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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<bksys version="2">
<compile type="program" dirprefix="src"
libs="qt-mt tdeui tqt iw">
<source file="main.cpp"/>
<source file="netlistviewitem.cpp"/>
<source file="ui_NetParamsEdit.ui"/>
<source file="ui_NetParamsWizard.ui"/>
<source file="ui_main.ui"/>
<source file="ui_netparamsedit.cpp"/>
<source file="ui_netparamswizard.cpp"/>
<source file="waconfig.cpp"/>
<source file="watools.cpp"/>
<source file="wlassistant.cpp"/>
<icondirent dir="icons"/>
<podir dir="po" name="wlassistant"/>
<install type="KDEMENU" subdir="Utilities/">
<file name="src/wlassistant.desktop"/>