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Amarok ChangeLog
(C) 2002-2007 the Amarok authors.
VERSION 1.4.10
* Fix vulnerability in the Magnatune database parsing code. Secunia
Advisory #SA31418. Thanks to Google Alerts for notifying us about this
* The dialog did not always properly disable options when the
username was not entered.
* Fix Amazon Cover fetching by using their new web service api.
* Don't insert items into Dynamic Mode that don't exist.
* If unavailable tracks are in the Playlist and random mode is on, don't
stop those tracks if selected; continue with available tracks.
* Optimise some database queries with the mysql backend. Patch by Alf
Eaton <> (BR 152749).
* Don't show the device plugin dialog when a new device is plugged in.
Apparently it's not obvious that you have to hit OK after selecting "Do
not handle" if you don't want it handled, so disabling it prevents it
from being shown repeatedly.
* Better support for iPhone/iPod Touch mounted via fuse/sshfs (libgpod 0.6.0
or newer required).
* Only re-render the context view when visible if changing ratings, scores
or labels for songs.
* metadata would not update with xine 1.1.8. (BR 150429)
* Amarok would forget podcast channel and episode settings when using the
postgresql backend.
* When adding file types with the Generic Media Device sometimes the
extensions would be prepended with & and would not save. (BR 151806)
* For improved compatibility with newer iPods, convert file extensions to
lower case during transfer.
* Replace slashes in artist name with spaces when querying Wikipedia
e.g. AC/DC, To/Die/For. (BR 150001)
* Always rebuild the dynamic mode cache when in Suggested songs mode,
so that we don't land up with stale suggestions. Patch by Jer Johnson
* Sort albums made in the same year alphabetically in 'ascending
order'. (BR 149408)
* Statistics tool shouldn't show samplers in 'favorite albums'.
* Duplicate songs were not allowed in playlist when adding from the
collection browser. (BR 149643)
* Make sure the localUrl of a PodcastEpisode is valid after a failed
download. (BR 147351)
* Fix off-by-one error causing Smart Playlists to not load tracks with a
rating >= 4.5. (BR 148916)
* Don't enable "Configure Podcasts" at the top-level Podcasts folder if
there is nothing beneath it. (BR 146504)
* Generic Media Device could copy some non-ASCII filenames to turn to
gibberish. Thanks to David Smith <> for the fix.
* Fixed possible GUI freeze when Amarok was showing the dialog for
installing mp3 support. Patch by Sascha Sommer <>.
(BR 147126)
* Amarok could needlessely reinitialize connections to MySQL databases
after a configuration change. Combined with a bug in MySQL libraries,
this could lead to a crash.
* Pressing Preveious Track in a Dynamic Playlist could cause undefined
behavior in certain edge conditions. Now it always plays the current
track. (BR 148317)
* Immediately after loading a dynamic playlist, you couldn't drag a
track to the top of the playlist. (BR 149263)
* Fix transferring files with UTF8 names to MTP devices. Thanks to Kevin
Becker <> for the fix. (BR 139722)
* Display warning that iPod sysinfo could not be written in the case of
incorrect file permissions. Patch by Christian Ober-Blöbaum
<>. (BR 148607)
* Fix Czech character conversion to ASCII for Generic Media Device. Patch
by Matěj Laitl <>. (BR 149125)
* Updated the Cool Streams.
* Improved application icon. Thanks go to Pasi Lallinaho.
* Upgraded SQLite to 3.4.1
* SQL improvements providing optimisations on intensive queries. Patch by
Gosta <>. (BR 142999)
* Wikipedia artist lookup would freeze Amarok if the artist was not found
and the locale was not English. (BR 142764)
* Cannot limit smart playlists to more than 1000 tracks. (BR 148084)
* Fixed the formatting in the "Extended Info" pane for podcasts.
* Don't show "Not Rated" for items rated with half a star. Patch by Tuomas
Nurmi <>. (BR 144675)
* Copy, don't move items from Cool Streams to folders. (BR 147404)
* Sometimes folders in the playlistbrowser could be lost. (BR 147404)
* NJB devices could have tags corrupted that contained Unicode characters.
Patch by Kun Xi <>. (BR 147223)
* Show OSD when changing song rating via shortcut. Patch by Tuomas Nurmi
<>. (BR 146918)
* Show the stars indicating rating with the correct size in the OSD. Patch
Patch by Tuomas Nurmi <>. (BR 147059)
* Improved icon theme, kindly provided by Landy DeField
<>. Big thanks!
* Playlist now sends notifications to scripts if items are added, removed,
reordered, or if the playlist is cleared. Useful for script authors.
Thanks to Miguel Angel Alvarez <> for the patch.
* iPod device plugin now handles RockBox devices. Thanks to Michael
Buesch <> for the patch.
* Organising files will only delete empty parent folders if the folder
is within the collection hierarchy. (BR 136757)
* The default cover image preview size has been increased to 130px.
* The "hide menubar" option has been removed. It's too dangerous and led
to countless support requests.
* Generic media device can now handle any KIO-compatible URL, including
obex and smb. Manage your bluetooth phone's music collection through
* Upgraded SQLite to 3.3.17.
* Append an album to the playlist by right-clicking on it from within
the Cover Manager. Patch by Doug Reich <>.
* Faster playlist handling. Patch by Ovy <>. (BR 142255)
* The moodbar process has been given a higher priority. (BR 136867)
* Allow for lyrics scripts to specifiy site, site_url, and add_url from
within the script. This will allow for "meta lyrics" scripts. Patch by
Sergio Pistone <>. (BR 141885)
* First rating star now lets you toggle between no rating, half a star,
and one full star.
* Uninstalling scripts would in some cases leave files behind. Patch by
Sergio Pistone <>. (BR 143716)
* "Custom Station" stream works again. (BR 146020)
* Fix regression where the "Show Script Manager" button displayed on the
Lyrics tab of the Context Browser wouldn't actually show the Script
* Don't show ratings from the previous track's rating change in the OSD on
playing the next track.
* The config dialog is now less tall and fits on widescreen displays.
* Making a dynamic playlist with the number of previously played tracks to
show set to zero and attempting to play the first track would cause a
crash. (BR 145157)
* If "Stop after current track" was used, the last track would not be
counted or rated in the user's statistics. (BR 140980)
* Generic media device wouldn't allow you to drop a folder on the
viewport, meaning you couldn't move subfolders to the top level of the
mount point.
* Made the settings dialog less tall. (BR 141250)
* Star ratings now update instantly in the Context Browser, OSD, and
Collection Browser.
* lyrc script did not work behind proxy due to a stray quote mark. Gentoo
Bug 166050.
* Fix compilation on kde-3.3 systems.
* now uses popen correctly. Patch by Luke Macken
<>. (BR 127804)
* Make amarok_proxy.rb use HTTP/1.0 as we don't support chunked responses.
Patch by solsTiCE <>. (BR 141819)
* Fix Quadratic loading in Playlists. Patch by Ovy
<>. (BR 142255)
* Correctly set iPod model. Patch by İsmail Dönmez <>.
* Fix detection of vfat devices on FreeBSD. (BR 141614)
* Right-click on volume slider would change the volume. (BR 141672)
* Added support for custom song labels. Labels can be managed
through the GUI or using new DCOP functions. (BR 89314)
* New DCOP functions to make it easier for scripts to use Amarok's
Dynamic Collection feature.
* Download songs from Shared Music (DAAP) directly into the collection.
* Fadeout for Helix engine when pressing Stop.
