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2006/11/30 9:28:17 phil
Released as v1.7.1.
2006/11/17 18:19:30 phil
Fixed the name of the generated source packages.
2006/11/11 10:33:00 phil
Fixed a compiler warning. With older versions of gcc treat it as an error.
2006/11/04 22:08:01 phil
Released as v1.7.
2006/11/03 16:10:48 phil
Fixed QextScintillaLexer::setPaper() so that it also sets the background colour
of the default style.
2006/10/29 15:27:49 phil
Renamed the Portuguese Brazilian translation files.
2006/10/27 17:14:20 phil
Updated the NEWS file.
2006/10/21 12:37:02 phil
Switched the internal build system to Qt v3.3.7.
2006/10/20 16:41:33 phil
Renamed the base package QScintilla1.
Platform portability fixes from Ulli.
2006/10/13 16:28:56 phil
Backported the fix for misaligned indentation marks.
2006/10/08 17:06:19 phil
Reset the text and paper colours and font when removing a lexer.
2006/10/06 17:48:45 phil
Added QextScintilla::lexer().
Fixed setFont(), setColor(), setEolFill() and setPaper() in QextScintillaLexer
so that they handle all styles as documented.
2006/09/29 15:59:39 phil
Fixed the documentation bug in QextScintilla::insert().
2006/09/09 17:46:26 phil
QextScintilla's setFont(), setColor() and setPaper() now work as expected when
there is no lexer (and have no effect if there is a lexer).
2006/09/04 19:24:46 phil
Fixed crash enabling setAutoCompletionFillupsEnabled() without having a lexer
or first calling setAutoCompletionFillups().
2006/08/27 17:07:13 phil
Merged Scintilla v1.71.
2006/07/30 17:19:12 phil
Added autoCompletionFillupsEnabled() and setAutoCompletionFillupsEnabled() to
Don't auto-complete numbers.
Added support for triple clicking.
2006/07/09 15:26:26 phil
Updated translations from Detlev.
2006/07/08 19:24:04 phil
Added QextScintilla::isCallTipActive().
2006/07/08 15:28:11 phil
Changed the autoindentation to be slightly cleverer when handling Python. If a
lexer does not define block end words then a block start word is ignored unless
it is the last significant word in a line.
2006/07/02 16:19:16 phil
Possibly fixed a possible problem with double clicking under Windows.
2006/07/02 14:27:26 phil
Added setWrapVisualFlags(), WrapMode::WrapCharacter, WrapVisualFlag to
The layout cache is now set according to the wrap mode.
Setting a wrap mode now disables the horizontal scrollbar.
2006/07/01 18:52:37 phil
Added cancelList(), firstVisibleLine(), isListActive(), showUserList(),
textHeight() and userListActivated() to QextScintilla.
2006/07/01 16:49:53 phil
Auto-completion changed so that subsequent start characters cause the list to
be re-created (containing a subset of the previous one).
2006/06/28 22:12:23 phil
Handle Key_Enter the same as Key_Return.
QextScintilla::foldAll() can now optionally fold all child fold points.
Added autoCompleteFromAll() and setAutoCompletionStartCharacters() to
Vastly improved the way auto-completion and call tips work.
2006/06/25 23:51:44 phil
The default fore and background colours now default to the application palette
rather than being hardcoded to black and white.
2006/06/25 21:51:58 phil
Added defaultColor() and setDefaultColor() to QextScintillaLexer.
Added color() and setColor() to QextScintilla.
Renamed eraseColor() and setEraseColor() to paper() and setPaper() in
2006/06/25 16:21:02 phil
Added a couple of extra SendScintilla overloads. One is needed for PyQt because
of the change in SIP's handling of unsigned values. The other is needed to
solve C++ problems caused by the first.
Autocompletion list entries from APIs may now contain spaces.
Added defaultPaper() and setDefaultPaper() to QextScintillaLexer.
Added eraseColor() and setEraseColor() to QextScintilla.
2006/06/21 22:41:28 phil
Removed QextScintillaLexer::styleBits() now that SCI_GETSTYLEBITSNEEDED is
2006/06/21 14:39:50 phil
QextScintilla::setMarkerBackgroundColor() and
QextScintilla::setCaretLineBackgroundColor() now respect the alpha component.
2006/06/20 16:02:08 phil
Merged Scintilla v1.70.
2006/06/19 21:02:01 phil
Significant, and incompatible, updates to the QextScintillaLexerRuby class.
2006/06/19 15:56:38 phil
Fix for qsort helpers linkage from Ulli. (Patch sent upstream.)
