Shared LT DL library sources

Updated 2 years ago

Shared TDE VNC library sources

Updated 7 months ago

aRts audio server

Updated 4 months ago

An LGPL/GPL-licensed artwork library

Updated 5 months ago

CalDAV access library

Updated 5 months ago

CardDAV access library

Updated 5 months ago

ELF resource access and editing library

Updated 3 months ago

SIP4 python bindings generator for TQt

Updated 6 months ago

TDE artwork

Updated 4 weeks ago

ksquirrel libraries

Updated 3 months ago

Mozilla plugin that launches Kaffeine

Updated 5 months ago

kgtk-qt3 – TDE dialogs in GTK 2.x applications

Updated 3 weeks ago

SmartCard login and LUKS decrypt

Updated 5 months ago

TorK – anonymity manager for TDE

Updated 2 months ago

MLT library

Updated 5 years ago

Donated space for related uLab project

Updated 4 years ago

Pacman game for the TDE

Updated 5 months ago

KlamAV – an anti-virus manager for the TDE desktop

Updated 6 days ago