* Guided editing of the collection/playlist/devices filters. Patch by
Giovanni Venturi <>. (BR 139292)
* Added GUI options for fadeout and fadeout on exit. Both are now enabled
by default.
* Support for Speex (.spx), WavPack (.wv) and TrueAudio (.tta) files in
the collection thanks to taglib plugins by Lukáš Lalinský
* Search inside of lyrics, by using "/" on Context Browser. Patch by
Carles Pina i Estany <>. (BR 139210)
* "Automatically show context browser" feature makes a return, as per
popular request. It is however disabled by default.
* Improved keyboard navigation: Space key is now a shortcut for Play/Pause,
and cursor left/right seeks forward/backward.
* Cover images are shown in collection browser. Patch by Trever Fischer
<>. (BR 91044)
* Send cover art to MTP media devices if they support it.
* Elapsed time can be shown in OSD. Patch by Christian Engels
<>. (BR 120051)
* New redownload manager for the store. Allows re-download
of any previous purchase free of charge (in any format).
* New items in the playlist are colorized, as a visual cue.
* Show rating as stars in flat collection view. Patch by Daniel Faust
<>. (BR 133797)
* Synchronize play count, last played time and date of modification to
iPods. Patch by Michael <>. (BR 136759)
* Propose list of composers in collection when editing the composer tag
from the playlist. (BR 137775)
* Greatly improved sound quality for the xine equalizer. Patch by Tobias
Knieper <>. (BR 127307)
* Fancy graphical volume slider for the OSD. Patch by Alexander Bechikov
* Shoutcast stream directory. Contributed by Adam Pigg <>.
* Support for %composer and %genre when guessing tags from filenames.
* Cached lyrics are now AFT-enabled, and will follow your files around as
you move and rename them.
* Added configure option to build without DAAP support.
* Album covers are now downloaded and added to album directory when
purchasing from the store. (BR 136680)
* Update context browser when a change in the collection has been detected.
(BR 140588)
* Ignore leading 'The ' when sorting playlist by artist. (BR 139829)
* Smart Playlists now have 'does not start with' and 'does not end with'
options, as well as a dropdown for mount points. (BR 139552)
* Support for cue files not matching audio files' name. Patch by Dawid
Wróbel <>. (BR 128046)
* Script Manager now remembers if categories were open or closed.
* Restart collection scanner as long as not more than 5 % of the files
make it crash. (BR 106474)
* Ensure the first selected item in the Collection Browser stays visible
when the search field is cleared using the clear button.
* Duplicate filenames are now allowed on MTP media devices if the files are
in different folders.
* Save media device transfer queue when adding items or after transfers.
(BR 138885)
* Upgraded internal SQLite to 3.3.12.
* MTP media devices are not automatically connected on start-up. This
should solve slow loading times for those with large collections on an
MTP media device. Contributed by Mikko Seppälä. (BR 138409)
* Internationalize unknown artist/album/genre strings. Contributed by Mikko
Seppälä. (BR 138409)
* Don't assume that a device returning 0 tracks is invalid. It could just
have no tracks on. Contributed by Mikko Seppälä. (BR 138409)
* Magnatune store look now matches rest of Amarok much better.
* Album art is displayed on the Magnatune purchase dialog.
* Generic media device now has an option to force VFAT-safe filenames even
on non-VFAT filesystems.
* Double-clicked items in sidebar and urls passed on the command line
are treated equally: append them to playlist if not yet there and start
playing the first if nothing is playing.
* "Scan Changes" button was replaced with "Update Collection" menu entry.
* Consistent double-click behavior in sidebar. (BR 138125)
* Propose name of currently loaded playlist when saving current one.
* Remove support for older libmtp versions. We now require 0.0.15 or
* Deleting a playlist item on an MTP media device now results in it being
removed from the playlist.
* Magnatune store is lazy loaded to improve startup times.
* Dynamic mode logic has been rethought to provide a faster and better
user experience.
* When checking for duplicate files on a Rio Karma media device, use
track number in addition to artist, album & title. (BR 137152)
* The XMMS visualization interface has been removed. LibVisual supersedes
this feature.
* It is now possible to select the time unit for length-based smart
playlists. (BR 136841)
* Show shadowed cover images in the system tray tooltip. (BR 136589)
* Amarok won't crossfade if it was paused, and user started another
track. Patch by Tuomas Nurmi <>.
(BR 136428)
* Amarok now saves playlists with relative paths by default.
* Disable seeking in streams. (BR 140364)
* With the default theme, the playlist browser info pane would not show
the horizontal scrollbar if necessary. (BR 134221)
* Some .rm files would make Amarok crash. (BR 137695)
* Remember 'User Cover Art for Folder Icons' when organizing files.
(BR 138562)
* "Listening since..." has been changed to the more clear "First
Played..." Patch by Andrew Ash <>. (BR 131727)
* Fixed regression: the DEL key no longer worked in the
playlist after opening the File Browser context menu. (BR 140197)
* Smart playlists now work correctly with "is not" filters containing
numbers. Patch by Felix Rotthowe <>.
* Context browser would not display updated covers correctly. (BR 130518)
* The select custom cover dialog no longer starts in the wrong directory
for compilations. (BR 131776)
* Amarok's xine engine would cut off approximately the last second of an
audio file. (BR 135190)
* Cue sheet would remain enabled when switching to a stream. Patch
by Ted Percival <>. (BR 127683)
* Length of tracks wouldn't be shown correctly for some cue files.
Patch by Dawid Wróbel <> (BR 139707)
* Assume that all dots but the last in script executable files belong to
the script name. (BR 139460)
* Don't crash when quitting while initially loading the playlist.
(BR 136353)
* The same track could be queued multiple times for transferring to a
media device. (BR 129136)
* Migrate statistics for files moved from outside to the collection.
(BR 127776)
* Select All/Copy action would not copy from context browser. (BR 138635)
* Xine-engine: When a track was fading out (after pressing Stop), and you
started another track, Amarok could become unresponsive.
* Improved seeking with xine-engine. No longer jumps to 0 when you seek
too quickly. Patch by Alexander Bechikov <>. (BR 99808)
* Improved cover images handling for Various Artists. Patch by Tobias
Knieper <>. (BR 136833)
* Don't enable a mount point for devices that can't support them (mtp,
* With SQLite, the search in the collection browser was case-sensitive
with UTF-8. Patch by Stanislav Nikolov <>. (BR 138482)
* (Don't) Show Under Various Artists would not work when multiple albums
are selected. Patch by Tobias Knieper <>.
(BR 112422)
* Changed temp download location for Magnatune purchases. (BR 137912)
* Fixed potential double payment issues in the Magnatune store.
* Only synchronize already set values to media devices. (BR 138150)
* Correctly update total playlist play time when removing
streams. Patch by Modestas Vainius <>. (BR 134333)
* File organization jobs could not be canceled. Patch by Wenli Liu
<>. (BR 136527)
* Sending filenames to MTP media devices as UTF-8 caused problems, use
Latin-1 instead.
* It's now possible to delete a file from an MTP media device and
re-upload it without having to reconnect the device.
* Wikipedia links to edit sections are no longer shown.
* Metadata is read from Rio Karma media devices as UTF-8.
* streams could be paused with DCOP or global shortcuts.
(BR 133013)
* Dynamic mode can still be used after a collection rescan. (BR 133269)
* Dynamic mode will repopulate from all available sources. (BR 137212)
* Dynamic mode no longer repeats songs often. (BR 107693)
* When transferring files to a Generic media device, having certain
characters (such as '#') in a tag field could cause a directory based on
that field to not be created.