2006/06/18 23:50:33 phil
Ctrl-D is now duplicate selection rather than duplicate line.
Updated the Python lexer to add support for hightlighted identifiers and
2006/06/18 16:41:17 phil
Added the Scintilla 1.69 extensions to the low level API.
2006/06/18 14:51:41 phil
Removed the redundant .repoman file.
Synced with Scintilla v1.69 with only the minimal changes needed to compile it.
2006/06/18 13:02:16 phil
Minor repairs to the .srepo control file from the move to SVN.
2006/03/21 16:45:54 phil
Added a multi-byte character fix to QextScintilla::posFromLineIndex() from
Dandrea Francesco.
2006/03/11 19:15:56 phil
Changed the internal build system to use Qt v3.3.6.
2005/12/12 17:10:15 phil
Fixed the second occurance of the autoindenting bug.
Send context menu events (rather than execute the handler directly) so that
they can be filtered.
2005/11/03 22:39:10 phil
Fixed the leak of the standard command set when a QextScintilla instance is
2005/09/24 11:14:26 phil
Fixed a bug in autoindenting with AiOpening and AiClosing.
2005/09/19 16:59:01 phil
QextScintilla now disables mouse captures in it's ctor. This appeared to cause
problems on multi-head systems (and Qt should do the right thing anyway).
2005/09/13 19:53:04 phil
Fixed bug in drawing a filled rectangle without setting the pen. This caused
the fold margin to have a border after a marker had been drawn.
2005/08/30 16:29:57 phil
Released as v1.6.
2005/08/21 18:22:05 phil
Updated translations from Detlev.
2005/08/12 17:55:39 phil
Updated the Brazilian Portuguese and French translations.
Added an install target to the project file.
2005/08/10 21:52:38 phil
Added the QextScintillaLexerBatch class from Detlev.
Added the Brazilian Portuguese translations from Douglas Soares de Andrade.
Changed the default fonts for all lexers to match those used in current
versions of SciTE.
2005/08/08 20:55:49 phil
Completed the merge of Scintilla v1.65.
2005/07/27 20:45:46 phil
Updated French translations from Jul Vienne.
2005/07/27 17:32:53 phil
Updated translations from Detlev.
2005/07/26 19:49:39 phil
Added Detlev's latest translations.
2005/07/26 11:08:01 phil
Added the QextScintillaLexerDiff, QextScintillaLexerMakefile and
QextScintillaLexerProperties classes.
2005/07/24 17:11:51 phil
Added the QextScintillaLexerCSS and QextScintillaLexerTeX classes.
2005/07/20 17:04:47 phil
Added some comments about the confusing interpretation of KEYWORDSET_MAX.
2005/07/19 20:45:27 phil
Added the new German translations from Detlev.
Fixed a bug in the handling of keyword sets.
2005/07/10 11:05:35 phil
Applied the two focus fixes from Harri Porten.
2005/07/09 17:55:05 phil
Updated QextScintillaLexerSQL for Scintilla v1.64.
2005/07/06 17:47:13 phil
Added the missing #includes.
Completed the QextScintillaLexerPOV class.
2005/07/05 21:05:31 phil
Added the extra flag to QextScintilla::findFirst().
Started QextScintillaLexerPOV - not yet finished.
2005/07/04 19:18:08 phil
Added all the new v1.63 and v1.64 functionality.
2005/07/04 17:28:32 phil
Now compiles and runs.
2005/07/03 20:59:01 phil
Resolved all the CVS conflicts from merging Scintilla 1.64. Almost certain not
to compile yet.
2005/03/11 19:21:56 phil
Updated French translations from Jul Vienne.
2005/03/06 10:05:56 phil
Released as v1.5.1.
2005/02/20 08:48:49 phil
Added updated German translations from Detlev.
2005/02/19 15:18:55 phil
Added the QextScintillaLexerLua class.
Released as v1.5.
2005/02/11 22:53:09 phil
Updated the NEWS file.
2005/01/22 00:28:28 phil
Tidy up properly when destroying a QScintilla instance.
2005/01/21 17:36:26 phil
Restored the missing translation files.
2005/01/21 17:30:35 phil
Fixed bug where the widget would shrink if a scrollbar was hidden.
Added the QextScintillaBase::viewport() and QextScintillaBase::startDrag()
2005/01/14 17:34:23 phil
Updated the copyright notices.
Changes to the internal build system and to the code so that it builds with the
Borland compiler.
