Provides modern Bluetooth functionality to TDE.

Updated 3 days ago

SuSE MachBunt, an older KDE window decoration theme from SuSE 9.1/9.2

Updated 5 months ago

The appinfo:/ TDEIO slave combines an application's configuration, data, manual and temp files and folders into a single view.

Updated 9 months ago

A D-Bus session bus service that provides a TDE based polkit authentication agent.

Updated 6 months ago

Polkit-tqt is a library that lets developers use the PolicyKit API through a nice TQt-styled API.

Updated 9 months ago

TDE version of ssh-askpass with TDEWallet support

Updated 9 months ago

DeKorator 0.3 is a pixmap-based theme engine for TWin with its own themes. DeKorator themes are available via OpenDesktop:

Updated 7 months ago

TWin decoration theme from SUSE 9.3/10.0/10.1

Updated 5 months ago

Komposé – a fullscreen view of all your tasks and/or virtual desktops. Every window is represented by a scaled screenshot of it's own. Komposé was part of the BerliOS project.

Updated 5 months ago

A scientific RPN calculator for TDE

Updated 18 hours ago

Codeine player for TDE

Updated 1 week ago

Bindings to integrate Windows into a Linux LDAP/Kerberos environment

Updated 10 years ago

Donated space for related uLab project

Updated 4 years ago

MLT++ library

Updated 5 years ago

KMatplot – a gnuplot-like tool for plotting data sets in either two or three dimensions

Updated 11 years ago

KHDAPSMonitor – monitor for laptops that support the IBM Hard Drive Active Protection System

Updated 11 years ago

YaKuake – Quake-style terminal emulator

Updated 9 months ago

Wireless Assistant – user friendly frontend for wireless network connection

Updated 7 months ago

Crystal style for TWin

Updated 4 months ago

Tellico – collection manager for books, videos, music

Updated 2 months ago