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10 years ago
2010-08-30 Thomas Fischer <>
* Tagging
2010-08-07 Thomas Fischer <>
* EncoderLaTeX: Fixing problem when text starts with inline math
* IdSuggestions: Removing unwanted characters from generated suggestions
2010-08-04 Thomas Fischer <>
* IdSuggestions: Improved parsing year strings
2010-07-31 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQueryPubMed, WebQueryDBLP, WebQueryMathsciNet, WebQueryZMath,
WebQueryZ3950, EntryWidgetUserDefined, WebQueryGoogleScholar,
WebQueryAmatex, WebQueryBibSonomy, WebQueryCiteBase, WebQuerySpiresHep,
PreambleWidget: Adding missinc .moc include
2010-07-11 Thomas Fischer <>
* admin: Adding --color=never option to grep calls in scripts
2010-07-08 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQueryArXiv: Adding more examples in comments
* KBibTeX_Part: Removing debug output
* Tagging
2010-07-01 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings, EntryWidgetExternal, EntryWidgetPublication,
DocumentListView, WebQuery, DocumentWidget, EntryWidgetOther:
Switching over to xdg-open instead of either KRun or invokeBrowser
2010-06-30 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQueryArXiv: Guessing harder journals' bibliographic data
* html.xslt: Removing duplicate volume
* Settings, DocumentWidget, KBibTeX_Part: Checking if file to
overwrite is symbolic link, asking user to overwrite original
file or link
2010-03-26 Thomas Fischer <>
* FileImporterBibTeX: Bugfix when reading plain text comments (first character
was missing)
2010-02-28 Thomas Fischer <>
* FileExporterBibTeX: Handling special case for "slaccitation";
fixing/simplifying encoding system in math environments
2010-02-20 Thomas Fischer <>
* FileImporterBibTeX: Fixing bug in reading comment lines
* WebQuery: Code made more robust in parsing HTML code
* admin/ Fixing issue with automake 1.11 or newer
2010-02-16 Thomas Fischer <>
* FindDuplicates, KBibTeX_Part, Settings, EntryWidgetOther, DocumentListWidget:
Removing compiler warnings
* WebQueryMathSciNet, WebQuery,,
Adding initial MathSciNet support
2010-02-10 Thomas Fischer <>
* EncoderLaTeX, IdSuggestions: Using translation table from LaTeX encoder
to normalize entry ids to plain ASCII
* FileImporterBibTeX: Minor improvements in tokenizer
2010-01-11 Thomas Fischer <>
* EncoderLaTeX: Fixing URL encoding/decoding issue;
adding more Latin-based characters
* IdSuggestions: Improving mapping of non-latin characters
* FileExporterPDF, FileExporterRTF: Making exporters more robust
2009-12-26 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQueryArXiv: Fixing mutex locking issue
2009-12-02 Thomas Fischer <>
* FileExporterBibTeX: Make doi field verbatim
* FileExporterRTF: Fixing LaTeX file headers
2009-11-11 Thomas Fischer <>
* Entry: Adding "number" as an optional field for "book"
* EntryWidget: Refetch of ArXiv entries is more conservative
* FileImporterBibTeX: Counting lines to show more informative debug/error output
2009-11-06 Thomas Fischer <>
* EntryWidgetPublication: More robust way of calling browser in mixed KDE3/KDE4 environments
* WebQueryArXiv: Minor bug fix with premature aborting
* EntryWidget: Fixing minor UI problem
2009-11-05 Thomas Fischer <>
* FileImporterBibTeX: Removing byte-order mark from UTF-8 input
2009-11-04 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQueryArXiv: If article can be classified as TechReport or Article,
put preference on Article (reported by Gandalf Lechner)
* WebQueryArXiv, EntryWidget: Added function to refetch/refresh ArXiv articles
based on stored url (requested by Gandalf Lechner)
2009-09-05 Thomas Fischer <>
* FileExporterPDF, FileExporterPS: Removing incomplete cyrillic LaTeX headers
* FileExporterBibTeX: Fixing issue with last names starting with small characters
2009-08-13 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQueryGoogleScholar: Rewriting search engine
2009-08-09 Thomas Fischer <>
* FileExporterBibTeX: Adding patch by Jürgen Spitzmüller to handle complex names
2009-07-30 Thomas Fischer <>