2005/01/05 06:54:01 phil
Updated translations from Detlev.
2004/12/26 12:31:18 phil
Added the QextScintillaLexerRuby class.
2004/10/31 16:32:17 phil
Completed the merge of Scintilla v1.62. It builds, but is otherwise untested.
2004/09/18 17:31:23 phil
Added the port of the Qt application example.
2004/09/16 08:26:31 phil
Released as v1.4.
2004/09/14 07:43:58 phil
Added French translations from Julien Vienne.
2004/09/13 17:33:54 phil
Updated the German translations from Detlev.
Probably fixed (ie. hacked) the AltGr support under Windows.
2004/09/12 15:15:31 phil
Changed the implementation of QextScintilla::isModified() to work around an
apparent bug in Scintilla.
2004/09/12 11:41:21 phil
Added the QextScintillaLexerBash class.
2004/08/25 15:34:05 phil
Added the Qt Designer plugin.
Fixed the Russian translations.
2004/08/22 15:41:59 phil
Added insert(), edgeColor(), setEdgeColor(), edgeColumn(), setEdgeColumn(),
edgeMode(), setEdgeMode(), wrapMode(), setWrapMode(),
resetSelectionBackgroundColor() and resetSelectionForegroundColor() to
Added clearKeys() and clearAlternateKeys() to QextScintillaCommandSet.
2004/07/03 14:46:33 phil
Merged Scintilla v1.61.
Added Russian translations from Alexander Daroksky.
2004/05/09 10:30:31 phil
Changed the build system so that the platform name is no longer included in the
package filename.
Released as v1.3.
2004/05/02 00:36:46 phil
Completed the merge of Scintilla v1.60.
2004/04/27 17:57:39 phil
Fixed potential buffer overflow problem in QextScintilla::text(int line).
2004/04/24 20:12:38 phil
Fixed a bug with autocompleting from the current document.
2004/04/24 09:01:37 phil
Added README.MacOS which includes the required patch to Qt v3.3.2 and earlier
Updated the NEWS file.
2004/04/18 13:35:06 phil
Fixed up the internal mini-editor test application.
Fixed the problem preventing QextScintillaDocument being usable on Windows.
2004/04/14 18:24:29 phil
Added new German translations from Detlev.
Fixed problem with losing double-clicks on Windows.
Fixed the copyright notices.
2004/04/12 19:13:52 phil
Some changes for Windows - still doesn't build there though.
2004/04/12 14:49:01 phil
Added the QextScintillaLexerPerl class.
Lexers can now provide a specific set of word characters.
2004/04/07 21:02:00 phil
Changed the implementation of the Copy() method when doing double buffered
drawing. It is now faster and, hopefully, has fixed the redraw bug on X11 (and
might also make a difference on MacOS/X).
The read-only flag only applies to user input and not program changes (to mimic
2004/04/04 16:59:56 phil
Added the QextScintillaDocument class.
Added pool() to QextScintillaBase.
Added document() and setDocument() to QextScintilla.
2004/03/28 15:16:26 phil
Renamed QextScintilla.setCaretColor() to setCaretForegroundColor().
Added recolor(), setCaretWidth(), setCaretLineVisible() and
setCaretLineBackgroundColor() to QextScintilla.
Added STYLE_MAX to QextScintillaBase.
2004/03/27 18:25:28 phil
Added setCaretColor(), setSelectionForegroundColor() and
setSelectionBackgroundColor() to QextScintilla.
2004/03/22 18:53:41 phil
Fixed QextScintilla.textChanged() so that it really is emitted only when text
has been inserted or deleted.
2004/03/22 17:51:14 phil
Fixed bug in auto-completion using the current document.
Fixed bug in dropping text into a UTF8 document.
Some other tidy ups to drag'n'drops.
2004/03/21 20:47:56 phil
Updated the default command set to match Scintilla v1.59.
Now builds successfully, but otherwise untested.
2004/03/20 18:50:39 phil
Added SC_SEL_*.
2004/03/20 13:33:14 phil
Changes to the internal build system to use repo rather than repoman.
Merged Scintilla v1.59. (Not tested at all - probably won't compile.)
2003/08/16 20:46:15 phil
Released as v1.2.
2003/08/12 14:56:05 phil
Merged Scintilla v1.54.
Changed the library version to 3.0.0.
2003/08/12 12:25:19 phil
Added the internal TODO file.
2003/05/23 07:22:15 phil
Updated the documentation.
Released as v1.1.
2003/05/20 10:37:03 phil
Updated translations from Detlev.
