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// C++ Interface:
// Description:
// Author: Jean-Michel PETIT <>, (C) 2007
// Copyright: See COPYING file that comes with this distribution
#ifndef K9MENUEDIT_H
#define K9MENUEDIT_H
#include "../k9author/menuEdit.h"
#include <tqcanvas.h>
#include <tqimage.h>
class k9MenuButton;
class k9MenuEdit;
class k9Title;
class k9NewDVD;
class k9MenuEditor;
class k9MenuEdit : public menuEdit {
enum eFormat {PAL=1,NTSC=2};
k9MenuEdit(TQWidget* parent = 0, const char* name = 0,TQCanvas *_canvas=0);
void setBackgroundImage(const TQImage &_image);
void setText(const TQString &_value);
void setFont(const TQFont &_value);
void setColor(const TQColor &_value);
void updateTextPos(const TQPoint &_point);
public slots:
void itemSelected();
TQCanvasText* getText() const;
void setFormat(const eFormat& _value);
k9MenuEdit::eFormat getFormat() const;
TQCanvas *getCanvas();
void setCanvas(TQCanvas* _value);
void titleSelected(k9Title *);
void rootSelected(k9NewDVD *);
virtual void bFontClick();
virtual void urBackgroundSelected(const TQString &_fileName);
virtual void cbColorChanged(const TQColor &_color);
virtual void leTitleChanged(const TQString &_value);
virtual void cbPosTitleActivated(int _value);
virtual void bAddTextClick();
virtual void cbStartActivated (int _value);
virtual void cbEndActivated (int _value);
k9MenuEditor *m_menuEditor;
TQCanvas *m_canvas;
TQImage m_background;
TQCanvasText *m_text;
eFormat m_format;
int m_imageHeight;
eMenuType m_menuType;
TQStringList m_startScripts;
TQStringList m_endScripts;
bool m_noUpdate;
protected slots:
void backgroundImageChanged(const TQImage &);
void textChanged(const TQString&);
void startScriptChanged(const TQString&);
void endScriptChanged(const TQString&);
void textColorChanged(const TQColor &);
void textFontChanged(const TQFont&);
void updatePos(const TQPoint &);