* FileExporterBibTeX: Adding function fix the encoding of special LaTeX characters
2009-07-08 Thomas Fischer <>
* EncoderLaTeX: Adding \ldots command; making code more robust
(based on patch by Jurgen Spitzmuller <>)
2009-06-22 Thomas Fischer <>
* IdSuggestions: Falling back to editor names if no author names available
(patch by Jurgen Spitzmuller <>);
replace some accented and special characters by plain ASCII transliterations;
(based on a patch by Jurgen Spitzmuller <>);
Making list of "small words" in id suggesstions editable
2009-05-31 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQueryScienceDirect: Handling case with insufficient permissions to access service
* KBibTeX_Part, DocumentWidget: Ids of all selected entries will be normalized as defined
by default id suggestion
2009-05-24 Thomas Fischer <>
* Entry: Simplified merge semantics
* WebQueryCiteSeerX: Fixing potential URL encoding problem
* FileImporterBibTeX: Simplified removal of HTML tags using regular expression
* EntryWidget: Fixing crash triggered when previewing search hits
* DocumentWidget: Keywords can be set for multiple entries at once using
context menu
2009-04-27 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings, SettingsFileIO, KBibTeXPart: Create a number of backup files when
* DocumentWidget, KBibTeXPart: When saving, write to temporary file and overwrite
original only on success
* EntryWidget: Adding check if entry with same ID already exists
* EncoderLaTeX: Major bugfixes with messed URLs (when decoding) and messed math
inline (when encoding)
2009-03-19 Thomas Fischer <>
* EncoderXML, EncoderLaTeX, FileExporterBibTeX: Fixing issues with quotation marks
2009-02-21 Thomas Fischer <>
* SettingsIdSuggestions: Fixing crash when rearranging suggestions with no default
suggestion selected
2009-02-19 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQueryScienceDirect: Fixing issue with spaces and other encoded chars in URL;
adding warning to console if access properties are not sufficient to query DB
2009-02-15 Thomas Fischer <>
* Tagging version (0.2.2 Beta 2)
2009-02-09 Thomas Fischer <>
* EntryWidgetExternal: Adding "previously used directory" to list of directories
to start browsing from
2009-02-07 Thomas Fischer <>
* FileImporterBibTeX: Fixing compilation issue
* FileImporterBibTeX, FileExporterBibTeX: More robust parameter command parsing
2009-02-06 Thomas Fischer <>
* SettingsEditing: Using URL auto completion when adding search paths
* EntryWidgetExternal: Converting absolute paths to relative paths if possible
* FileImporterBibTeX, FileExporterBibTeX: A per-file encoding can be specified by
adding a special comment to the BibTeX file ( @comment{x-kbibtex-encoding=XXX} ),
where XXX can be any encoding supported by iconv.
2009-02-05 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQuerySpiresHep: New option to fetch abstracts from arXiv
* Entry: More flexible in detecting URLs in entries
* WebQuery: Changing semantics of pressing Return key
* DocumentWidget: Fixing code calling DOI website
2009-02-04 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings, SettingsEditing, MergeElements: Sensitivity to find duplicates
can be configured in settings
* FindDuplicates, DocumentWidget: Fixing bug that let KBibTeX "forget"
unmatched elements
* EncoderLaTeX: Fixing issues with underscore char
* EntryWidget: Asking user to discard changes if entry was modified
* WebQueryArxiv: Using different regular expressions to parse journal references
2009-02-02 Thomas Fischer <>
* KBibTeXPart, DocumentWidget: Mimicking JabRef's key commands to view
a local PDF file (F4) and to open the entry's DOI website (F5)
2009-01-20 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings: Source formatting changed slightly
* Value: Fixing potential memory leak
* FileExporterBibTeX: Source formatting changed slightly, replacing magic number
by constant
* SettingsUserDefinedInput: Fixing enabling behavior of Ok button
* Releasing KBibTeX (0.2.2 Beta 1)
2009-01-10 Thomas Fischer <>
