Codeine player for TDE
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  1. 1.0.1
  2. Mute button for KPart
  3. Play DVD entry for KDE 3.5 + media:/ when DVD inserted
  4. DVD-Menu-Toggle is no longer a KToggleAction because I can't detect when DVD menus change, but it still acts as a toggle button
  5. Made record work for systems other than mine! (hard-coded path)
  6. Made record shortcut CTRL-R so it doesn't conflict with the DVD-Root-Menu toggle
  7. videoWindow doesn't judder when toolbar appears in fullscreen anymore
  8. dvd-toolbar is gone, instead root menu button appears when dvd is playing
  9. toolbar in fullscreen mode shows on mouse move
  10. toolbar in fullscreen mode respects user-positioning
  11. media kioslave support
  12. double-clicking the video toggles fullscreen
  13. don't show part in K-Menu
  14. a volume toolbar button, - available from the configure-toolbar dialog, it's not very good yet
  15. 1.0-rc2
  16. Seek fixes
  17. Improved error messages
  18. KPart crash on exit fix
  19. 1.0-beta6
  20. Frame capture function
  21. Aspect Ratio setting
  22. Snap for videoSettings dialog sliders
  23. Polish to all dialogs, menus
  24. Hide cursor in fullscreen mode bug fixed
  25. Many other fixes and lots of polish
  26. 1.0-beta3
  27. Made Codeine single-window
  28. Removed Pause KAction, instead toggling play pauses
  29. Made it remember all details about how you like to view videos (eg.
  30. contrast, brightness, size)
  31. Shows toolbar when mouse is a screen-top in fullscreen mode
  32. Bug fixes
  33. 1.0-beta2
  34. Fixed fullscreen not covering Kicker
  35. Added stop KAction
  36. Added "You must install!" message after make does linking
  37. Set busy cursor during unresponsive init period
  38. Made the GUI detect lack of a ui file and show a useful message
  39. If you quit during playback, the track volume fades out
  40. Various feel/feedback fixes
  41. Recent-files list in initial definately doesn't have duplicates anymore, sort order is also corrected
  42. Routed out some nasty freeze bugs
  43. Automatic frame format change handling
  44. Stream recording
  45. Many little bug-fixes and improvements
  46. 1.0-beta1
  47. Initial release