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#include <tqbuffer.h>
#include "k9fifo.h"
#ifndef K9REQUANT2_H
#define K9REQUANT2_H
class k9Requant2
void setInput(char *data,int size);
void setOutput(char*data,int size);
uint64_t getOutByteCnt() { return outbytecnt-outbytecnt1;};
void setFactor(float fact);
void run();
TQBuffer m_buffIn,m_buffOut;
TQByteArray m_baIn,m_baOut;
char *m_dataIn,*m_dataOut;
int m_sizeIn,m_sizeOut;
// mpeg2 state
// seq header
uint horizontal_size_value;
uint vertical_size_value;
// pic header
uint picture_coding_type;
// pic code ext
uint f_code[2][2];
uint intra_dc_precision;
uint picture_structure;
uint frame_pred_frame_dct;
uint concealment_motion_vectors;
uint q_scale_type;
uint intra_vlc_format;
uint alternate_scan;
// error
int validPicHeader;
int validSeqHeader;
int validExtHeader;
int sliceError;
// slice or mb
uint quantizer_scale;
uint new_quantizer_scale;
uint last_coded_scale;
int h_offset, v_offset;
// rate
double quant_corr;
// block data
typedef struct
uint8_t run;
short level;
} RunLevel;
RunLevel block[6][65]; // terminated by level = 0, so we need 64+1
// end mpeg2 state
// global variables
uint8_t *cbuf, *rbuf, *wbuf, *orbuf, *owbuf;
int inbitcnt, outbitcnt;
uint32_t inbitbuf, outbitbuf;
uint64_t inbytecnt, outbytecnt,outbytecnt1;
float fact_x;
int mloka1;
/////---- begin ext mpeg code
void putbits(uint val, int n);
void Refill_bits(void);
uint Show_Bits(uint n);
uint Get_Bits(uint n);
uint Copy_Bits(uint n);
void flush_read_buffer();
void flush_write_buffer();
int scale_quant(double quant);
int increment_quant(int quant);
int intmax( int x, int y );
int intmin( int x, int y );
int getNewQuant(int curQuant);
int isNotEmpty(RunLevel *blk);
int putAC(int run, int signed_level, int vlcformat);
int putACfirst(int run, int val);
void putnonintrablk(RunLevel *blk);
void putcbp(int cbp);
void putmbtype(int mb_type);
int get_macroblock_modes ();
int get_quantizer_scale ();
int get_motion_delta (const int f_code);
int get_dmv ();
int get_coded_block_pattern ();
int get_luma_dc_dct_diff ();
int get_chroma_dc_dct_diff ();
void get_intra_block_B14 ();
void get_intra_block_B15 ();
int get_non_intra_block_drop (RunLevel *blk);
int get_non_intra_block_rq (RunLevel *blk);
void slice_intra_DCT (const int cc);
void slice_non_intra_DCT (int cur_block);
void motion_fr_frame ( uint f_code[2] );
void motion_fr_field ( uint f_code[2] );
void motion_fr_dmv ( uint f_code[2] );
void motion_fr_conceal ( );
void motion_fi_field ( uint f_code[2] );
void motion_fi_16x8 ( uint f_code[2] );
void motion_fi_dmv ( uint f_code[2] );
void motion_fi_conceal ();
void putmbdata(int macroblock_modes);
void put_quantiser(int quantiser);
int slice_init (int code);
void mpeg2_slice ( const int code );
void Flush_Bits(uint);
void init();