* FindDuplicates: Finding duplicate preambles added
* MergeElements,,, DocumentWidget: Renaming mergeentries.*
to mergelements.*
* Preamble: Adding simple constructor
* MergeElements: Adding support for duplicate preambles
2009-01-07 Thomas Fischer <>
* MergeElements: Adding progress bar for merging steps
* MergeElements, WebQuery, EntryWidget: Fixing issues with restoring window size
2008-12-28 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings: Using QString::null instead of empty string for invalid configuration
* DocumentWidget: More detailed error messages when communicating with LyX
2008-12-16 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQueryCiteSeerX: Adding new web query by Jacob Kanev
* FileImporterBibTeX, WebQueryGoogleScholar: Fixing potential or actual deadlocks/bugs
2008-12-04 Thomas Fischer <>
* KBibTeXPart, KBibTeXShell: Fixing filtering of hidden files in open and save dialogs
2008-12-02 Thomas Fischer <>
* FileExporterXML, FileExporterBibUtils, FileExporterRIS, FileExporterBibTeX,
FileImporterRIS, DocumentSourceView: Adding signals and slots to update progress
* FileImporterBibTeX: More robust code, canceling if input encoding does not match
2008-11-30 Thomas Fischer <>
* EncoderLaTeX, DocumentListView: Speeding up loading of large files
2008-11-17 Thomas Fischer <>
* xslt/html.xsl: Adding tags for volume and edition
* Releasing KBibTeX (0.2.2 Alpha 2)
2008-11-14 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQueryPubMed: Fixing crash in PubMed module
2008-11-10 Thomas Fischer <>
* Fixing compiler warnings with gcc 4.3
2008-10-27 Thomas Fischer <>
* FieldLineEdit, EntryWidgetOther: Fixing crash, using KDE over Qt widgets
2008-10-27 Thomas Fischer <>
* FindDuplicates, MergeElements: Minor bug fixes, adding comments in sources
2008-10-26 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQuery: Saving and restoring window size;
only searching if query seems to by valid
2008-10-25 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings, SettingsZ3950: Changing management of Z39.50 server configurations
* FileExporterBibUtils, FileImporterBibUtils: Various improvements and fixes
2008-10-23 Thomas Fischer <>
* KBibTeXPart, KBibTeXShell, File, DocumentWidget, Settings, SettingsFileIO,
FileImporterBibTeX: File format for XML files can be chosen in dialog
* Settings, File, FileImporterBibUtils, FileExporterBibUtils, WebQueryZ3950,
KBibTeXShell, KBibTeXPart, SettingsFileIO, DocumentListView, DocumentWidget:
Rewriting handling of BibUtils (no longer shared library)
2008-10-22 Thomas Fischer <>
* DocumentWidget: Adding file format selection dialog for unknown file suffixes
2008-10-06 Thomas Fischer <>
* EncoderLaTeX: Adding support for decomposed UTF-8 chars
* FileImporterBibUtils: Preprocessing decomposed chars in incoming data
2008-09-28 Thomas Fischer <>
* ValueWidget, WebQueryZ3950, SettingsSearchURL, FieldListView,
SettingsUserDefinedInput: Minor UI fixes
* IdSuggestionWidget: Fixing deletion of id components
* EntryWidget: Using code from KMainWindow to save and restore window size
* Iso6937Converter, Iso5426Converter, MessageHandler, Latin1Literal:
Adding Z39.50 files from Tellico
* FileImporterBibTeX: Checking for duplicate fields
* WebQueryZ3950, Z3950Connection: Refactoring source code using Tellico's code
2008-09-12 Thomas Fischer <>
* MergeEntries: Working on merging macros, too
2008-09-01 Thomas Fischer <>
* DocumentWidget: Updating preview after editing element
* Settings, EntryWidget, IdSuggestions: Avoiding invalid chars in
id suggestion system
* EntryWidget: Adding field values in a clean fashion to auto-completion
2008-08-24 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQuery*: Fixing issue with numerical values in search query settings
* EntryWidgetSource, DocumentSourceView: Setting encoding to 'latex'
(no UTF-8 characters used)
* Updating translations
* IdSuggestions, IdSuggestionsWidget: "All but first author" added
2008-08-19 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings, SettingsFileIO: Minor UI improvements when setting bib2db5 path
