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Slávek Banko 16b6cf39ca
Add a check for a pkg-config package named libmad next to mad.
11 months ago
Michele Calgaro ce3d9531b6
Removed HAL dependant code.
1 year ago
Slávek Banko 69e6b34bab
Updated to use new standalone tdehw library.
2 years ago
Michele Calgaro 804f6a4d46
Fixed FTBFS when building without tdehw lib but with HAL enabled.
2 years ago
Slávek Banko e85bdd821a
Use common CMake tests.
4 years ago
Slávek Banko b1aebdd7f9 Fix detection whether the system is big endian
6 years ago
Slávek Banko 1602d89a8f cmake: Fix FTBFS due to artsc includes
7 years ago
Slávek Banko 87fbdb32ed cmake: Fix detection of functions lrint and lrintf in libm
7 years ago
Alexander Golubev 737e53d58c Initial cmake conversion
7 years ago