* Editing lyrics from within the context browser no longer removes all
* Read metadata from MTP media devices as UTF-8.
* Some shoutcast streams would show an empty title. (BR 127741)
* Pause would act as Play/Pause. (BR 116101)
* The same track would sometimes be shown twice in suggested songs.
(BR 129395)
* Detect VFAT partitioned devices on FreeBSD. Patch by Daniel
O'Connor <>.
* Favorite Tracks wouldn't be shown on Context Browser, and
Statistics Panel would be empty for SQLite users. (BR 136791)
* Volume slider in the player window would not react correctly to
the mouse wheel. (BR 136714)
* When using a proxy set by script, context browser wouldn't work
properly, and the application would crash when closing. (BR 112437)
* Proxy settings wouldn't be respected when downloading podcast
episodes. (BR 134028)
* Xine engine could hang when skipping through tracks quickly with
crossfade on.
* Fix crash when an MTP media device returned a playlist with an
invalid track ID. (BR 136552)
* The Install MP3 support script would be run regardless of what the
user answered to the shown dialog. (BR 136294)
* OSD wouldn't always show up-to-date ratings. Patch by Tuomas Nurmi
<>. (BR 125612)
* Transfer .wav-files to iPods. (BR 131130)
* Xine and Helix engines now support three different crossfading modes:
always, on manual track changes only, or on automatic track changes
* Manually specify local file for podcast episodes via right-click menu.
* Action menu entry for adding podcasts to Amarok. Based on .desktop files
by Harald Sitter and Fabio Bacigalupo <>.
* Open podcast items with external application from right-click menu.
* Synchronize listened flag for podcast between Amarok and iPods.
* Added integrated music store. Includes artist and album
info and full previews of all tracks.
* Fade-out for xine-engine when pressing Stop. Patch by Tuomas Nurmi
<>. (BR 127316)
* Support downloading of files from an MTP device.
* Purged podcast episodes can be readded by increasing the purge number.
* Added rudimentary support for the Rio Karma. (BR 132713)
* Support creation and editing of playlists on MTP media devices.
* Undo/Redo functionality is now available over sessions. (BR 131072)
* Allow the creation of empty playlists in the playlist browser. Available
either from the Add button in the toolbar or the context menu of a
playlist folder. (BR 133543)
* Ignore leading "The " when sorting artists on media devices. (BR 136233)
* Improved handling of VFAT/ASCII files and paths when organizing the
collection and using the Generic media device.
* Enable playing audio CDs on CD insert. Patch by Will Stephenson
<>. (BR 136106)
* Bring Amarok main window to front when starting amarok again without
arguments. Patch by Lubos Lunak <>. (BR 135396)
* Don't switch to playlist browser after saving a playlist from files tab.
(BR 130189)
* Add .ape and .mpc to possible file types supported by a generic media
device. (BR 133491)
* Move button for saving current playlist from playlist browser toolbar to
playlist toolbar. (BR 129300)
* Run 'kdeeject -q devicenode' when no post-disconnect command has been
configured for media devices.
* Reduced memory usage for MTP media devices. (BR 134663)
* Faster searching on playlist and startup, due to some optimizing in
string usage. Patch by Ovidiu Gheorghioiu <>.
* Correctly translate media:, home:, ... style urls on KDE 3.5 and newer.
* When tracks are added to the collection and Playlist entries already
exist (as determined by the file tracking code), the corresponding
Playlist entries are updated to the new location and enabled if they
were previously disabled.
* When file tracking is updating Playlist entries, multiple entries of the
same song will now all be updated, instead of just one.
* When tracks are removed from the collection (deleted on disk or moved
outside of a collection folder) any corresponding entry in the Playlist
will be disabled.
* Dragging podcasts to to playlist will insert them in a chronological
order, so you can listen to the oldest first automatically!
* Improve application startup times dramaticaly by lazy loading podcast
* Transferring tracks to an MTP device now shows a progress bar and
doesn't hang the rest of the UI. (only available for libmtp >= 0.0.15)
* Show a proper tag dialog when viewing information for DAAP music shares.
* Ipod Mode on Collection Browser would have duplicated headers.
* Multiple problems related to Amarok using wrong playlists on Dynamic Mode
* Deleting files from generic media devices would not update the progress
bar, resulting in the progress staying at 0%. (BR 130009)
* If nothing at all existed on a generic device, the first item
transferred would incorrectly show that an error had occured during
transfer. (BR 133528)
* Synchronising a smart playlist to a device when it didn't exist before
would crash Amarok. (BR 135956)
* Proxies would not take into account certain settings in KDE's Proxy
control center modules for PAC files and more. (BR 123021)
* Generic media devices would not accept files with an extension that only
differs in case from a supported extension. (BR 135261)
* Xine-engine: Pausing during crossfade would not work properly. Patches by
Markus Kaufhold <>. (BR 122514 & 135285)
* Stop a running cross-fading operation before starting another one. Patch
by Markus Kaufhold <>. (BR 128629)
* Queuing again would dequeue. (BR 121206)
* In some cases, the Removal and Enqueue buttons in the queue manager would
have no icons. (BR 115895)
* Don't change length of position slider when navigating within a track.
(BR 122569)
* Direct copying of non-local items would result in wrong properties on
iPods. (BR 135681)
* Honor setting to show Amarok's menu in main toolbar.
* "Burn this album" would burn all albums of the same name. (BR 121963)
* Ignore double-clicks on tree item openers. (BR 125121)
* Visibility of sidebar tabs would depend on the current locale. (BR 135316)
* Ctrl-C for copying urls from the tag editor would not work when selected
with the mouse. (BR 123327)
* Check for some integral data types for improved DAAP portability.
(BR 132939)
* Take disc number into account when checking if a song is already on an
iPod. (BR 135643)
* Editing metadata in the playlist itself now matches possible alternatives
case-insensitively. (BR 135683)
* Fix loading directory in external browser in the tag editor when the path
contains parentheses. (BR 132961)
* Stop scripts using a proxy when it's disabled in KDE. Patch by Felix Geyer
* While playing Streams, sometimes metadata wouldn't be updated
on track changes. Patch by Tom Kaitchuck <>.
* Speed patch to load playlist columns from statistic tables on population
of the playlist, makes adding to the playlist and starting up faster.
Thanks Ovy <>! (BR 135324)
* Save MTP playlists when they are renamed so we don't lose changes.
* Prevent new podcastepisodes from showing up in the playlistbrowser twice
by opening it's parent before adding. (BR 134108)
* New iPods would not get initialized.
* Files that were detected as being added back to the collection would not
always be re-enabled in the Playlist. (BR 130359)
* Fix some spelling and layout issues. Part of a patch by Malcolm Parsons
* Correctly handle horizontal wheel events in position slider. (BR 119254)
* Don't rescan collection while transcoding. (BR 133423)
* Don't try to copy to collection from urls without kio slaves.
* Don't quit immediately if amarokrc was removed. (BR 134439)
* The DAAP client would crash Amarok under certain conditions when
kdelibs was compiled with asserts on. (BR 132851)
* Configuring the toolbar would disable the stop button. Patch by
Markus Kaufhold <>. (BR 132477)
* Changed tags of songs on iPods would not propagate to its database.
(BR 133842)
* Fixed playlist encoding problems. (BR 133613)
* Cover images for compilation albums can now be displayed full size in
the context browser.