* Sidebar, WebQuery: Minor UI changes regarding fonts
2008-08-18 Thomas Fischer <>
* File, KBibTeXPart, FileExporterDocBook5, Settings, SettingsFileIO:
Adding support for DocBook5 bibliography export
* SideBar: Adding multiselect feature
2008-08-11 Thomas Fischer <>
* EntryWidgetPublication: Using publisher from crossref if available
* Entry: Making merge semantics tristate
2008-08-10 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQuery*: Storing search queries in settings for later retrieval
* WebQueryGoogle: Fixing issue with restarting search
2008-08-09 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQueryDBLP: Fixing search DBLP, adding option to not merge entries
2008-07-31 Thomas Fischer <>
* z3950-servers.cfg: Adding server
* SettingsZ3950: Improving handling of Z39.50 settings
* WebQueryScienceDirect: Beautifying UI layout
* WebQuery: Improving UI
2008-07-30 Thomas Fischer <>
* DocumentListWidget: Marking files as modified on dropping data
* WebQueryGoogleScholar: Checking if Google search is frozen,
restarting if neccessary
2008-07-23 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQuery*: Fixing behavior when canceling a search, optimizing GUI
* WebQueryBibSonomy, WebQueryCSB, WebQueryZ3950: Fixing minor bugs
2008-07-19 Thomas Fischer <>
* EntryWidgetOther: Fixing issue with actually removing deleted fields
* DocumentWidget: Preferring local file over remote files when opening associated document
2008-06-23 Thomas Fischer <>
* FileExporterPDF, FileExporterPS, FileExporterRTF: Adding check for t2aenc.def before
using fontenc T2
* FileImporterRIS: Reactivating usage of ID field to generate BibTeX id
2008-06-19 Thomas Fischer <>
* SettingsDlg, SettingsZ3950, KBibTeXShell: Inserting #ifdefs to resolve
compilation issues
2008-06-18 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings, SettingsZ3950: Improving handling of Z39.50 server configuration
* Settings: Interpreting ~/ in file names as the user's home directory
2008-06-13 Thomas Fischer <>
* SettingsZ3950: Improving GUI
2008-06-10 Thomas Fischer <>
* Releasing KBibTeX (0.2.2 Alpha 1)
2008-06-08 Thomas Fischer <>
* MergeEntries: Improving usability
* FindDuplicates: Correcting handling of merging files with identical
entry ids
2008-06-07 Thomas Fischer <>
* MergeEntries, FindDuplicates: Adding new code to find duplicates and merge
2008-05-26 Thomas Fischer <>
* EncoderLaTeX, FileExporterBibTeX: Improving handling of characters not supported
by target encoding
2008-05-23 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings, FileExporterBibTeX, FileImporterBibTeX, FileImporterBibUtils,
EntryWidgetSource, DocumentWidget, DocumentListView, DocumentSourceView,
SettingsFileIO, MergeEntries: Changing encoding system for BibTeX import
and export, using iconv to support all existing encodings
2008-05-17 Thomas Fischer <>
* FindDuplicates: Initial code to find duplicates in BibTeX files
2008-05-15 Thomas Fischer <>
* EncoderLaTeX, FileExporterPDF, FileExporterPS, FileExporterRTF: Support for
cyrillic chars added
2008-05-12 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQueryScienceDirect: Adding querying ScienceDirect
* WebQuery: Refactoring download, progress bar, and result handling
* WebQueryPubMed, WebQueryDBLP, WebQueryZMath, WebQueryZ3950, WebQueryGoogleScholar,
WebQueryBibSonomy, WebQueryCSB, WebQueryIEEExplore, WebQueryCiteBase, WebQueryArXiv,
WebQuerySpiresHep, WebQueryAmatex: Switching to refactored WebQuery code
2008-05-10 Thomas Fischer <>
* IdSuggestions, EntryWidget, DocumentWidget: Improving handling of default id
suggestions and id conflicts
2008-05-05 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings: Z39.50 server configuration added
* WebQueryZ3950: Selection of Z39.50 server possible, better GUI for queries
* MergeEntries: Entries can be edited before merging
* Entry: Adding equals operator
* DocumentWidget: Correctly encoding online search's query
* WebQuerySpiresHep: Nicer search UI to select raw query, author, title, ...
