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[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Plugin for Amarok
Comment[af]=Inprop module vir Amarok
Comment[ar]= قابس ( برنامج مضاف الى) AmaroK
Comment[bg]=Приставка за Amarok
Comment[bn]=আমারক-এর জন্য প্লাগিন
Comment[br]=Lugent evit Amarok
Comment[ca]=Connector per l'Amarok
Comment[cs]=Modul pro AmaroK
Comment[de]=Modul für Amarok
Comment[el]=Πρόσθετο για το AmaroK
Comment[eo]=Kromaĵo por Amarok
Comment[es]=Extensión para Amarok
Comment[et]=Amaroki plugin
Comment[fa]=وصله برای amaroK
Comment[fr]=Module pour Amarok
Comment[ga]=Breiseán AmaroK
Comment[gl]=Extensión para Amarok
Comment[hu]=Bővítőmodul az Amarokhoz
Comment[is]=Íforrit fyrir Amarok
Comment[it]=Plugin per Amarok
Comment[ja]=Amarok のためのプラグイン
Comment[ka]=მოდული Amarok-ისთვის
Comment[km]=កម្មវិធី​ជំនួយ​សម្រាប់ Amarok
Comment[lt]=Amarok įskiepis
Comment[mk]=Приклучок за Амарок
Comment[nb]=Programtillegg for Amarok
Comment[nds]=Moduul för Amarok
Comment[ne]=अमारोकका लागि प्लगइन
Comment[nl]=Plugin voor Amarok
Comment[nn]=Programtillegg for Amarok
Comment[pa]=ਅਮਰੋਕ ਲਈ ਪਲੱਗਇਨ
Comment[pl]=Wtyczka Amaroka
Comment[pt]='Plugin' para o Amarok
Comment[pt_BR]=Plugin para o Amarok
Comment[ru]=Модуль amaroK
Comment[se]=Lassemoduvla Amarok:ii
Comment[sk]=Amarok modul
Comment[sr]=Прикључак за Amarok
Comment[sr@Latn]=Priključak za Amarok
Comment[sv]=Insticksprogram för Amarok
Comment[th]=โปรแกรมเสริมสำหรับ Amarok
Comment[tr]=Amarok için Eklenti
Comment[uk]=Втулок для Amarok
Comment[uz]=Amarok uchun plagin
Comment[uz@cyrillic]=Amarok учун плагин
Comment[wa]=Tchôke-divins po Amarok
Comment[zh_CN]=Amarok 插件
Comment[zh_TW]=amaroK 插件
# Type of plugin, e.g. "engine".
# Internal name for identification, not translated.
# List of authors.
# List of author's email addresses.
# Priority of the plugin. When KTrader returns multiple offers, the one with the highest rank is chosen.
# Range: 0 (disabled) - 255 (highest)
# Version of the plugin.
# Version of the framework this plugin is compatible with.
# Must be bumped after making binary incompatible changes.
# If true, Amarok will show a warning dialog about the experimental nature of this plugin.