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Timothy Pearson 12 years ago committed by Slávek Banko
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@ -404,7 +404,7 @@
<entry key="Osd Font" type="Font">
<label>Font for On-Screen Display</label>
<whatsthis>The font to use for the On-Screen Display.</whatsthis>
<default code="true">QFont("Arial",16)</default>
<default code="true">TQFont("Arial",16)</default>
<entry key="Osd Draw Shadow" type="Bool">
<label>Draw a shadow around the text.</label>

@ -101,7 +101,7 @@ Vis::SocketServer::newConnection( int sockfd )
/// @class Vis::SocketNotifier
Vis::SocketNotifier::SocketNotifier( int sockfd )
: TQSocketNotifier( sockfd, QSocketNotifier::Read, TQT_TQOBJECT(this) )
: TQSocketNotifier( sockfd, TQSocketNotifier::Read, TQT_TQOBJECT(this) )
connect( this, TQT_SIGNAL(activated( int )), TQT_SLOT(request( int )) );

@ -202,6 +202,9 @@ Note that the order in which the schemes appear in the list is relevant, since t
<slot specifier="non virtual">slotModifyClicked()</slot>
<slot specifier="non virtual">slotRemoveClicked()</slot>
<forward>class TQListViewItem;</forward>
<function access="private" specifier="non virtual">init()</function>