Dolphin file manager
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  1. 0.9
  2. - Renamed to D3lphin (Marcel Juhnke maintains this from now on - send bug reports to him).
  3. - Integrated a second sidebar on the right.
  4. - Integrated Folder-like navigation for .tar- and .zip-files (Filip Brcic).
  5. - Fixed: If you select the first sub-folder in a folder in the breadcrumb view, the view jumps not into this directory.
  6. - Many thanks to Peter Penz and sorry for not integrating many new things in D3lphin.
  7. 0.8.2
  8. - Updated German translation (Jannick Kuhr)
  9. - Updated Polish translation (Piotr Malinski)
  10. 0.8.1
  11. - Split view divides the window in two equal sections.
  12. - Updated the documentation how to make Dolphin the default file manager (Michael Austin).
  13. - Updated Estonian translation (Ain Vagula).
  14. 0.8.0
  15. - Provide a sidebar for accessing bookmarks and the history. ATTENTION: old bookmarks will get lost by the update, as the Dolphin proprietary format has been exchanged by the XBEL standard (
  16. - Update of documentation including screenshots (Michael Austin).
  17. - Provide a drop down menu in the navigation bar for accessing directories (patch submitted by Aaron J. Seigo).
  18. - Remember view properties also for folders having no write access (e. g. root) (patch submitted by Aaron J. Seigo)
  19. - Provide filter bar (patch submitted by Gregor Kalisnik)
  20. - Don't differ between fixed and editable bookmarks anymore. Provide sensible defaults but let the user decide.
  21. - Don't show the volume space widget if the volume space is not available.
  22. - Minor cosmetic fixes in the navigation bar and volume space information.
  23. 0.7.0
  24. - Renaming of a variable number of selected items in one step is supported now.
  25. - Translations for Estonian, French, Hebrew and Polish (thanks to Ain Vagula, Stephane Lesimple, Patrice Tremblay, Itai Alter and Piotr Maliński)
  26. - When dragging a file A above file B, file A is copied into the directory of file B instead of replacing file B itself (Bug 1559793).
  27. - Use larger icons in bookmarks menu applied, this allows a faster access (patch submitted by Patrice Tremblay)
  28. - The default bookmark for 'System' has been replaced by 'Storage Media', 'Network' and 'Trash' (patch submitted by Patrice Tremblay)
  29. - General Settings page: use "Home URL" instead of "Home" as this prevents some translation issues for French (patch submitted by Patrice Tremblay)
  30. - Minor fixes for the disk space information (patch submitted by Patrice Tremblay).
  31. - Replaced "Edit Location" icon (submitted by Patrice Tremblay).
  32. - Refresh the icon positions when a file has been deleted (Bug 1548249)
  33. - New service menu 'Open as Root' for directories.
  34. - Fixed possible wrong selection in Details View (Bug 1547516)
  35. 0.6.2
  36. - The status bar shows the available size of the current mount point.
  37. - Added sidebar widgets (pre alpha stage)
  38. - Added support for KDE session management (Feature Request 1539965)
  39. - The sorting type and order is remembered for each directory.
  40. - When selecting files the amount of size is shown in the statusbar (Bug 1537554).
  41. - Position of scrollbars is remembered also if the scroll wheel is used (Bug 1537252).
  42. - The content of the 'Size' column in the details mode is right aligned (Bug 1539685).
  43. - When entering an URL, then ~ is replaced by the users home directory (Bug 1537539).
  44. - It's possible to specify default modes for 'Split view' and 'Editable navigation bar' for startup.
  45. - Fixed wrong preview position for some MIME types.
  46. - Improved error messages.
  47. 0.6.1
  48. - Several fixes for service menus: services like 'mount', 'unmount' and 'eject' are available
  49. - Allow to bookmark the current folder with the context menu (thanks to Cvetoslav Ludmiloff).
  50. - View mode 'Details': it's assured that the content of the columns and header match together when turning off columns.
  51. - Respect alternate color setting from KDE in the view mode 'Details'.
  52. - Additional shortcuts for keyboards (thanks to Anatolie Cernii).
  53. 0.6.0
  54. - Added support for Console, KFind and file comparing (Kompare).
  55. - The sorting can be adjusted for each view mode by name, size or date.
  56. - Zoom support for all view modes.
  57. - Path in title is updated when changing between split views.
  58. - Minor service menus fixes.
  59. 0.5.2
  60. - Fixed issue that moving, copying and renaming of files on non local directories failed under certain circumstances.
  61. - The previews are not positioned in a wrong manner for specific MIME types anymore.
  62. - Creating files on non local directories works.
  63. - Don't clear selection if the focus is changed on a split view.
  64. - The view mode 'Icons' strictly refuses to generate any kind of preview.
  65. - Pressing 'Escape' in the 'Edit Location' mode of the navigation bar switches to the 'Browse' mode.
  66. - View properties dialog: don't ask for confirmation, if no change has been done by the user.
  67. - File information is shown in statusbar when the mouse pointer is above an item.
  68. - Spanish translation (thanks to Nestor Diaz).
  69. 0.5.1
  70. - Command line options are supported.
  71. - Added menu entries and shortcuts for switching the navigation bar between the modes 'Edit Location (Ctrl+L)' and 'Browse (Ctrl+B)'.
  72. - If the view is split and the Dolphin settings are modified, the width of the split view is not changed to zero anymore.
  73. - Patches for gcc-2.95 (thanks to Leo Savernik).
  74. 0.5.0
  75. - Initial release.