Codeine player for TDE
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  1. 1.0.1
  2. Volume state saving
  3. 1.0.x
  4. Improve error messages and error handling
  5. Consolidate error handling code in part and application so we don't diverge
  6. No audio icon in analyzer when no audio
  7. Playback finished message (amaroK statusbar code?)
  8. Mouse move to show toolbar in fullscreen mode
  9. People are likely to use "F" keyboard shortcut or escape after film ends in fullscreen mode
  10. but the popup of the menu prevents this, as for some reason Qt stops handling keyboard
  11. shortcuts. We need a solution. The escape issue makes the popup menu less useful. So
  12. escape with the menu should exit fullscreen too. All shortcuts in the menu should work.
  13. Shortcuts not in the menu shouldn't work as this is a modal menu! Could be dangerous.
  14. Consider adding quit to the fullscreen context menu always, or make the menubar show with
  15. toolbar when mouse moves.
  16. Add tooltips to PlayMedia dialog for recent file listview entries (directory info etc.)
  17. Show zoom percentage in statusbar/OSD when resizing window, snap to 100%?
  18. More feedback at playback end
  19. Better loading/buffering status/feedback
  20. Save prettyTitle with url and show that in recent file list,
  21. - save m3u's? <-- needs thought
  22. - mark remote files?
  23. Support .srt files like Kaffeine/xine-ui does, ask berkus if stuck.
  24. DVD fullscreen, DVD menu shows or something
  25. 1.1
  26. Volume button (not there by default)
  27. Two entries in Konqueror: 1. open in new window 2. open in current window
  28. Play from begin scroll up popup when resuming playback
  29. Much better DVD support
  30. Show length information in normal window
  31. 'o' in fullscreen mode shows OSD of length and elapsed time info, <-- emulate mplayer
  32. ACTION
  33. xine config dialog is modal
  35. none, at least yet, it is far easier to maintain modal dialogs