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* Copyright (C) 2000, 2001 Håkan Hjort
* Copyright (C) 2001 Rich Wareham <>
* This file is part of libdvdnav, a DVD navigation library. It is modified
* from a file originally part of the Ogle DVD player.
* libdvdnav is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* libdvdnav is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA
* $Id: vm.h,v 1.11 2004/10/05 19:07:10 hadess Exp $
#include "remap.h"
#include "dvdnav_internal.h"
/* DOMAIN enum */
typedef enum {
} domain_t;
* State: SPRM, GPRM, Domain, pgc, pgN, cellN, ?
typedef struct {
registers_t registers;
domain_t domain;
int vtsN; /* 0 is vmgm? */
pgc_t *pgc; /* either this or 'int pgcN' is enough? */
int pgcN; /* but provide pgcN for quick lookup */
int pgN; /* is this needed? can allways fid pgN from cellN? */
int cellN;
int32_t cell_restart; /* get cell to restart */
int blockN;
/* Resume info */
int rsm_vtsN;
int rsm_blockN; /* of nav_packet */
uint16_t rsm_regs[5]; /* system registers 4-8 */
int rsm_pgcN;
int rsm_cellN;
} dvd_state_t;
typedef struct vm_position_s {
int16_t button; /* Button highlighted */
int32_t vts; /* vts number to use */
domain_t domain; /* domain to use */
int32_t spu_channel; /* spu channel to use */
int32_t angle_channel; /* angle channel to use */
int32_t audio_channel; /* audio channel to use */
int32_t hop_channel; /* channel hopping. E.g menu button pressed */
#if 0
/* currently unused */
int32_t title; /* title number */
int32_t chapter; /* chapter number */
int32_t cell; /* cell number */
int32_t cell_restart; /* get cell to restart */
int32_t cell_start; /* sector number of start of current cell in use */
int32_t still; /* is cell still */
int32_t block; /* block number within cell in use */
} vm_position_t;
typedef struct {
dvd_reader_t *dvd,*openedDvd;
ifo_handle_t *vmgi;
ifo_handle_t *vtsi;
dvd_state_t state;
int32_t hop_channel;
char dvd_name[50];
remap_t *map;
int stopped;
} vm_t;
/* magic number for seeking hops */
#define HOP_SEEK 0x1000
/* Audio stream number */
#define AST_REG registers.SPRM[1]
/* Subpicture stream number */
#define SPST_REG registers.SPRM[2]
/* Angle number */
#define AGL_REG registers.SPRM[3]
/* Title Track Number */
#define TTN_REG registers.SPRM[4]
/* VTS Title Track Number */
#define VTS_TTN_REG registers.SPRM[5]
/* PGC Number for this Title Track */
#define TT_PGCN_REG registers.SPRM[6]
/* Current Part of Title (PTT) number for (One_Sequential_PGC_Title) */
#define PTTN_REG registers.SPRM[7]
/* Highlighted Button Number (btn nr 1 == value 1024) */
#define HL_BTNN_REG registers.SPRM[8]
/* Parental Level */
#define PTL_REG registers.SPRM[13]
/* Initialisation & destruction */
vm_t *vm_new_vm(void);
void vm_free_vm(vm_t *vm);
/* IFO access */
ifo_handle_t *vm_get_vmgi(vm_t *vm);
ifo_handle_t *vm_get_vtsi(vm_t *vm);
/* Reader Access */
dvd_reader_t *vm_get_dvd_reader(vm_t *vm);
/* Basic Handling */
int vm_start(vm_t *vm);
void vm_stop(vm_t *vm);
int vm_reset(vm_t *vm, const char *dvdroot);
/* copying and merging - useful for try-running an operation */
vm_t *vm_new_copy(vm_t *vm);
void vm_merge(vm_t *target, vm_t *source);
void vm_free_copy(vm_t *vm);
/* regular playback */
void vm_position_get(vm_t *vm, vm_position_t *position);
void vm_get_next_cell(vm_t *vm);
/* Jumping - all these return 1, if a hop has been performed */
int vm_jump_pg(vm_t *vm, int pg);
int vm_jump_cell_block(vm_t *vm, int cell, int block);
int vm_jump_title_part(vm_t *vm, int title, int part);
int vm_jump_top_pg(vm_t *vm);
int vm_jump_next_pg(vm_t *vm);
int vm_jump_prev_pg(vm_t *vm);
int vm_jump_up(vm_t *vm);
int vm_jump_menu(vm_t *vm, DVDMenuID_t menuid);
int vm_jump_resume(vm_t *vm);
int vm_exec_cmd(vm_t *vm, vm_cmd_t *cmd);
/* getting information */
int vm_get_current_menu(vm_t *vm, int *menuid);
int vm_get_current_title_part(vm_t *vm, int *title_result, int *part_result);
int vm_get_audio_stream(vm_t *vm, int audioN);
int vm_get_subp_stream(vm_t *vm, int subpN, int mode);
int vm_get_audio_active_stream(vm_t *vm);
int vm_get_subp_active_stream(vm_t *vm, int mode);
void vm_get_angle_info(vm_t *vm, int *current, int *num_avail);
#if 0
/* currently unused */
void vm_get_audio_info(vm_t *vm, int *current, int *num_avail);
void vm_get_subp_info(vm_t *vm, int *current, int *num_avail);
void vm_get_video_res(vm_t *vm, int *width, int *height);
int vm_get_video_aspect(vm_t *vm);
int vm_get_video_scale_permission(vm_t *vm);
video_attr_t vm_get_video_attr(vm_t *vm);
audio_attr_t vm_get_audio_attr(vm_t *vm, int streamN);
subp_attr_t vm_get_subp_attr(vm_t *vm, int streamN);
#ifdef TRACE
/* Debug */
void vm_position_print(vm_t *vm, vm_position_t *position);
#endif /* VM_HV_INCLUDED */