Amarok – versatile and easy to use audio player
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* This software is released under the provisions of the GPL version 2.
* see file "COPYING". If that file is not available, the full statement
* of the license can be found at
* Copyright (c) Paul Cifarelli 2005
* Portions Copyright (c) 1995-2002 RealNetworks, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
* at this point, this class should be HelixNotSoSimplePlayer...
class HSPClientAdviceSink;
class HSPClientContext;
class IHXErrorSinkControl;
class HelixSimplePlayerAudioStreamInfoResponse;
#include <limits.h>
#include <sys/param.h>
#include <pthread.h>
#include <cstring>
#include <vector>
#include <config.h>
#include <iostream>
using std::vector;
#define MAX_PLAYERS 100 // that should do it...
#define MAX_SCOPE_SAMPLES 5120
class HelixSimplePlayer;
class CHXURL;
class IHXVolumeAdviseSink;
class IHXAudioPlayer;
class IHXAudioStream;
class IHXAudioCrossFade;
class IHXPlayer;
class IHXPlayer2;
class IHXErrorSink;
class IHXErrorSinkControl;
class IHXAudioPlayer;
class IHXVolume;
class IHXPlayerNavigator;
class IHXClientEngineSelector;
class IHXClientEngine;
class IHXAudioHook;
class IHXAudioStreamInfoResponse;
class IHXCommonClassFactory;
class IHXPluginEnumerator;
class IHXPlugin2Handler;
class IHXAudioDeviceManager;
class IHXAudioHookManager;
class IHXPreferences;
class HSPAudioDevice;
class IHXAudioDeviceResponse;
struct _snd_mixer;
struct _snd_mixer_elem;
// scope delay queue
class DelayQueue
DelayQueue() : fwd(0), len(0), time(0), etime(0), nchan(0), bps(0), allocd(false), buf(0) {}
DelayQueue(int bufsize) : fwd(0), len(bufsize), time(0), etime(0), nchan(0), bps(0), allocd(true), buf(0)
{ buf = new unsigned char [ bufsize ]; }
DelayQueue(DelayQueue &src) : fwd(0), len(src.len), time(src.time), etime(src.etime), nchan(src.nchan), bps(src.bps), allocd(true), buf(0)
{ buf = new unsigned char [ len ]; memcpy( (void *) buf, (void *) src.buf, src.len ); }
~DelayQueue() { if (allocd) delete [] buf; }
struct DelayQueue *fwd;
int len; // len of the buffer
unsigned long time; // start time of the buffer
unsigned long etime; // end time of the buffer
int nchan; // number of channels
int bps; // bytes per sample
double tps; // time per sample
int spb; // samples per buffer
bool allocd; // did we allocate the memory?
unsigned char *buf;
// simple list of supported mime type
struct MimeList
MimeList(char *mimestr, char *ext) : mimetypes(0), mimeexts(0)
{ mimetypes = new char[strlen(mimestr)+1]; strcpy(mimetypes,mimestr); mimeexts = new char[strlen(ext)+1]; strcpy(mimeexts,ext); }
~MimeList() { delete [] mimetypes; delete [] mimeexts; }
struct MimeList *fwd;
char *mimetypes;
char *mimeexts;
class HelixSimplePlayer
enum { ALL_PLAYERS = -1 };
virtual ~HelixSimplePlayer();
void init(const char *corelibpath, const char *pluginslibpath, const char *codecspath, int numPlayers = 1);
void tearDown();
int initDirectSS();
int addPlayer(); // add another player
void play(int playerIndex = ALL_PLAYERS,
bool fadein = false, bool fadout = false,
unsigned long fadetime = 0); // play the current url, waiting for it to finish
void play(const char *url, int playerIndex = ALL_PLAYERS,
bool fadein = false, bool fadeout = false,
unsigned long fadetime = 0); // play the file, setting it as the current url; wait for it to finish
int setURL(const char *url,
int playerIndex = ALL_PLAYERS,
bool islocal = true); // set the current url
bool done(int playerIndex = ALL_PLAYERS); // test to see if the player(s) is(are) done
void start(int playerIndex = ALL_PLAYERS,
bool fadein = false,
unsigned long fadetime = 0); // start the player
void start(const char *file, int playerIndex = ALL_PLAYERS,
bool fadein = false,
unsigned long fadetime = 0); // start the player, setting the current url first
void stop(int playerIndex = ALL_PLAYERS); // stop the player(s)
void pause(int playerIndex = ALL_PLAYERS); // pause the player(s)
void resume(int playerIndex = ALL_PLAYERS); // pause the player(s)
void seek(unsigned long pos, int playerIndex = ALL_PLAYERS); // seek to the pos
unsigned long where(int playerIndex) const; // where is the player in the playback
unsigned long duration(int playerIndex) const; // how long (ms) is this clip?
