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// C++ Interface: k9vamps
// Description: A transcription from Vamps in C++
// Author: Jean-Michel PETIT <>, (C) 2006
// Copyright: See COPYING file that comes with this distribution
#ifndef K9VAMPS_H
#define K9VAMPS_H
#include "k9common.h"
#include <tqfile.h>
#include <tqthread.h>
#include <tqobject.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <getopt.h>
#include <pthread.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <tqmutex.h>
#include <tqwaitcondition.h>
#include "k9dvdbackup.h"
#include "k9requant.h"
#include "k9fifo.h"
#include "k9saveimage.h"
// DVD sector size
#define SECT_SIZE 2048
// read buffer size (4MB)
#define RBUF_SIZE (0x1000*1024)
// write buffer size (4MB)
#define WBUF_SIZE (0x1000*1024)
// initial video buffer size (1MB)
#define VBUF_SIZE (1024*1024)
class k9bgUpdate : public TQThread
uchar * m_buffer;
k9DVDBackup *m_backup;
uint32_t m_size;
TQMutex mutex;
k9bgUpdate(k9DVDBackup * _backup);
void update(uchar *_buffer, uint32_t size);
void run();
class k9vamps:public TQThread
uchar *rbuf;// [RBUF_SIZE]; // the PS read buffer
uchar wbuf [WBUF_SIZE]; // the PS write buffer
uchar *vibuf; // the video ES requant input buffer
uchar *vobuf; // the video ES requant output buffer
uchar *rptr ; // pointer to current char in read buf
uchar *rhwp ; // read buffer high water pointer
uchar *wptr ; // pointer to first unused char in wbuf
uint64_t bytes_read; // total PS bytes read
uint64_t bytes_written; // total PS bytes written
uint64_t padding_bytes; // total padding bytes written
uint64_t vin_bytes; // total unshrinked video ES bytes
uint64_t vout_bytes; // total shrinked video ES bytes
uint64_t ps_size; // total PS size in bytes
uint32_t vbuf_size; // the video ES requant buffers' size
uint32_t rbuf_size;
uint32_t vilen; // current GOP's unshrinked vidES bytes
uint32_t volen; // current GOP's shrinked vidES bytes
int total_packs; // total no. PS packs
int video_packs; // no. video packs in PS
int skipped_video_packs; // skipped thereof
int aux_packs; // no. audio and subpicture packs in PS
int skipped_aux_packs; // skipped thereof
int sequence_headers; // no. sequence headers (== #GOPs)
int nav_packs; // no. nav packs
int eof; // end of file flag
int spu_track_map [32]; // subpicture track# translation map
int audio_track_map [8]; // audio track# translation map
int verbose; // level of verbosity
int calc_ps_vap; // calc vaporization based on PS size
bool m_preserve; // preserve audio/spu track numbers
float vap_fact; // vaporization factor from cmd line
bool noData;
TQMutex mutex;
k9bgUpdate *m_bgUpdate;
k9fifo m_fifo;
TQString m_errMsg;
bool m_error;
double avgdiff;
double m_totfact,m_nbfact,m_avgfact;
TQFile *m_output;
// prototypes
void vaporize (void);
void fatal (TQString _msg);
int lock(int size);
void copy(int size);
void skip (int size);
void flush();
uint64_t wtell (uchar *ptr);
uint64_t rtell (uchar *ptr);
bool check_pack (uchar *ptr);
int check_video_packet (uchar *ptr);
int requant (uchar *dst, uchar *src, int n, float fact);
int new_private_1_type (uchar *ptr);
void copy_private_1 (uchar *ptr);
int new_mpeg_audio_id (int id);
void copy_mpeg_audio (uchar *ptr);
void vap_leader ();
void vap_trailer (int length);
int vap_phase1 (void);
int gen_video_packet (uchar *ptr, uchar *voptr, int avail);
void vap_phase2 (int seq_length);
pthread_t thread;
int readData(uchar *data,uint size);
TQWaitCondition wDataRead;
TQWaitCondition wDataReady;
k9DVDBackup *m_dvdbackup;
k9requant *m_requant;
k9SaveImage *m_saveImage;
void run();
k9vamps(k9DVDBackup *dvdbackup);
void addData(uchar* data,uint size);
void setNoData();
void addSubpicture(uint id);
void addAudio(uint id);
void addAudio(uint id,uint newId);
void reset();
void setInputSize(uint64_t size);
void setVapFactor(float factor);
void setSaveImage(k9SaveImage*);
void setOutput(TQFile *_output);
uint64_t getOutputBytes();
TQString & geterrMsg();
bool geterror();
void abort();
void setPreserve(bool _value);