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Changes since 0.7:
* Switch the buildsystem from autotools to CMake. CMake 2.4 is now required to build the project.
* Fix scrollbar sliders in the Domino widget style
* Fix a bug that caused Qt colours not to be applied to GTK applications. This fixes several graphical problems when using dark colour schemes.
* Fix a bug that would disable Bonobo support even when the correct packages were installed
* The control center module will now write a configuration file that will only affect applications inside KDE. Applications running in GNOME can be themed separately using the GNOME tools.
* Add a setting for emacs keyboard shortcuts
* Fix OpenOffice detection on Fedora Core.
* Draw default buttons properly.
* Provide a fallback icon even when one of the right size doesn't exist
* Fix invalid CSS comments.
* When the Qt theme can't be found, display a dialog allowing the user to modify the search paths.
* Respect KDE's "Show icons on buttons" setting
* Fix icon themes in GNOME apps such as evolution on Fedora Core 5 and 6
* GTK apps will now respect KDE's toolbar icon display settings (thanks Bastian Venthur)
* Merge fix-iconpaths.patch from suse. This fixes icon loading issues with inherited icon themes.
* Highlighted menu items are now always white.
* Italian translation from Davide Madrisan
* Fix button appearance in the Motif Plus style
* Turkish translation by S.Çağlar Onur
* Patch from Martin Michlmayr to fix compilation on GCC 4.3
* Bulgarian translation by Zlatko Popov
* Russian translation by Viktor Ponasenkov
* Patch from Patrick Lamaizière to fix command line parsing on FreeBSD
* Fix corrupt scrollbar ends on Firefox with the Domino style
* Make buttons, checkboxes and radio buttons indicate keyboard focus
* Fix icon loading code when dealing with multiple inheritance
* Map more GTK icons (thanks to
* Setting a font with bold or italic options now works correctly
* Fix a bug where menu checkmarks would be displayed as a series of
horizontal lines