unsigned long getVolume(int playerIndex); // get the current volume
void setVolume(unsigned long vol, int playerIndex = ALL_PLAYERS); // set the volume
void setMute(bool mute, int playerIndex = ALL_PLAYERS); // set mute: mute = true to mute the volume, false to unmute
bool getMute(int playerIndex); // get the mute state of the player
void dispatch(); // dispatch the player(s)
void cleanUpStream(int playerIndex); // cleanup after stream complete
bool isPlaying(int playerIndex) const; // is the player currently playing?
bool isLocal(int playerIndex) const; // playing a local file
int numPlayers() const { return nNumPlayers; } // return the number of players
virtual void onVolumeChange(int) {} // called when the volume is changed
virtual void onMuteChange(int) {} // called when mute is changed
virtual void onContacting(const char */*host*/) {} // called when contacting a host
virtual void onBuffering(int /*percentage*/) {} // called when buffering
int getError() const { return theErr; }
static char* RemoveWrappingQuotes(char* str);
//void setUsername(const char *username) { m_pszUsername = username; }
//void setPassword(const char *password) { m_pszPassword = password; }
//void setGUIDFile(const char *file) { m_pszGUIDFile = file; }
bool ReadGUIDFile();
typedef struct
char title[512];
char artist[512];
unsigned long bitrate;
} metaData;
void DoEvent();
void DoEvents(int nTimeDelta);
unsigned long GetTime();
char mCoreLibPath[MAXPATHLEN];
char mPluginLibPath[MAXPATHLEN];
int theErr;
IHXErrorSink* pErrorSink;
IHXErrorSinkControl* pErrorSinkControl;
IHXClientEngineSelector* pCEselect;
IHXCommonClassFactory* pCommonClassFactory;
IHXPluginEnumerator* pPluginE;
IHXPlugin2Handler* pPlugin2Handler;
IHXAudioDeviceManager* pAudioDeviceManager;
IHXAudioHookManager* pAudioHookManager;
IHXAudioHook* pFinalAudioHook;
HSPAudioDevice* pAudioDevice;
struct playerCtrl
bool bPlaying;
bool bStarting;
bool bFadeIn;
bool bFadeOut;
unsigned long ulFadeLength;
IHXAudioStream* pStream;
HSPClientContext* pHSPContext;
IHXPlayer* pPlayer;
IHXPlayer2* pPlayer2;
IHXAudioPlayer* pAudioPlayer;
IHXAudioCrossFade* pCrossFader;
IHXVolume* pVolume;
IHXVolumeAdviseSink* pVolumeAdvise;
IHXAudioStreamInfoResponse* pStreamInfoResponse;
IHXAudioHook* pPreMixHook;
IHXAudioHook* pPostMixHook;
metaData md;
char* pszURL;
bool isLocal;
unsigned short volume;
bool ismute;
// scope
int scopecount;
struct DelayQueue *scopebufhead;
struct DelayQueue *scopebuftail;
pthread_mutex_t m_scope_m;
} **ppctrl;
IHXAudioDeviceResponse *pAudioDeviceResponse;
bool bURLFound;
int nNumPlayers;
int nNumPlayRepeats;
int nTimeDelta;
int nStopTime;
bool bStopTime;
void* core_handle;
bool bStopping;
int nPlay;
const IHXAudioPlayer *getAudioPlayer(int playerIndex) const { return ppctrl[playerIndex]->pAudioPlayer; }
const IHXAudioCrossFade *getCrossFader(int playerIndex) const { return ppctrl[playerIndex]->pCrossFader; }
// crossfade
void setFadeout(bool fadeout, unsigned long fadelength, int playerIndex = ALL_PLAYERS);
