Python bindings for TDE

Updated 6 months ago

Qalculate! – TDE frontend for the ultimate desktop calculator

Updated 1 month ago

C++ 0 0

The Qt3 toolkit

Updated 3 months ago

Qt4 theme engine for TQt3

Updated 2 years ago

Donated space for related uLab project

Updated 2 years ago

Rosegarden – music editor and MIDI/audio sequencer

Updated 4 months ago

Shell 0 0

Various scripts to assist TDE developers

Updated 5 months ago

SIP4 python bindings generator for TQt

Updated 7 months ago

SmartCard login and LUKS decrypt

Updated 1 month ago

Smb4K – Samba (SMB) share advanced browser

Updated 5 months ago

soundKonverter – audio converter frontend

Updated 5 months ago

Tasty Menu – T-Menu replacement

Updated 1 month ago

Trinity Desktop Environment

Updated 5 hours ago

Shared admin folder

Updated 9 months ago

Shared cmake folder

Updated 5 months ago

Other shared files

Updated 9 years ago

Old KDE building system – not used for TDE

Updated 8 years ago

TDE Guidance – collection of system administration tools

Updated 5 months ago

TDE internationalization translations

Updated 4 days ago

Trinity Desktop Environment Packaging

Updated 6 hours ago