* Dragging compilation albums from the collection browser or the playlist
would show multiple cover images in the tooltip. (BR 133916)
* Don't crash when calling repopulate dynamic mode from dcop. (BR 133716)
* streams work with proxies. (BR 131137)
* Don't try to read m4a tags from apparently invalid files. (BR 133288)
* Some podcasts would insert line breaks in author/title information and
cause graphical errors. (BR 133591)
* File tracking could fail on files that were copies of each other but
with different ID3v1 or APE tags.
VERSION 1.4.3:
* New DCOP: player trackCurrentTimeMs, returns the current track position
in milliseconds.
* Amarok File Tracking (formerly ATF) goes public! See for more information.
* DAAP client now supports Zeroconf. With mDNSResponder properly setup
Amarok automatically shows local DAAP servers.
* DAAP client saves manually added computers between sessions.
* Performance with big playlists has been improved by a magnitude. This
also makes application shutdown faster.
* Remove the option to enable/disable history in dynamic mode. (BR 133076)
* Reduce the minimum available tracks to show to 0. (BR 131223)
* Change in file tracking behavior: IDs are no longer embedded into tags
but are calculated from a portion of the file data instead, letting
users with read-only music stores take advantage of it.
* Don't report "/dev/hd" style devices as new media devices. (BR 127831)
* Smart Playlists only load media from currently mounted devices.
* Dequeuing tracks whilst in dynamic mode might not work. (BR 133449)
* When marking podcast episodes as listened, update the channel icon if
necessary. (BR 133497)
* Don't always mark podcast channel icon as "listened" on rescan if.
(BR 133495)
* User added streams were not editable once saved. (BR 133483)
* Cover images were not displayed in some cases. (BR 133174)
* Fixed bug which prevented Amarok from creating the collection database
in rare circumstances using SQLite. (BR 133072)
* Collection scanner would only restart a maximum of 2 times instead of
20. (fixed in SVN revision 578922)
* MTP media device support would not compile against libmtp versions >=
0.0.12. (fixed in SVN revision 576121)
* AudioCD playback would stutter and sometimes freeze Amarok. (BR 133015)
* Dynamic Collection broke flat collection view when the Filename column
was added (BR 132874)
* DAAP client shows connection errors to the user and no longer says
"Loading" perpetually. After a failed connection, the user can now
try again.
* Don't empty media device transfer queue when canceling a transfer.
* Ctrl-C for copying urls from the tag editor would not work. (BR 123327)
* Delete covers from the filesystem when requested.
* Show context menu on right-click in empty area of media device
browser. (BR 127154)
* Sort numeric columns in flat collection view numerically. (BR 130667)
VERSION 1.4.2:
* Handle itpc:// and pcast:// url protocols for adding podcast feeds.
(BR 128918)
* New DCOP call "collection: totalComposers" returns the number of
different composers in your collection.
* Synchronize playlists to media devices.
* Support for MTP/PlaysForSure media devices. (BR 128532)
* iPod plugin usable with iTunes phones. (BR 131487)
* Browse collection by composer. (BR 122452)
* New DCOP call "playlist: filenames" returns the filenames of the songs
currently in the playlist. Patch by Arash Abedinzadeh
* Lyrics can be edited directly on Context Browser's Lyrics tab.
* Collection browse mode similar to that used by some portable players.
Patch by Joe Rabinoff <>. (BR 130586)
* BPM field. Patch by Alf B Lervåg <> and Aaron
VonderHaar <>. (BR 123142)
* Improved crossfading for xine-engine: Honours the 'Crossfade Length'
setting precisely, and uses a better mixing style profile. Patch by
Enrico Ros <>.
* Media and collection browser tabs now support dropping.
* Allow for deleting all the tracks on a playlist from iPods. (BR 127855)
* Ability to create custom station from the GUI.
* Ability to mark podcasts as listened.
* Show error messages when connecting to streams fails.
* A new media device implements a DAAP client. So Amarok can connect
to iTunes, Firefly Media Server etc. (BR 100513)
* Dynamic Collection: improved support for songs on removable external
harddisks, SMB and NFS shares
* Skip tracks that failed to transfer to media devices instead of stopping
transfer process. (BR 130008)
* libtunepimp 0.5.0 actually compiles successfully now.
* Lift size limit on pathnames and comments in collection databases not
managed by MySQL. (BR 130585)
* Generic media device plugin is improved. Users can configure supported
filetypes and get more control over the location of songs and podcasts
on disk (Patch by eute).
* Move composer tag to its own database table.
* Re-enable adding videos to iPods with recent libgpod-cvs. (BR 130117)
* Include Skip, Love and Ban in playlist right-click menu for
* Advanced Tag Features (ATF) deferred to 1.4.3: Public release delayed
pending some bug fixes in both Amarok and a dependency. It will be
automatically disabled the first time you run 1.4.2 if you had it enabled
from 1.4.2-beta1. (It will still be available in subversion snapshots.)
* Optionally finish transferring all queued tracks to media device after
pressing disconnect button. (BR 129716)
* It's now possible to edit scores and ratings for multiple tracks in
* TagDialog won't make Amarok unresponsive while committing tags changes
to files anymore.
* Exact playtime as tooltip in statusbar. Patch by Markus Kaufhold
<>. (BR 130463)
* Suspend collection rescanning while organizing files. (BR 129885)
* Always use metadata from original file for transcoded files transfered
to media devices. (BR 131171)
* Enhancements to ATF/statistics to allow for better tracking of stats as
files are moved.
* Tag Editing Dialog is now ATF-enabled.
* In-line tag editing is now ATF-enabled.
* Previously, using ATF with MP3 files would wipe out existing UFID frames
from other applications. Now Amarok plays nicely and only touches its
own UFID frame.
* ATF no longer requires a restart to enable or disable it.
* ATF read-only functions are always enabled if a UID is found in the
file. Option in the configuration dialog now only controls whether new
UIDs are written to new files.
* ATF will now automatically run the rescan and clear the Playlist only on
the first time it is enabled. After that it will simply display an info
reminding users that they may need a rescan if their library has changed
since the last time it was enabled.
* DCOP calls to add and remove ATF tags are no longer allowed to run while
the collection is being scanned.
* streams no longer freeze Amarok's GUI with xine-engine.
* Sometimes metadata wasn't updated with streams.
* Update context browser on score and rating changes. (BR 132496)
* Double colons in the collection filter would lead to invalid queries.
(BR 132551)
* Handle changed semantics of MySQL 5.0.23+ (BR 132114)
* Do not try to detach() KURLs, as this would not work for non-ascii urls.
(BR 132355)
* Adding songs while at end of playlist could crash in dynamic mode.
Patch by Joe Rabinoff <>. (BR 128340)
* Don't update accessdate when setting songs rating or score. (BR 132274)
* Increasing or decreasing volume while muted would not correctly unmute.
(BR 132228)
* Better resize behavior in iPod collection view mode. Patch by Joe Rabinoff
<> (BR 132016)
* Make sure a track's compilation status is returned properly when running
with Postgresql.
* Check directory structure on iPods of unknown type in order to detect
iTunes phones. (BR 131910)
* Make 'Clear' individually translatable for playlists. (BR 131521)
* Retain column visibility for flat collection view. (BR 126685)
* Honour proxy exceptions for MusicBrainz lookups. Patch by N. Cat
<>. (BR 131377)
* Correctly pass links containing parentheses to external browsers. Patch
by Thomas Lindroth <>. (BR 131307)
* iPods would not show podcast descriptions. (BR 129824)
* Carry over rounding increments to next larger unit for fuzzy time
display. (BR 131383)
* If disabled, don't show splash screen - even on Kubuntu. (BR 125210)
* Correctly request similar artist information for artists
containing non-ASCII characters. Patch by Thomas Lindroth
<>. (BR 131254)
* Support non-chronologically ordered podcast feeds. (BR 119911)
* Support for libvisual 0.4.0 was fixed. Patch by Dennis Smit.
