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<?xml version = '1.0' encoding = 'UTF-8'?>
<!DOCTYPE KDevPrjSession>
<DocsAndViews NumberOfDocuments="1" >
<Doc0 NumberOfViews="1" URL="file:/home/mkulke/Development/kasablanca/ChangeLog" >
<View0 line="6" Type="Source" />
<subversion recurseresolve="1" recurserelocate="1" recursemerge="1" recursecommit="1" base="" recursepropget="1" recurseswitch="1" recurseupdate="1" recursepropset="1" recursediff="1" recurserevert="1" forcemove="1" recursecheckout="1" forceremove="1" recurseadd="1" recurseproplist="1" forcemerge="1" />
<executable path="" params="" />
<valgrind path="" params="" />
<calltree path="" params="" />
<tdecachegrind path="" />