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wlassistant - user friendly TDE frontend for wireless network connection

Wireless Assistant scans for wireless access points and displays link quality, encryption and other useful information. When user wants to connect to a network, Wireless Assistant opens up its wizards and guides the user through Wi-Fi settings. After a successful connection is made the settings are remembered so next time the user won't have to enter them again.

Usage tips

  • The highlited entry representing network that you are connected to has an icon left of the ESSID. If this icon is grayed out, it means that you are successfully connected to the AP, but the internet is not reachable. In this case, the problem is most likely on the AP side. If the icon is in full-colour, it means that both AP and Internet are accessible.

  • Increasing the DHCP Timeout option might help if you have trouble connecting to some networks. However, before you do increase this value, double-check that all other settings (esp. WEP) are set correctly.

  • If it takes a long time to detect an existing connection, you are using a DHCP client and message "...from 'route'" appears in the console, you might want to edit wlassistantrc and make sure that DHCP PID Path and DHCP Info Path for your DHCP client are set correctly.

    If you delete these values from the config file, they will be reverted to defaults next time you run Wireless Assistant.



If you wish to contribute to wlassistant, you might do so:

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