* Adding songs already on a media device to playlists would not work.
* Fix adding smart playlists to media devices. (BR 130540)
* Reverse check for mount point and device node when connecting to iPods
for better handling of device nodes pointed to by symlinks. (BR 129965)
* Make handling of filenames on iPods case-insensitive and thus fix
fix problems with too many orphaned and stale items. (BR 126431)
* Correct action of queueing current item in dynamic mode. (BR 130313)
* Double clicking in the filebrowser will append to playlist. (BR 117465)
* Fixed problems with streams containing spaces, e.g. "Hip Hop".
* When generic media devices were specified manually, transferred files
would not always get converted to VFAT-friendly names if they were on a
VFAT filesystem.
* When using ATF, tags in MP3 files would be written as ID3v2 only and
existing ID3v1 tags would be stripped, which could lead to media devices
and tagging libraries that were not ID3v2.4-aware to report that no tag
existed. Now both tags are written with identical data.
* Correct handling of filenames with special characters. (BR 132243)
VERSION 1.4.1:
* Support for streams. (BR 111983)
* New playlist toolbar menu entry for adding streams to the playlist.
(BR 129349)
* Upgraded internal SQLite to 3.3.6.
* Inotify support disabled for now, due to stability issues.
* Tag editor is no longer modal.
* Provide warning dialog when deleting items from the playlistbrowser.
(BR 129313)
* GUI layout reverted to the classic Amarok layout.
* The Extended Info panel in the playlistbrowser is now resizeable.
* Pressing return in the search bar of the Collection Browser immediately
after typing a query no longer appends the wrong items to the playlist.
* Fix crash when pressing Back or Forward buttons multiple times quickly
in Artist tab. Patch by Thomas Lindroth <>.
* Fix problems where blanks would be added to data if SQLite was busy.
Patch by Thomas Lindroth <>. (BR 127608)
* Automatically refresh stream lyrics on new metadata.
* Set half star ratings on multiple selected tracks when clicking on an
item. (BR 129449)
* Only enable Show Extended Info in the Playlist Browser when information
is available. (BR 126590)
* Disable global shortcut for ratings when ratings are disabled.
(BR 129414)
* Autodetect button in Media Devices configuration dialog would not
properly signal changes, so that new devices were not always saved.
VERSION 1.4.1-beta1:
* Much improved and completed custom icon theme by Vadim Petrunin
* LibVisual 0.4 supported and required.
* Support for custom scoring algorithms, via scripts.
* Creative Nomad Jukebox support (untested!). Submitted by Andres Oton
<>. (BR 103185)
* Inotify support. On kernels 2.6.13 and above with Inotify support
compiled in, the collection will automatically be rescanned and
updated as soon as a watched folder has changed.
* First-run wizard can no longer be restarted from the application menu.
However, it can still be invoked with "amarok --wizard".
* Astraweb lyrics script was removed for being crappy and unmaintained. If
you want to maintain it, grab it from SVN and release on
* "Append Count" option of dynamic playlists has been removed. It is
now always one. (BR 120044)
* Context browser can now play/queue specific discs of an album or
* Automatically imported playlists go into a separate category.
* Block quitting amaroK until all on-going media device operations have
finished with a consistent state.
* Interface choice in wizard removed.
* MoodBar has been removed. The maintainer has not been updating it, and
it was causing crashes for many people.
* Usability improvements for the Script Manager, including a tree view.
* Use KMimeType for resolving file type for metadata acquisition before
falling back to extension based guessing.
* Removed the "detailed mode" in the playlist-browser.
* Also copy non-local URLs to collection when dropped onto collection
* Speed up connecting media devices with a lot of tracks to be submitted
* For media without metadata, try to read metadata after transfer to
the iPod (e.g. when copying an audio CD via KIOslaves).
* Hint at starting a transcode script for transcoding while transferring
to media devices. (BR 127155)
* If a disc number is present, append it to the album's name when
organizing files. (BR 126867)
* Configure, which of fresh podcasts, newest & favorite albums are shown
in context browser home view. Patch by Patrick Muench <>.
(BR 127043)
* Dynamic mode no longer skips to the next song if you press play (via
dcop, for instance) while already playing a track. Instead it restarts
the current one.
* The Actions menu has been renamed the Engage menu. It's way cooler,
right? I mean, Star Trek is really cool, right?
* Multiple podcasts can be configured at once by selecting multiple channels
or by configuring the children of a folder.
* Allow dropping of tracks after non-existant items in the playlist.
* Make changes to the default dynamic playlists persistent.
* Send UTF-8 encoded requests to Wikipedia. Thanks to Thomas Lindroth
<> for the patch. (BR 127654)
* Correctly restore podcast channel title when fetching fails.
* Show error message when xine mp3 decoder isn't installed, don't just
play next track.
* Properly render and optimise playlist loading icons.
* Properly import and export XSPF playlist formats.
* Optimise addition of playlists to the playlistbrowser.
* In context browser, show localized date for podcasts. (BR 127853)
* Regression in dynamic mode caused it to skip the first track in the
playlist whenever it was started. (BR 127451)
* Stop Playing after Track: remember current track (BR 127312)
* Radio streams were broken for protocols other than HTTP. (BR 127848)
* Collection Browser would not set/unset/burn albums with ', The' in
their name.
* Prevent breakage when xine couldn't initialize the audio device. Patch
from Ilya Konstantinov <>. (BR 115960)
* Allow for recognition of the webdav protocol. Patch by Ilya
Konstantinov <>. (BR 126847)
* Setting a rating on an unplayed track would affect score generated.
Patch by Patrick Muench <>. (BR 127475)
* Stop tags with different capitalisation being treated as the same
when building the collection.
* Make database connections actually get closed when no longer used.
(BR 123113)
* xine engine would truncate the last seconds of a track, if no other
track followed in the playlist.
* Fixed AudioCD playback with xine-engine. Patch by Markus Kaufhold
<>. (BR 127388)
* If dynamic mode was turned on and then off, the previous random and
repeat modes would be forgotten. (BR 123743)
* Removing the current track through DCOP while editing a field of the
track in the playlist would cause a crash. (BR 119152)
* Make characters encoded with % (such as a forward slash, %2f) display
correctly. (BR 105266)
VERSION 1.4.0:
* New DCOP call "player: version()". Returns the amaroK version.
* iFP has persistent settings when transferring tracks to the device.
* GStreamer-0.10 engine now supports Audio CDs.
* Context menus for entries in the statistics tool. (BR 124945)
* Composer, Disc Number and File Size columns in flat collection view.
* 'k' or 'm' suffixes for matching filesize in kibi or respectively mebi
* Groupings when transferring files to media devices are now persistent.
(BR 127158)
* Transfer contents of smart playlists to media device without adding
them to a playlist. (BR 126997)
* Set %albumartist to Various Artists, but keep %artist as the track's
artist when organizing compilations. (BR 126936)
* Discard empty tokens surrounded by {} in custom organize file format.
(BR 124337)
* GStreamer-0.10 engine was disabled for this release (not yet stable).
* Only pick genres for Smart playlists that exist in your collection.
* VFAT plugin completely rewritten since 1.4beta3. Name is now changed to
"Generic Audio Player" to make it less needlessly technical.
* Don't limit the number of episodes shown with a new podcast, since the
user can limit the number shown afterwards by configuring the channel.
