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#ifndef K9Mplayer_H
#define K9Mplayer_H
#include "k9common.h"
#include "../k9Mplayer/mplayer.h"
class k9DVD;
class k9DVDTitle;
class TDEProcess;
class TQTimer;
class TQResizeEvent;
class K9Mplayer : public MPlayer
TDEProcess *m_process;
bool m_seeking,m_initVol;
int m_title;
k9DVDTitle *m_dvdTitle;
TQString m_device;
TQTimer *m_timer;
void sendCmd(TQString _cmd);
int m_position;
bool m_canwrite;
TQWidget *m_container;
float m_ratio;
//K9Mplayer(TQWidget* parent = 0, const char* name = 0, WFlags fl = 0 );
K9Mplayer(TQObject *parent=0,const char *name=0,const TQStringList args=0);
void setDevice(const TQString & _device);
void setTitle(const TQString & _numTitle,const TQString &_numChapter);
private slots:
void slotLengthChanged();
void slotNewPosition(int _pos,const TQTime & _time);
void receivedStdout (TDEProcess *proc, char *buffer, int buflen);
void wroteStdin(TDEProcess *_process);
void timeout();
public slots:
virtual void sliderReleased();
virtual void bPlayClick();
virtual void bStopClick();
virtual void sliderPressed();
virtual void sliderChanged(int _value);
virtual void open(k9DVD *_dvd,k9DVDTitle *_title,int chapter);
virtual void titleChanged();
virtual void cbAudioActivated (int _value);
virtual void cbSubActivated (int _value);
virtual void bUpClick();
virtual void bDownClick();
virtual void bSwitchAudioClick();
void resizeEvent ( TQResizeEvent * _resiseEvent);
protected slots: