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Michele Calgaro 854f6650e7
Replace Qt with TQt
4 months ago
Michele Calgaro d328d200f3
Drop autotools support
8 months ago
Michele Calgaro 7fbccb650b
Normalize doc structure and remove unused files
11 months ago
Michele Calgaro f0475ecbe7
Add man page from tde packaging repo.
2 years ago
Michele Calgaro a7568f7b85
Removed code formatting modelines.
4 years ago
Timothy Pearson a1816f5171 Fix invalid headers in PNG files and optimize for size
8 years ago
Darrell Anderson dbe9cca0a5 Fix k9copy doctype declaration for future maintenance of handbook files.
13 years ago
Timothy Pearson 2444cff58c Additional renaming of kde to tde
13 years ago
tpearson 25dbac3c0c Fixed images
14 years ago
tpearson 0d382a262c Added old abandoned version of k9copy
15 years ago