Added QextScintilla::modificationAttempted().
2003/05/16 21:30:45 phil
Merged Scintilla v1.53.
Added GlobalClass as a style of the C++ lexer (using keyword set 4).
Added foldAtElse() and setFoldAtElse() to QextScintillaLexerCPP.
2003/05/16 11:34:27 phil
Added QextScintillaBase::SCN_MODIFYATTEMPTRO.
2003/05/11 10:26:11 phil
Increased the maximum number of keyword sets to match Scintilla.
Changed references to WhiteSpace in lexers to Default (but kept WhiteSpace for
backwards compatibility).
By default the C++ lexer now folds preprocessor blocks (to match the default
SciTE properties file rather than the code).
Hopefully fixed auto-completion lists and call tips under Windows without
breaking them under X11.
Added the QextScintillaLexerHTML class.
Fixed bug where abandoned paints weren't handled properly.
2003/05/07 22:07:22 phil
Fixed the window decorations for auto-completion lists and call tips under
2003/05/07 16:52:11 phil
Added the QextScintillaLexerSQL class.
Changed the library version number to 1.1.0.
2003/05/03 14:26:31 phil
Fixed a bug when trying to paste an empty clipboard.
Changed the library version to 1.0.1.
2003/04/26 13:59:53 phil
Updated German translations from Detlev.
Released as v1.0.
2003/04/18 22:20:13 phil
Merged Scintilla v1.52.
Added QextScintillaLexer.setDefaultFont().
Added setCallTipsForegroundColor() and setCallTipsHighlightColor() to
Changed QextScintilla.setCallTipsVisible() to interpret a negative argument as
meaning display call tips one at a time with scrolling arrows.
2003/04/13 15:11:07 phil
Foxed a documentation bug in QextScintilla.setCallTipsVisible().
Made sure that call tips are unique.
2003/04/07 11:52:00 phil
Ensured that the current item of an auto-completion list is always visible.
Fixed QextScintilla::append().
Call tips and auto-completion lists should now be non-modal.
2003/04/01 20:41:55 phil
Added the missing educational license files.
2003/04/01 20:40:50 phil
Added support for the educational version.
Fixed a few Windows build problems.
2003/03/22 16:44:11 phil
Updated German translations from Detlev.
2003/03/16 16:23:47 phil
Fully implemented the high level API to macros.
Re-ordered the default command table.
2003/03/15 23:41:40 phil
Added the QextScintillaCommand, QextScintillaCommandSet and QextScintillaMacro
classes. (The latter is not yet fully implemented.)
Added QextScintilla.standardCommands().
Brought the documentation up to date.
2003/03/14 19:48:48 phil
Fixed another Windows compile problem.
Control characters are now passed properly to Scintilla so that they can be
recognised as command keys.
2003/03/13 12:59:10 phil
Added QextScintillaAPIs.add().
The caret is now displayed when either a call tip or auto-completion list is
Fully implemented the high level API to call tips.
Fixed bug compiling against Qt v3.0.x.
2003/03/09 18:36:46 phil
Removed the DBCS functions as QScintilla doesn't support DBCS.
Minor portability fixes for Windows.
The high level API auto-completion methods are now fully implemented.
2003/03/06 10:37:27 phil
Added QextScintilla.AutoCompletionSource, QextScintilla.autoCompleteFromAPIs(),
QextScintilla.autoCompleteFromDocument(), QextScintilla.autoCompletionSource(),
QextScintilla.autoCompletionThreshold(), QextScintilla.setAutoCompletionAPIs(),
QextScintilla.setAutoCompletionThreshold(). Note that these are just hooks and
haven't yet been implemented.
2003/03/03 18:04:52 phil
The low-level APIs to call tips and autocompletion lists should now work.
Added the QextScintillaAPIs class.
2003/03/01 14:46:48 phil
Added missing #include of stdlib.h.
2003/03/01 09:21:20 phil
Fixed compile problem for Qt v3.0.x.
2003/02/27 16:19:52 phil
Updated dates on the copyright notices.
2003/02/26 23:41:23 phil
Merged Scintilla v1.51.
Added QextScintilla.resetFoldMarginColors() and
2003/02/26 19:30:25 phil
Updated to Scintilla v1.50.
Added the QextScintillaBase.SendScintilla() overload that takes a QPixmap *.
SCI_MARKERDEFINEPIXMAP now takes a pointer to a QPixmap instance rather than a
pointer to raw or textual XPM image data.
QextScintilla.markerDefine() now takes a QPixmap rather than an XPM image.
