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Amarok - an audio player for TDE
There are many media players around these days, that is true.
What's missing from most players is a user interface that doesn't get in
the way of the user. Amarok tries to be a little different, providing a
simple drag and drop interface that really makes playlist handling easy.
* Quick and simple drag and drop playlist creation
* Multiple database backends (SQLite, MySQL or PostgreSQL)
* Xine engine backend to play the music library
* Plays all audio formats known to man
* 10 band equalizer
* Automatic cover art download using Amazon services
* The unique and powerful stylable context browser
* Automatic play-statistics generation (iRate style)
* Full lyrics download
* Learn about your music with integrated Wikipedia
* Full support
* Visualisations with libvisual
* Crossfading and gapless playback
* Fully configurable OSD for track changes
* K3B (CD-burning) integration
* Podcast support
* Access to iPod, iRiver IFP, USB Mass Storage and many other devices
* Powerful scripting interface
* Complete DCOP Access
* TDE integration
* Preview and buy albums from the music store
If you wish to contribute to Amarok (TDE), you might do so:
- TDE Gitea Workspace (TGW) collaboration tool.
- TDE Weblate Translation Workspace (TWTW) collaboration tool.