// scope
void addScopeBuf(struct DelayQueue *item, int playerIndex);
DelayQueue *getScopeBuf(int playerIndex);
int getScopeCount(int playerIndex) { return playerIndex >= 0 && playerIndex < nNumPlayers ? ppctrl[playerIndex]->scopecount : 0; }
int peekScopeTime(unsigned long &t, int playerIndex);
void clearScopeQ(int playerIndex = ALL_PLAYERS);
// equalizer
void enableEQ(bool enabled) { m_eq_enabled = enabled; }
bool isEQenabled() { return m_eq_enabled; }
void updateEQgains();
int numPlugins() const;
int getPluginInfo(int index,
const char *&description,
const char *&copyright,
const char *&moreinfourl) const;
metaData *getMetaData(int playerIndex);
const MimeList *getMimeList() const { return mimehead; }
int getMimeListLen() const { return mimelistlen; }
bool bEnableAdviceSink;
bool bEnableVerboseMode;
IHXClientEngine* pEngine;
IHXPreferences* pEngineContext;
char* m_pszUsername;
char* m_pszPassword;
char* m_pszGUIDFile;
char* m_pszGUIDList;
int m_Error;
unsigned long m_ulNumSecondsPlayed;
pthread_mutex_t m_engine_m;
// supported mime type list
MimeList *mimehead;
int mimelistlen;
// equalizer
bool m_eq_enabled;
// 0 = OSS
// 1 = OldOSSsupport
// 2 = ESound
// 3 = Alsa
// 4 = USound
void setOutputSink( AUDIOAPI out );
AUDIOAPI getOutputSink();
void setDevice( const char *dev );
const char *getDevice();
void setAlsaCapableCore() { m_AlsaCapableCore = true; }
virtual int fallbackToOSS() { return 0; }
int m_preamp;
vector<int> m_equalizerGains;
AUDIOAPI m_outputsink;
char *m_device;
// work around the annoying problem of the core reseting the PCM volume on every url change
void openAudioDevice();
void closeAudioDevice();
int getDirectMasterVolume();
void setDirectMasterVolume(int vol);
int getDirectPCMVolume();
void setDirectPCMVolume(int vol);
AUDIOAPI m_direct;
bool m_AlsaCapableCore;
int m_nDevID;
struct _snd_mixer* m_pAlsaMixerHandle;
struct _snd_mixer_elem* m_pAlsaMasterMixerElem;
struct _snd_mixer_elem* m_pAlsaPCMMixerElem;
char *m_alsaDevice;
bool m_urlchanged;
int m_volBefore;
int m_volAtStart;
int m_MvolBefore;
int m_MvolAtStart;
int m_numPlugins;
struct pluginInfo
char *description;
char *copyright;
char *moreinfourl;
} **m_pluginInfo;
virtual int print2stdout(const char *fmt, ...)
#ifdef __GNUC__
__attribute__ ((format (printf, 2, 3)))
virtual int print2stderr(const char *fmt, ...)
#ifdef __GNUC__
__attribute__ ((format (printf, 2, 3)))
virtual void notifyUser(unsigned long/*code*/, const char */*moreinfo*/, const char */*moreinfourl*/) {}
virtual void interruptUser(unsigned long/*code*/, const char */*moreinfo*/, const char */*moreinfourl*/) {}
friend class HSPClientAdviceSink;
friend class HSPErrorSink;
friend class HSPAuthenticationManager;
friend class HelixSimplePlayerAudioStreamInfoResponse;
friend class HSPPreMixAudioHook;
friend class HSPPostProcessor;
friend class HSPPostMixAudioHook;
friend class HSPFinalAudioHook;
friend class HelixSimplePlayerVolumeAdvice;
friend class HSPEngineContext;
friend class HSPAudioDevice;