* Automatically populate the playlist with items if it is empty when a
dynamic playlist is loaded. (BR 126594)
* Unplayed/unrated tracks are no longer shown in the statistics dialog.
* Removed the option "Import Playlists". It's now always enabled.
* Show total track time in context browser (BR 126548)
* Derive filename for downloaded podcast episodes from their url in the
rss feed. (BR 125966)
* Only show albums/artists/genres with more than 3 tracks when listing
favourite albums/artists/genres. (BR 126435)
* libtunepimp 0.5 compiles successfully.
* Podcasts are automatically configured to be checked for updates.
* Show only 2 decimal places for scores in the statistics module.
* Replace 'Move to Collection' in file browser context menu by 'Organize
Files' for collection directories. (BR 125702)
* Removed the option "Show Status Bar". It's now always enabled.
* Tracks from a media device scan be submitted to immediately,
without waiting for tracks to be played in amaroK. Patch by Iain
Benson <>. (BR 125690)
* Any failed attempts to submit to are now automatically retried
in the background, without waiting for new tracks to be played.
* Smart playlists can be constructed using mixed ALL and ANY matches
(BR 124483)
* Configure media devices in global settings, disable media browser when
no media device is configured.
* Dynamic Playlist bar made more conspicuous.
* The Konqueror setting to show a 'delete' entry in the menu is now
respected, if the setting exists and KDE is version 3.4 or higher.
* Cover art from m4a files. Updated m4a taglib patch by Jochen Issing
<> and patch by Shane King
<>. (BR 125414)
* The playlist would incorrectly sort after using the queue manager in
dynamic mode.
* Sort disc numbers numerically (BR 127114)
* Smart Playlists using 'last played time' now filter correctly.
(BR 127145)
* If "Transcode Whenever Possible" was selected for transferring to media
devices, if the file was in the device's preferred format, transcoding
would not take place. Thanks to Ants Aasma for the patch. (BR 127109)
* Fix possible loss of database after changing settings. (BR 126880)
* Only include audio files when expanding directories. (BR 126765)
* Correctly handle 'Cancel' in confirmation dialog for deleting items
from media devices. (BR 126989)
* Smart-Playlist random mode was not 'sticking'. (BR 126877)
* Statusbar log files would only ever write to the first log after all
four logs had been filled.
* iFP: Don't pretend to add newly transferred files to wrong folders.
* Set a podcast as listened only when it really has been listened to.
* All tracks from a cuesheet will now submit correctly to
(BR 114969)
* xine-engine will now correctly detect a change when only one of the
artist or album metadata changes. Patch by Kim Rasmussen
<>. (BR 126648)
* Less than and between criteria in a smart playlist for playcount, rating
or score of 0 now work. (BR 97046)
* Empty genres are no longer displayed in the collection browser.
(BR 126495)
* Fix regression causing drag and drop of playlist track items in the
playlistbrowser to be functionless. (BR 126387)
* Fix regression causing podcast purge property to be ignored. (BR 126194)
* Automatically convert MySql/PostgreSql passwords from 1.3 to 1.4 state.
* Popup Messages would flicker when being shown.
* Some 1.3 podcasts wouldn't get transferred to 1.4 settings.
* New podcasts didn't get a default save location. (BR 126196)
* Fixed encoding problems with lyrics scripts.
* Mark/unmark as compilation is now stored in the file tag so it is
remembered when the colection is rescanned. (BR 120428)
* Submissions from media devices are timestamped so as to be less likely
to conflict with submissions from another client. (BR 125367)
* The MySQL connection will no longer time out when idle. (BR 120198)
* Load manually configured media devices even after failed DCOP queries.
Patch by Iain Benson <>. (BR 125692)
* Copy/move to collection recurses into directories. (BR 125334)
* Amazon no longer tries to refetch invalid entries. (BR 125168)
* Skip hidden directories while scanning the collection. (BR 115478)
* Instead of cancelling collection organiziation operations when starting
new one append to running one.
* Correctly show &amp; in playlist 'Burn' right-click submenu. Patch by
Laszlo Pandy <>. (BR 125117)
* Disable option to delete remote items in playlist right-click menu.
(BR 124745)
* Reload playlist browser podcasts when switching database engines.
* Podcast tables recreated on startup if they don't exist.
VERSION 1.4-beta3:
* amaroK now supports multiple media devices of varying types (currently
iPods, UMS/VFAT, and iFP devices).
* Autodetection of iPods and UMS/VFAT devices (if KDE has HAL/DBUS support
compiled in).
* New DCOP call "devices: showDeviceList()" to show the Device Manager's
current device knowledge.
* amaroK now has a custom icon theme, and an option to switch back to the
system icons, if preferred (in the General settings section).
* Collection browser view is separated alphabetically. Patch by
Christian Hoenig <>.
* Ease navigation with track slider below playlist window by showing mood.
(BR 121715)
* Show context information for podcasts.
* Filebrowser: toolbar button to change to the directory of the currently
playing song. (BR 115479)
* Added "Play Audio CD" entry to the amaroK menu. (BR 103409)
* GStreamer-0.10 engine now supports visualizations.
* xine-engine: Show metadata for ogg vorbis streams. (BR 122505)
* Drag and drop podcast urls directly onto podcast folders for addition.
* Add media directly into directories for iRiver ifp devices.
* Button to directly edit lyrics from the context browser. (BR 123515)
* Support for SMIL playlists. (BR 121983)
* Support for WAX playlists. (BR 120980)
* Handle the Year tag when playing AudioCDs. Patch by Markus Kaufhold
<>. (BR 123428)
* Ignore 'The ' in artist names when sorting in the cover manager, as per
the collection browser. (BR 122858)
* Add autocompletion to the composer field in the tag dialog. (BR 123026)
* In context browser, show information about recently updated podcasts,
recently added and favourite albums when nothing is playing.
* Ratings can now have half stars: click again on the last star in the
rating to toggle it between a half and a full star.
* Improved handling of embedded cover art, utilizing the database. Patch
by Shane King <>. (BR 124563)
* Statistics tool has had numerous improvements.
* Optimise: Only rerender the CollectionBrowser when relevant.
* Disable detection of iPod model and thus solve g_object_get related
problems. (BR 121990)
* Don't block GUI when trying to transfer large numbers of items already
on media device. (BR 123570)
* Update playlist items when their location is changed during organizing
files. (BR 123752)
* Recursively add tracks when directories are dropped to the media browser
and the collection browser. (BR 123982)
* Visualizations now receive stereo data from amaroK. (BR 118765)
* Upgraded internal SQLite library to version 3.3.4.
* Podcast information is stored in the database.
* Improved password handling in the PostgreSQL config dialog. Patch by
Peter C. Ndikuwera <>. (BR 118304)
* Expand-By smart playlists were returning the wrong number of values.
* Fix display of media device transfer queues larger than 4 GB. (BR 125247)
* Fix duplicate detection when transferring to media device for tracks having
empty album tags. (BR 125203)
* Fix spuriously garbled collection scans. Patch by Shane King
<>. (BR 125114)
* Fix error with 'Back' link when browsing related artists. (BR 123227)
* Files with names containing '#' or '?' from smart playlists would not
get transferred to media device. (BR 122488)
* Stop Playing After Track option wouldn't be shown for the right tracks,
when there were queued tracks. Patch by Marcelo Penna Guerra
<>. (BR 124297)
* Don't submit podcast episodes to (BR 118987)
* Accept system:/media/ urls into the playlist. (BR 120249)
* Fix leak of file descriptors with embedded cover art. Patch by Shane
King <>. (BR 123472)
* Stop collection folders being automatically removed. Instead, allow
user to remove non-existent folders by deselecting parent. (BR 123745)
* Stop delete key in playlist deleting last deselected item. (BR 123265)
* xine-engine: Show bitrate and samplerate for CD-Audio and WAV. Patch by
Markus Kaufhold <>. (BR 123625)
* Some podcasts would cause amaroK to hang.
