Trinity Desktop Environment

Updated 7 hours ago

KPilot – replacement for the Palm Desktop software

Updated 8 hours ago

Trinity Desktop Environment Packaging

Updated 9 hours ago

TDE development IDE

Updated 1 day ago

TDE internationalization translations

Updated 2 days ago

TDE core libraries

Updated 3 days ago

Trinity Desktop Environment Packaging – Slackware slackbuilds

Updated 4 days ago

Konversation – user friendly Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client

Updated 5 days ago

Amarok – versatile and easy to use audio player

Updated 5 days ago

tdeio slave for ftps protocol

Updated 5 days ago

Crystal style for TWin

Updated 5 days ago

KlamAV – an anti-virus manager for the TDE desktop

Updated 5 days ago

Bibletime – a bible study tool

Updated 5 days ago

KDpkg – frontend for dpkg

Updated 5 days ago

Baghira widget style for TDE

Updated 5 days ago

Kile – integrated LaTeX environment

Updated 7 days ago

TDE client for NetworkManager 8

Updated 2 weeks ago

TDE SVN – subversion client with tight TDE integration

Updated 2 weeks ago

TDE utility programs

Updated 2 weeks ago

KoolDock – it attemps to resemble the Mac OSX dock

Updated 3 weeks ago