=8};
class Accessor;
typedef bool (*PFNIsCommentLeader)(Accessor &styler, int pos, int len);
* Interface to data in a Scintilla.
class Accessor {
enum {extremePosition=0x7FFFFFFF};
/** @a bufferSize is a trade off between time taken to copy the characters
* and retrieval overhead.
* @a slopSize positions the buffer before the desired position
* in case there is some backtracking. */
enum {bufferSize=4000, slopSize=bufferSize/8};
char buf[bufferSize+1];
int startPos;
int endPos;
int codePage;
virtual bool InternalIsLeadByte(char ch)=0;
virtual void Fill(int position)=0;
Accessor() : startPos(extremePosition), endPos(0), codePage(0) {}
virtual ~Accessor() {}
char operator[](int position) {
if (position < startPos || position >= endPos) {
return buf[position - startPos];
/** Safe version of operator[], returning a defined value for invalid position. */
char SafeGetCharAt(int position, char chDefault=' ') {
if (position < startPos || position >= endPos) {
if (position < startPos || position >= endPos) {
// Position is outside range of document
return chDefault;
return buf[position - startPos];
bool IsLeadByte(char ch) {
return codePage && InternalIsLeadByte(ch);
void SetCodePage(int codePage_) { codePage = codePage_; }
virtual bool Match(int pos, const char *s)=0;
virtual char StyleAt(int position)=0;
virtual int GetLine(int position)=0;
virtual int LineStart(int line)=0;
virtual int LevelAt(int line)=0;
virtual int Length()=0;
virtual void Flush()=0;
virtual int GetLineState(int line)=0;
virtual int SetLineState(int line, int state)=0;
virtual int GetPropertyInt(const char *key, int defaultValue=0)=0;
virtual char *GetProperties()=0;
// Style setting
virtual void StartAt(unsigned int start, char chMask=31)=0;
virtual void SetFlags(char chFlags_, char chWhile_)=0;
virtual unsigned int GetStartSegment()=0;
virtual void StartSegment(unsigned int pos)=0;
virtual void ColourTo(unsigned int pos, int chAttr)=0;
virtual void SetLevel(int line, int level)=0;
virtual int IndentAmount(int line, int *flags, PFNIsCommentLeader pfnIsCommentLeader = 0)=0;