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// C++ Interface: k9mp4enc
// Description:
// Author: Jean-Michel PETIT <>, (C) 2006
// Copyright: See COPYING file that comes with this distribution
#ifndef K9MP4ENC_H
#define K9MP4ENC_H
#include "k9common.h"
#include "k9dvdtitle.h"
#include <tqobject.h>
#include <k9process.h>
#include <tqtimer.h>
#include <tqstringlist.h>
class k9MP4Dlg;
@author Jean-Michel PETIT <>
class k9MP4Enc : public TQObject {
k9Process *m_process;
k9MP4Dlg *m_progress;
k9DVDTitle *m_title;
int getBitRate(k9DVDTitle *_title);
TQString m_txt;
TQString m_device;
TQString m_filename;
TQString m_height;
TQString m_width;
TQString m_size;
TQString m_audioBitrate;
TQString m_videoBitrate;
TQString m_audioGain;
TQString m_fourcc;
TQString m_stderr;
int m_parts;
float m_percent;
TQTimer *timer;
TQString m_remain;
uint32_t m_totalSize;
bool m_2pass;
int m_pass;
bool m_canceled;
int m_codec;
int m_audioCodec;
bool m_usecache;
bool m_mpeg2;
bool m_mpegChapters;
TQStringList m_lstVideo,m_lstAudio,m_lstCodecs;
int m_cpt;
TQTime *time,m_timer3;
TQString replaceParams(TQString _input);
TQString round16(TQString _wh);
TQString getChapterList(k9DVDTitle *_title);
int getselectedSubp(k9DVDTitle *_title);
private slots:
void getStdout(TDEProcess *proc, char *buffer, int buflen);
void getStderr(TDEProcess *proc, char *buffer, int buflen);
void timerDone();
void slotCancel();
k9MP4Enc(TQObject *parent = 0, const char *name = 0,const TQStringList& args=0);
virtual void execute(k9DVDTitle *_title );
virtual void setNumberCD(const TQString & _value) {
m_parts = _value.toInt();
if (m_parts==0) m_parts=1;
virtual void setDevice(const TQString& _value) {
m_device = _value.stripWhiteSpace();
virtual void setFilename(const TQString& _value) {
m_filename = _value.stripWhiteSpace();
virtual void setHeight(const TQString& _value) {
m_height = _value.stripWhiteSpace();
virtual void setWidth(const TQString& _value) {
m_width = _value.stripWhiteSpace();
virtual void setSize(const TQString& _value) {
m_size = _value.stripWhiteSpace();
virtual void setAudioBitrate(const TQString& _value) {
m_audioBitrate = _value.stripWhiteSpace();
virtual void setVideoBitrate(const TQString& _value) {
m_videoBitrate = _value.stripWhiteSpace();
virtual void setAudioGain(const TQString& _value) {
m_audioGain = _value.stripWhiteSpace();
virtual void setfourcc(const TQString& _value) {
m_fourcc = _value.stripWhiteSpace();
virtual void set2Passes(bool _value) {
virtual void setUseCache(bool _value) {
virtual void setMpeg2(bool _value) {
virtual void setCodec(const int& _value) {m_codec = _value;};
virtual void setAudioCodec(const int& _value) {m_audioCodec = _value;};
virtual TQWidget *getDialog() {return (TQWidget*)m_progress;};
virtual bool isCanceled();