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// Author: Max Howell (C) Copyright 2003-4
// Author: Mark Kretschmann (C) Copyright 2004
// Copyright: See COPYING file that comes with this distribution
#ifndef UrlLoader_H
#define UrlLoader_H
#include "amarok.h"
#include "debug.h" //stack allocated
#include <tqptrlist.h>
#include <tqxml.h> //baseclass
#include <kurl.h> //KURL::List
#include "metabundle.h" //stack allocated
#include "threadmanager.h" //baseclass
#include "xmlloader.h" //baseclass
class TQListViewItem;
class TQTextStream;
class PlaylistItem;
class PLItemList;
class XMLData;
namespace KIO { class Job; }
* @class PlaylistFile
* @author Max Howell
* @short Allocate on the stack, the contents are immediately available from bundles()
* Note, it won't do anything with XML playlists
* TODO be able to load directories too, it's in the spec
* TODO and playlists within playlists, remote and local
class PlaylistFile
PlaylistFile( const TQString &path );
enum Format { M3U, PLS, XML, RAM, SMIL, ASX, XSPF, Unknown, NotPlaylist = Unknown };
/// the bundles from this playlist, they only contain
/// the information that can be extracted from the playlists
BundleList &bundles() { return m_bundles; }
/// the name of the playlist. often stored in the document (eg xspf) or derived from the filename
TQString &title() { return m_title; }
///@return true if couldn't load the playlist's contents
bool isError() const { return !m_error.isEmpty(); }
/// if start returns false this has a translated error description
TQString error() const { return m_error; }
static inline bool isPlaylistFile( const KURL &url ) { return isPlaylistFile( url.fileName() ); }
static inline bool isPlaylistFile( const TQString &fileName ) { return format( fileName ) != Unknown; }
static inline Format format( const TQString &fileName );
static TQTime stringToTime(const TQString&);
/// make these virtual if you need to
bool loadM3u( TQTextStream& );
bool loadPls( TQTextStream& );
unsigned int loadPls_extractIndex( const TQString &str ) const;
bool loadRealAudioRam( TQTextStream& );
bool loadASX( TQTextStream& );
bool loadSMIL( TQTextStream& );
bool loadXSPF( TQTextStream& );
TQString m_path;
TQString m_error;
BundleList m_bundles;
TQString m_title;
inline PlaylistFile::Format
PlaylistFile::format( const TQString &fileName )
const TQString ext = Amarok::extension( fileName );
if( ext == "m3u" ) return M3U;
if( ext == "pls" ) return PLS;
if( ext == "ram" ) return RAM;
if( ext == "smil") return SMIL;
if( ext == "asx" || ext == "wax" ) return ASX;
if( ext == "xml" ) return XML;
if( ext == "xspf" ) return XSPF;
return Unknown;
* @author Max Howell
* @author Mark Kretschmann
* @short Populates the Playlist-view with URLs
* + Load playlists, remote and local
* + List directories, remote and local
* + Read tags, from file:/// and from DB
#ifdef Q_MOC_RUN
class UrlLoader : public JobBase
#else // Q_MOC_RUN
class UrlLoader : public ThreadManager::DependentJob
#endif // Q_MOC_RUN
UrlLoader( const KURL::List&, TQListViewItem*, int options = 0 );
static const uint OPTIMUM_BUNDLE_COUNT = 200;
void queueChanged( const PLItemList &, const PLItemList & );
/// reimplemented from ThreadManager::Job
virtual bool doJob();
virtual void completeJob();
virtual void customEvent( TQCustomEvent* );
void loadXml( const KURL& );
private slots:
void slotNewBundle( const MetaBundle &bundle, const XmlAttributeList &attributes );
void slotPlaylistInfo( const TQString &product, const TQString &version, const TQString &dynamicMode );
KURL::List recurse( const KURL& );
KURL::List m_badURLs;
KURL::List m_URLs;
PlaylistItem *m_markerListViewItem;
bool m_playFirstUrl;
bool m_coloring;
int m_options;
Debug::Block m_block;
TQPtrList<PlaylistItem> m_oldQueue;
TQXmlInputSource *m_xmlSource;
TQValueList<XMLData> m_xml;
KURL m_currentURL;
TQString m_dynamicMode;
UrlLoader( const UrlLoader& ); //undefined
UrlLoader &operator=( const UrlLoader& ); //undefined
* @author Max Howell
* @short Populates the Playlist-view using the result of a single SQL query
* The format of the query must be in a set order, see doJob()
class SqlLoader : public UrlLoader
const TQString m_sql;
SqlLoader( const TQString &sql, TQListViewItem *after, int options = 0 );
virtual bool doJob();
* @author Max Howell
* @short Fetches a playlist-file from any location, and then loads it into the Playlist-view
class RemotePlaylistFetcher : public TQObject
const KURL m_source;
KURL m_destination;
TQListViewItem *m_after;
bool m_playFirstUrl;
int m_options;
class KTempFile *m_temp;
RemotePlaylistFetcher( const KURL &source, TQListViewItem *after, int options = 0 );
private slots:
void result( KIO::Job* );
void abort() { delete this; }
// PRIVATE -- should be in the .cpp, but fucking tqmoc.
class MyXmlLoader: public MetaBundle::XmlLoader
MyXmlLoader() { }
virtual bool startElement( const TQString&, const TQString&, const TQString &, const TQXmlAttributes& );
void playlistInfo( const TQString &product, const TQString &version, const TQString &dynamicMode );