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// (c) 2005 Seb Ruiz <>
// See COPYING file for licensing information.
#include "kdialogbase.h" //baseclass
#include <kurl.h>
#include <tqptrlist.h>
class PodcastChannel;
class PodcastEpisode;
class PodcastSettingsDialogBase;
class TQDomNode;
class TQDomElement;
enum MediaFetch{ STREAM=0, AUTOMATIC=1 };
class PodcastSettings
PodcastSettings( const TQDomNode &channelSettings, const TQString &title );
PodcastSettings( const PodcastSettings *parentSettings, const TQString &title );
PodcastSettings( const TQString &title ); // standard settings
PodcastSettings( const TQString &title, const TQString &save, const bool autoScan,
const int fetchType, const bool autotransfer, const bool purge, const int purgecount );
const TQString &saveLocation() { return m_saveLocation; }
const TQString &title() { return m_title; }
bool autoscan() { return m_autoScan; }
int fetchType() { return m_fetch; }
bool autoTransfer() { return m_addToMediaDevice; }
bool hasPurge() { return m_purge; }
int purgeCount() { return m_purgeCount; }
TQString m_title; //the title of the podcast or category these settings belong to
TQString m_saveLocation;
bool m_autoScan;
int m_fetch;
bool m_addToMediaDevice;
bool m_purge;
int m_purgeCount;
class PodcastSettingsDialog : public KDialogBase
PodcastSettingsDialog( PodcastSettings *list, TQWidget* parent=0 );
PodcastSettingsDialog( const TQPtrList<PodcastSettings> &list, const TQString &caption, TQWidget* parent=0 );
bool configure();
PodcastSettings *getSettings() { return m_settings; }
bool hasChanged();
protected slots:
void checkModified();
void slotOk();
void slotUser1();
void init();
void setSettings( PodcastSettings *settings );
TQString requesterSaveLocation();
PodcastSettingsDialogBase *m_ps;
TQPtrList<PodcastSettings> m_settingsList;
PodcastSettings *m_settings;