* Check if directories still exist when showing Collection directories.
(BR 123834)
* Playlist popup menu had a visual glitch with Lipstik and (probably)
earlier versions of Plastik.
* Fixed a huge memory leak when using xine-engine with crossfading.
(BR 119230)
* Sometimes iRiver devices would crash upon disconnecting. (BR 123416)
* Adjust the Astraweb lyrics script for a layout change on the site. Patch
by Andrew Turner <andrewturner512+kdebugs googlemail com>. (BR 123636)
* Directory selection would incorrectly highlight a directory in a
corner case. (BR 123635)
* Don't pretend to be able to uninstall default ContextBrowser themes.
(BR 123585)
* Fix preamp and frequency band scaling in the xine equalizer. Patch by
Tobias Knieper <>. (BR 116633)
* OSD text would not be stripped of empty lines.
* Playlist couldn't be shuffled if queued items existed. (BR 120221)
* Fixed renaming of Smart Playlists. (BR 122509)
* Fixed some bugs with PostgreSQL and Smart Playlists. Patch by Peter C.
Ndikuwera <>. (BR 123317)
* Escape invalid characters when transferring files to IFP devices.
(BR 123199)
* Escape newline characters when showing detailed information for podcast
items in the playlistbrowser. (BR 123109)
VERSION 1.4-beta2:
* Equalizer for the GStreamer-0.10 engine.
* Crossfade in the helix engine!
* The build date is shown in the "About amaroK" dialog.
* Show album covers when dragging playlist items. Patch from Jonas
Hurrelmann <>.
* Summarize transfer failures to media devices instead of a message for each.
(BR 122491)
* Don't list the <no engine> entry in the engine selection widget, when
it's not the active engine. Makes no sense to select this dummy engine.
* The aRts and GStreamer-0.8 engines have been removed for being obsolete.
* Automatically skip to the next track in the playlist when a track is
unplayable. (BR 116555)
* Don't check for collection changes on startup if Watch Folders is
disabled. (BR 116173)
* Handle .m4a files as audio when transferring to iPod video. (BR 122492)
* Smart playlists would not transfer to media devices. (BR 122838)
* Assume that .mp4 files are audio only when transferring to iPod. (BR 122591)
* Dereference symbolic links when transferring to iPod. (BR 123206)
* Correct domain for japanese wikipedia locale. (BR 122319)
* When deleting a downloaded podcast, the icon wouldn't be updated.
(BR 122440)
* Manage Files would create duplicates on collection. (BR 122519)
* On Statistics Dialog, Compilations would be shown with a random artist,
and dragging to playlist would add only the tracks by that artist.
(BR 122363)
* When editing current dynamic playlist, the adjusting of upcoming tracks
could be faulty. (BR 122401)
* Changing database on First-Run Wizard wouldn't work.
* When loading M3U playlists containing "." or "..", amaroK failed to
detect that the files are in the collection. Patch by Ted Percival
<>. (BR 121046)
* Konqueror sidebar would show garbage for people not using UTF-8 locales.
(BR 122395)
* "Open in External Browser" in the lyrics tab works now.
* Lyrc lyrics script handles tick characters correctly.
* Crash on startup when upgrading from 1.3, using MySQL. (BR 122042)
* No more crash on exit or deleting podcast.
* Handle metadata for .aac files as mpeg instead of mp4. (BR 121852)
VERSION 1.4-beta1:
* AudioCD (CDDA) support for xine-engine, including CDDB lookup. Patch by
Alberto Griggio <>. (BR 121647)
* The Helix engine now supports direct alsa playback using Realplayer 10.
* New DCOP call "player: setVolumeRelative(int ticks)".
* Options for Random Mode to favor tracks with a higher rating, score, or
ones less recently played.
* Support for playing entire albums. This works just like normal, except
when choosing the next track, it'll go to the next track from the album
it finds in the playlist, or the first track of another album otherwise.
* Support for plain VFAT devices in the Media Device browser.
* You can now mousewheel over a track's queue label to change its position
in the queue.
* Added a time-filter to the CollectionBrowser. Now you can make it show
only those tracks, which have been added to your collection within the
last day, week, month or year.
* Fit to Width for the playlist columns is now optional (accessible in the
context menu for the column headers).
* On-the-fly transcoding when transferring to media devices, provided
that an appropriate transcoding script is running.
* Handle compilations as such on iPods.
* New DCOP calls "mediabrowser: ..." for interfacing with media devices.
* Multiple simultaneously connected media devices.
* Lyrics support is now scriptable. This allows to add support for any
lyrics site, and makes it possible to provide upgrades. (BR 94437)
* New DCOP call "contextbrowser: showLyrics(string)".
* New 'File Size' column in the playlist.
* Amarok now supports ASX playlist files. (BR 114051)
* New DCOP call "collection: isDirInCollection(const QString& path )".
* New DCOP call "playlist: removeByIndex(int)". (BR 119143)
* For mp3, aac/mp4, and ogg vorbis, it's possible to use Disc Number and
Composer tags. (BR 110675) (BR 90503)
* For xine-lib 1.1.1 and greater, xine engine has gapless playback. amaroK
is now "The Wall" compatible. (BR 77766)
* Option for selecting external web browser in amaroK. No longer requires
KDE-Base. (BR 106015)
* Press Enter in the Collection Browser filter to send all the visible
tracks to the playlist.
* Hold Ctrl while pressing Enter in the playlist's filter to apply to all
visible items instead of just the first, and Shift to only queue and not
play them.
* Tags can be edited inline in the playlist by clicking on a single selected
* Switchable Wikipedia locale. (BR 104383)
* Initial port of GStreamer engine to GStreamer 0.10.
* Drag albums and compilations from context browser to media device and
playlist browser.
* Browse your collection and other related artists with context browser.
* Copy artwork to iPods capable of displaying it.
* Show extended podcast info on iPod.
* Optionally update playcount for items played on iPod and submit them
to and synchronize ratings between amaroK and iPod.
* Tracks can now be rated from 1-5 stars manually, in addition to the score
which amaroK calculates automatically based on your listening habits. You
can use the 'Rating' column and Win+1..5 to change the rating.
* Ability to copy items from iPod and from filebrowser to collection.
* New 'Last Played' column in the playlist, showing when the track was last
played. (Like in the Context Browser.)
* Browsers can be now accessed with keyboard shortcuts, Ctrl+1..5.
Also Ctrl+0 to close the current one, and Ctrl+Tab to switch the focus
between the playlist and the active browser.
* Downloaded podcast episodes can be deleted from the context menu.
* New DCOP call "player: osdEnabled".
* Add contents of smart amaroK playlists as playlist to media device.
* Mediabrowser support for the iRiver iFP series!
* New dcop call playlistbrowser loadPlaylist. (BR 110082)
* New Edit Track Information dialog. Lyrics can be edited there, comments
can have more than one line, some statistics and tag guessing from
filename. (BR 93982)
* Show/hide browsers via context menu. (BR 110823)
* Display disk space on media device.
* Copy standard and amaroK playlists to media device.
* Create playlist from items transferred to iPod.
* Edit dumb iPod playlists with media browser.
