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-changed: changed the local dir deletion functionality for a
profane call to "rm".
-added: hour and minute is now taken into respect when
sorting by date
-fixed: finally files bigger than 2gb should be supported on
machines which support LFS
-fixed: crash when transfering files on a timed-out server
-changed: view of the transfered files
-added: a little fancyness and improvements
-fixed: percentage counting bug
-added: delete key shortcut bookmarks [r. stellingwerff]
-fixed: several bugs in ftplibpp
-changed: reduced cpu usage quite a bit again
-added: status tooltip for systray icon
-fixed: correct-pasv bug
-fixed: evil flaw in local delete method, added option to move
files into trash instead
-added: import gftp bookmarks [crissi]
-added: polish translation [tomwal]
-fixed: compilation error
-fixed: filesize issues, files bigger than 2GB should be
supported now
-changed: some changes to the bookmark editor
-changed: improved directory caching
-added: auto-completion in the lineedits
-changed: items are queued at the end of the queue list now
-changed: remember sorting preference when changing directories
-changed: report when ftp servers do not support encryption
-fixed: crash when trying to remove active item from queue
-fixed: compilation with gcc 2.95
[v 0.4]
-added german translation
-directory caching added
-added documentation and help buttons
-option to hide hidden files from view
-added bookmark current site option
-priority list functionality implemented
-bookmarks can be re-arranged now
-correct pasv replies can be set for single sites now
-added advanced settings to custom sites
-rewrote bookmark implementation
-representation of sitenames in statusbar
[v 0.4 pre3]
-configure log window font [bochi]
-added some explanations to the config and bookmark dialogs
-define standard directory in bookmarks
-support alternative fxp
-added systray support [bochi]
-added drag and drop movement in queue
-password is masked in log window
-added an option to correct wrong pasv replies
-fixed bug when cancelling rename
[v 0.4 pre2]
-fixed NASTY bug when fxp transfers failed.
-~.kde/share/apps/kasablanca/ is now used instead of ~.kasablanca/
-fixed problem with no remote directory appearing
-fixed flickering when queuing items
-speed improvements for handling large directories
-fixed bookmark handling
-kb/s display now reflects the current speed rather than the speed over all the file
-changed log colouring according to response codes
-added reasonable default settings
-fixed (rare) issue when 2 remote directories are loaded at the same time
-added .pot file for translations
-new settings on-queue-finished
-settings can be enable or disabled now
-on-file-exist setting added
[v 0.4 pre1b]
-fixed the problem with the ui files not working with qt 3.2
[v 0.4 pre1]
-moved to a multithreaded architecture
-reorganized and cleaned up code
-further kde integration
-new stable transfer code
-new queue handling
-implemented a skiplist
-made the colors of the logwindow configurable
-added support for local copy
-added recursive directory deletion
-overall stability improved
-fixed bugs
[v 0.3.1]
-added fxp support
-fixed spaces-in-filenames bug
-reduced cpu usage
-tons of minor and major fixes
-added tooltip help in dialogs
-fixed xfer/rename bug
-fixed tab order on dialogs
-big user interface changes. both browser windows can be switched on or offline