Added QextScintilla.WrapMode, QextScintillaPrinter.setWrapMode() and
2003/01/20 09:04:46 phil
Minor tweak to build properly under IRIX.
Added QextScintilla.lineAt().
2002/12/25 10:47:33 phil
Added QextScintilla.ensureCursorVisible().
2002/12/17 13:19:42 phil
Added the QextScintillaBase::SendScintilla() overload that hides the Scintilla
RangeToFormat structure.
Added the QextScintillaPrinter class.
Changed the low level implementation of a Scintilla Surface to be a QPainter
with an attached QPaintDevice rather than a QPaintDevice. This allows the
printing code to have complete control over the QPainter.
2002/12/16 11:14:48 phil
Fixed a bug entering double-byte encoded characters in UTF-8 mode.
2002/12/15 18:31:45 phil
Fix a crash when pasting an empty string.
2002/12/11 13:48:02 phil
Released as v0.3.
2002/12/07 14:01:09 phil
Brought the documentation up to date.
Minor changes needed to build properly under Windows.
Changed the default fonts under Windows to match the SciTE ones.
2002/12/01 22:27:47 phil
Added drag'n'drop support.
2002/11/26 12:47:38 phil
Fixed bug in selectToMatchingBrace() and moveToMatchingBrace() in
Added the QextScintilla.markerDefine() overload that handles XPM pixmaps.
2002/11/22 22:42:37 phil
Added Detlev's support for different folding styles.
Added the QextScintillaBase.SendScintilla() overload that handles colours.
2002/11/21 18:56:37 phil
Fixed the value of QextScintilla.AiClosing.
Added braceMatching(), setBraceMatching(), moveToMatchingBrace(),
selectToMatchingBrace(), setMatchedBraceBackgroundColor(),
setMatchedBraceForegroundColor(), setUnmatchedBraceBackgroundColor,
setUnmatchedBraceForegroundColor() to QextScintilla.
Fixed the default lexer colours so that they match SciTE.
2002/11/18 19:35:19 phil
Added the binary versions of the translations to CVS so that the build machine
doesn't need Qt installed.
Added the QextScintillaBase.SendScintilla() that allows messages that need a
TextRange structure to be handled.
Added autoIndentStyle() and setAutoIndentStyle() to QextScintillaLexer.
Added autoIndent() and setAutoIndent() to QextScintilla.
2002/11/14 22:30:51 phil
Added full i18n support and German translations (thanks to Detlev of course).
Minor fixes for building under Windows.
2002/11/13 20:25:28 phil
Fixed QextScintilla::indent() and QextScintilla::unindent().
Removed QextScintillaBase::setScintillaProperty() (the SCI_SETPROPERTY message
should be used instead).
Added another QextScintillaBase::sendScintilla() overload to make using
SCI_SETPROPERTY easier to use.
Added convertEols(), eolMode(), setEolMode(), eolVisibility(),
setEolVisibility(), whitespaceVisibility(), setWhitespaceVisibility() to
Added foldComments(), setFoldComments(), foldQuotes(), setFoldQuotes(),
indentationWarning(), setIndentationWarning() to QextScintillaLexerPython.
Added foldComments(), setFoldComments(), foldCompact(), setFoldCompact(),
foldPreprocessor(), setFoldPreprocessor(), stylePreprocessor(),
setStylePreprocessor() to QextScintillaLexerCPP.
Added support for case insensitive keywords to QextScintillaLexerCPP.
Added various methods to transparently handle lexer properties including
reading and writing them from and to settings files.
Fixed the handling of the context menu.
2002/11/03 20:17:03 phil
Updated to Scintilla v1.49.
Fixed bugs in end-of-line fill settings in QextScintillaLexer.
Fixed bugs in UTF support (thanks to Nickolay Kolchin-Semyonov).
Added isUtf8() and setUtf8() to QextScintilla.
Removed SCN_MODIFYATTEMPTRO as it is now deprecated.
2002/10/25 18:59:58 phil
Added QextScintilla::lines().
Fixed a copy/paste bug.
Removed the incorrect fix for the Scintilla indentation guides bug and worked
around it, rather than fixing it properly.
2002/10/24 08:41:54 phil
Added foldAll(), folding() and setFolding() to QextScintilla.
Added setScintillaProperty() to QextScintillaBase.
Released as v0.2.
2002/10/23 17:26:44 phil
Fixed a Scintilla bug where indentation guides were being displayed incorrectly
when indentations didn't use tabs.
Fixed pasting from the clipboard.