* Ability to read .aa file metadata and to transfer audiobooks
to iPod via file browser.
* Optionally add new podcasts to media device transfer queue on download
and remove podcasts already listened to on media device connect.
* Add podcast shows to the Podcast folder on iPods.
* Persistent media device transfer queue.
* Incremental update of media device view.
* Automatic scanning for stale and orphaned iPod items.
* Moodbar!
* configure: report not included extra features (BR 115057)
* Ability to uninstall context-browser themes. (BR 111449)
* More columns available in the Flat View of the Collection Browser.
* New Collection Scanner, running in an external process. No longer can
amaroK crash while scanning the Collection :)
* Statistics tool!
* Dragging external playlists into the playlist browser will add them.
* NMM engine now has a configure dialog.
* Collection scanner now supports WMA, MP4/AAC, and RealMedia (RA,RV,RM).
* You can now Organize Music from the Collection Browser, to move and
rename files to a logical place in your collection folders based on their
* Option to crossfade only on manual track changes. Useful for listening
to consecutive tracks on a single album.
* Dynamic Mode is now stateless, meaning there's no Dynamic Mode any more,
only loading and unloading of Dynamic Playlists. There's also now a nice
info bar above the playlist when a Dynamic Playlist is loaded.
* The major huge context menu used for hiding/showing columns in the
playlist has been replaced with a shorter one and a nice dialog.
* Elapsed time / length in the systray tooltip now updates in real time as
the song progresses.
* Tooltips in the playlist for truncated text are now shown directly above
the text, giving the effect of it being expanded to its full length.
* The option for restarting scripts automatically at startup is removed, as
it is now the default behaviour.
* Reduced memory usage for large playlists to under 30% of pre-1.4 versions.
(Measured as the difference in memory usage between an empty playlist and
loading the 'All Collection' smart playlist.)
* Import iTunes album art from directories.
* Media Devices (Apple iPod, iRiver iFP, ...) are now handled with plugins.
* New default image for albums with no cover art.
* When tabbing between cells while editing tags in the playlist, autosave
the contents of the previous tag you edited, so you don't have to
constantly go in and out of editing mode to edit lots of tags.
* When saving playlists, if there's already one with the same name, instead
of complaining about it, smartly append (2), (3), etc. to the end.
* 'Stop Playing After Track' now has a shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+V), and a global
shortcut for the currently playing track (Ctrl+Win+V).
* Various keyboard usability and focus tweaks so using amaroK with the
keyboard is nicer.
* Upgraded internal SQLite database library to version 3.2.7.
* Recoding mp3 tags has been removed due to many unjustified
* Viewing track information of remote media will show the url.
* "Update"-button is now hidden in the collection browser if "Watch
folders for changes" is enabled in the options.
* Playlist Browser now remembers which entries were open across startups.
* The tooltip and the menu from the queue icon in the statusbar now shows
the total length of the queued tracks.
* The Home tab has been merged into the Current tab, now called Music.
* New look for the current track marker in the playlist. Pimp my roK!
* When turning either random or dynamic mode on, turn the other off,
instead of completely disabling random mode when dynamic is on.
* libgpod from gtkpod replaces kio based iPod support for improved
compatibility with various iPod models.
* Podcast settings are hierarchical now, meaning you can set settings
for the category's, newly added podcasts take the settings from there parent category.
* Dragging text to a filter line edit would still show the "Filter
Here..." text in the background. (BR 108876)
* Don't show an empty playlist length holder in the statusbar.
* Allow for % and _ in tags, and filter them correctly.
* Do not copy files of types an iPod is not capable of playing to the
iPod. (BR 117486)
* Also take track number into account when comparing tags for checking
if a track is already present on iPod. (BR 117380)
* iPod nanos would not switch off during playing songs added with amaroK
because of their file size not being set.
* "Show Fullsize" now works for ID3 embedded cover images. (BR 114517)
* Fix possible bug when saving unencoded podcasts to strange file systems.
* OSD Preview did not update colours when toggling 'Use custom colours'
option. (BR 115965)
* Cached lyrics are not erased when rescanning. (BR 110489)
* No more "can't create amazon table" warnings. (BR 113930)
* Creating a new playlist via drag-and-drop no longer shows duplicates
of each song until amaroK is restarted.
VERSION 1.3.9:
* Support for libtunepimp 0.4. (BR 94988)
* Fix leak of file descriptors with embedded cover art. Patch by Shane
King <>. (BR 123472)
* Playlist popup menu had a visual glitch with Lipstik and (probably)
earlier versions of Plastik.
* Fix preamp and frequency band scaling in the xine equalizer. Patch by
Tobias Knieper <>. (BR 116633)
* Fixed a huge memory leak when using xine-engine with crossfading.
(BR 119230)
* Fix memory leak in the helix engine when the player and playlist are
not visible.
* Stream with URLs containing "&" wouldn't be correctly saved.
(BR 121846)
* Playlist Browser would save invalid PLS Playlists. (BR 122875)
* Refresh All Podcasts wouldn't consider subfolders. (BR 122783)
* When using a folder as playlist, deleting the playlist would delete
the folder and all files inside it. (BR 122480)
* OSD was showing "No track playing" for tracks without metadata.
* Smart Playlists with playcount or score related conditions wouldn't
match all songs properly. (BR 97046)
* With enormous queues, stop menu would take a lot of time to show up.
(BR 120677)
VERSION 1.3.8:
* NMM engine would crash when seeking after the playlist finished,
state Empty wasn't emitted.
* Fixed URL of the Nectarine radio stream.
* Fix crash after changing the alsa device in the helix configuration
* When amaroK exits, send SIGTERM to running scripts. (BR 119159)
* Old error messages could be shown instead of current track lyrics.
* The equalizer in the helix engine now works properly at low sample
* Fixed some threading issues in loading XML playlists.
* Lyrics that are available on lyrc would be shown as "not found".
* The helix engine now includes protection so that misbehaving streams
do not cause the visualizations to leak memory.
VERSION 1.3.7:
* In the tree view, sort tracks alphabetically first, unless one of the
categories is by album, then sort by track number first. (BR 112830)
* No longer delete Amazon covers every 90 days, instead relying on
RefreshImages to re-download covers every 80 days to comply with
the TOS of the Amazon web service.
* Fix weirdness when overwriting a playlist by dragging a file to the
* When using Year - Album on Collection Browser, if two albums had the
same year, the order would be pseudo-random. Patch by Xepo
<>. (BR 115584)
* Fix build issue on PCLinuxOS with "cpu_set undeclared".
* Fix crash in helix engine caused by improper reference counting
of the audiostreamresponse object.
* Helix engine no longer declares it is "empty" on a track change
(caused problems with context browser).
* Tag dialog doesn't delete year tags any more when editing multiple
* amaroK would crash or hang when fetching similar artists information
from (BR 116399)
* Fix memory leak in the helix engine. (BR 116223)
* When changing the database type, the apply button wouldn't be enabled,
and it would be necessary to restart amaroK for it to work properly.
* Fix for regression in Qt 3.3.5, causing amaroK to crash when clearing
the playlist. (BR 116004)
* Zombie directories are removed automatically from the collection
scanner. (BR 115779)
* Dates wouldn't be properly loaded when editing Smart Playlists.
* Number of songs to add when using dynamic mode wouldn't be respected,
if the smartplaylist didn't have a ORDER BY statement. (BR 115860)
* Fix visibility related build problem on some distros.
VERSION 1.3.6:
* Fix autoscan with PostgreSQL. (BR 111209)