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* right hand side sidebar (allee):
o Select an album
o click on some empty space in the thumbnail view (-> selected image changes from blue selection
background to dotted line (aka still has keyboard focus, right?)
o Now select tabs in right hand side:
+ Properties, metadata..: everyhing is disabled
+ comments/tags tab on the other hand shows info about the image with keyboard focus
Shouldn't every tab show now it's info in this case? (alternatively disable comments/tags too)
* ImageEditor:
- Polish keyboard focus in sidebar when navigate between album pictures.
* B.K.O files to fix :
==> 113797 : Main interface : Little thumbnail refresh problem.
==> 121804 : Main interface : Image overwritten with blank file when importing into same folder.
* Media support:
o Testing 3 plug cases with GPhoto camera
1) digikam is not running and camera is pluged in
-> media action dialog pops up and digikam should
be in the list.
2) digikam is already running when camera is plug in
-> as 1) but already instance should be used
(uniconize, switchToDesktop and bringToFront applied
if necessary
3) digikam is started/activated after action dialog was closed and
camera is already connected
-> camera menu allows to
select the 'dynamicly added camera menu item
to start download dialog
ditto for unmounting in usm case
* Improving metadata support:
- Writing Metadata into PNG file like JPEG (Exiv2).
- Writing Metadata into TIFF file like JPEG (Exiv2).
- Writing Metadata to DNG format (=TIFF see DNG sdk from Adobe)
- Writing Metadata to JPEG 2k files like JPEG (Exiv2).
* Database:
- Implement versioning of picture based on Image editor 'Action List' feature.
* New CD/DVD album folders+database backup/restore tool :
- Take a look of music database backup in amarok.
- Take a look of image database backup in showimg.
* Showfoto improvements :
- Add DBUS interface.
- Add Support KUrl for better konqueror interactions.
* General:
- Custom ordering of images