2002/10/22 21:27:39 phil
Added cursorPositionChanged(), replace(), zoomIn(), zoomOut() and zoomTo() to
Fixed some bugs in QextScintilla::findFirst().
2002/10/21 21:26:53 phil
Added findFirst(), findNext(), removeSelectedText(), getCursorPosition(),
beginUndoAction(), endUndoAction(), redo(), undo(), isRedoAvailable(),
isUndoAvailable() and the text() overload to QextScintilla.
2002/10/20 21:59:44 phil
Added backspaceDeindents(), setBackspaceDeindents(), tabIndents(),
setTabIndents(), tabWidth(), setTabWidth(), indent(), unindent(),
indentation(), setIndentation(), indentationWidth(), setIndentationWidth(),
indentationsUseTabs(), setIndentationsUseTabs() to QextScintilla.
Made some changes to the clipboard management, but more work is still needed.
2002/10/19 18:41:23 phil
Added clear(), copy(), copyAvailable(), cut(), getSelection(),
hasSelectedText(), indentationGuides(), insertAt(), paste(), selectAll(),
selectedText(), selectionChanged(), setCursorPosition(),
setIndentationGuides(), setIndentationGuidesBackgroundColor(),
setIndentationGuidesForegroundColor() setSelection() to QextScintilla.
Added QSCN_SELCHANGED() to QextScintillaBase.
2002/10/18 17:29:06 phil
Added the QextScintillaLexerCPP, QextScintillaLexerCSharp,
QextScintillaLexerIDL, QextScintillaLexerJava and QextScintillaLexerJavaScript
Fixed incorrect font defaults for the Python lexer.
2002/10/12 23:44:51 phil
Fixed the QextScintilla::marginClicked() signature and changed it to pass the
line number rather than the pixel position.
Added mouse wheel support from Detlev.
Setting the lexer no longer resets all the styles.
The cursor shape now changes when moved across the text area and margins.
Added ensureLineVisible(), setMarginsBackgroundColor(),
setMarginsForegroundColor(), setMarginsFont() and the overloaded
setMarginWidth() to QextScintilla.
Changed the visible policy to match SciTE's default.
2002/10/11 14:14:19 phil
Added the end-of-line fill as a lexer stype options to the high-level API.
Fixed the default Python styles so that they are the same as SciTE (at least on
Fixed the bug that left cursor artefacts lying around.
2002/10/06 16:00:05 phil
Removed QextScintillaBase::Colourise().
Added QextScintillaLexer and QextScintillaLexerPython.
2002/10/05 13:33:23 phil
Documented margins and markers.
Added support for margins and markers to QextScintilla.
2002/10/03 10:45:34 phil
Fixed the README regarding building as a static library.
QextScintilla::append() behaves more like QTextEdit::append().
Added setText(), text(), textChanged(), isReadOnly(), setReadOnly(),
isModified(), setModified(), modificationChanged() and length() to
More documentation.
2002/10/01 17:37:10 phil
Changes required to build under Windows.
2002/09/30 15:31:10 phil
Added the QextScintillaBase::SendScintilla() overload to make it easier to pass
strings from PyQt.
2002/09/28 08:56:05 phil
Added the doxygen configuration file.
The internal build system now creates the doxygen documentation.
The original Scintilla documentation is now installed in a sub-directory of the
doc directory.
Added QextScintillaBase::Colourise().
2002/09/18 14:46:34 phil
Released as v0.1.
2002/09/18 08:35:31 phil
Changed the re-implemented protected methods in QextScintillaBase so that they
are like the rest of Qt.
2002/09/17 18:17:41 phil
The context menu now works.
Key presses are now handled.
Focus changes are now handled.
Added all the installation/licensing infrastructure.
2002/09/17 11:08:34 phil
The mouse handling now seems to be correct.
The context menu is displayed, but none of the options yet do anything.
2002/09/16 18:53:31 phil
Scrollbars now seem to be working.
2002/09/16 08:09:40 phil
Further refined the low-level API so that it is as close as possible to the
standard Scintilla API.
2002/09/16 00:35:44 phil
Completed the implementation of the low-level API (ie. QextScintillaBase).
Disabled INCLUDE_DEPRECATED_FEATURES for the Qt port and fixed the bugs in the
main code that appear as a consequence.
2002/09/15 19:00:10 phil
Fixed the paint event handling - we now seem to have a basically working
2002/09/14 21:49:56 phil
Added the start of the Qt port, including a simple test editor. As yet nothing
works, but everything compiles.