* WebQuery: Various GUI improvements
* Adding Italian translation
2008-04-30 Thomas Fischer <>
* Value: Extending API to create macro keys more easily
* WebQueryIEEExplore: Trying to fix malformed dates
2008-04-27 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQuery: Use default id suggestion for entries found by web queries
*, WebQueryZ3950, Z3950Connection, WebQuery: Fixing issues with #ifdef
2008-04-26 Thomas Fischer <>
* EntryWidget, EntryWidgetSource: Improving reset button,
checking if source code is valid before applying to entry
* FileImporter*, FileExporter*: Making code more robust
* WebQuery, WebQueryZ3950, Z3950Connection: Adding inital code for Z39.50 queries
* WebQuery, WebQueryIEEExplore: Adding initial code for IEEExplore
2008-04-23 Thomas Fischer <>
* EntryWidgetSource: Adding reset button
2008-04-10 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQueryZMATH, WebQueryGoogleScholar, WebQueryBibSonomy, WebQueryCSB, WebQueryCitebase,
WebQuerySpiresHep: Fixing bug when generating urls for web queries
* WebQueryCSB: First working version
* EncoderLaTeX: Fixing circumflex bug, preparing better support of cyrillic letters
2008-04-08 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQueryCSB: Adding initial code to query U Karlsruhe's CS bibliography
2008-04-06 Thomas Fischer <>
* fr.po: Adding template for French translation
* Translations: Updating message strings
* FileExporterBibUtils, FileImporterBibUtils,
Rewriting BibUtils support to prepare for modified API
* WebQueryZ3950, KBibTeXShell: Adding initial support for YAZ
2008-04-05 Thomas Fischer <>
* FileExporterPDF, FileExporterPS: Fixing bug in intermediate tex file
* WebQueryPubMed: Fixing query url, adding link to PubMed in entry
2008-04-04 Thomas Fischer <>
* SettingsEditing, EntryWidgetExternal: Improving handling of document search paths
2008-03-23 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQuery, WebQueryPubMed, WebQueryDBLP, WebQueryZMATH, WebQuerySpiresHep,
WebQueryGoogleScholar, WebQueryArXiv, WebQueryAmatex, WebQueryBibSonomy,
WebQueryCitebase: Adding infrastructure allowing each web query to use its
own query form
2008-03-22 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings, SettingsFileIO, DocumentWidget: Using BibUtils can be made optional
* Settings, SettingsEditing: DocumentSearchPath may contain list of paths
* SettingsIdSuggestions, SettingsKeyword, SettingsSearchURL, SettingsUserDefinedInput:
Minor UI improvements
* DocumentListView: Cleaning code, refactory paste code
* FileImporterRIS: Minor improvements for RIS from SpringerLink
2008-03-16 Thomas Fischer <>
* Releasing KBibTeX 0.2.1
* WebQuery: Adding read-only preview for search hits
2008-03-13 Thomas Fischer <>
* html.xsl: Adding note field
* SideBar, DocumentWidget, EntryWidgetExternal: Handling read-only cases better
* IdSuggestions: Handling commands in title
2008-03-11 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings, SettingsEditing, DocumentListView: Adding drag operation supporting
both copying reference or bibtex code
2008-03-10 Thomas Fischer <>
* DocumentWidget, DocumentListView, DocumentSourceView, KBibTeXPart:
Adding "select all" feature
* WebQuery, WebQueryArXiv: Fixing bug with empty search strings
* EntryWidget, EntryWidgetTitle: Title field is first widget to get focus
2008-03-09 Thomas Fischer <>
* ValueWidget, EntryWidgetPublication, EntryWidget, DocumentSourceView:
Handling read-only cases better
* EntryWidgetOther: Fixing memory corruption
* Version bump to
2008-03-02 Thomas Fischer <>
* EntryWidget: Fixing default id suggestion button state; improving warning message;
improving conflicting entry ids
2008-03-06 Thomas Fischer <>
* EntryWidgetPublication, EntryWidgetExternal, EntryWidgetTitle,
EntryWidgetSource, EntryWidgetUserDefined, EntryWidgetAuthor, EntryWidget,
EntryWidgetTab, EntryWidgetOther, EntryWidgetKeyword, EntryWidgetMisc:
Refactoring internal apply and reset system
* EntryWidget, EntryWidgetDialog: Handling close event
* IdSuggestionWidget, IdSuggestionComponent, IdSuggestionComponentAuthor,
IdSuggestionComponentTitle, IdSuggestionComponentYear, IdSuggestionComponentText:
Adding example
* DocumentListView: Updating visibility for new elements
* KBibTeXShell, FileExporterBibUtils, DocumentListView, FileImporterBibUtils,
DocumentWidget, KBibTeXPart, File: Improving support for imports/exports
from/to bibutils
2008-02-26 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQueryPubMed: Fixing progress bar problem
2008-02-24 Thomas Fischer <>
* DocumentSourceView: Fixing crash
* WebQueryWizard: Fixing crash when canceling search
* FileImporterRIS: Improving import of abstracts
* IdSuggestionsListViewItem, SettingsIdSuggestions: Adding examples to suggestions;
fixing bug with favourite suggestion when moving up and down
* IdSuggestions: Checking for duplicates
* Entry, FileImporterBibTeX: Making code more robust
2008-02-13 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings, SettingsIdSuggestions, EntryWidget, DocumentWidget, IdSuggestions:
An id suggestion can be selected as default, no need to select entry id manually
2008-02-09 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQueryGoogleScholar: Working on cancel operation
2008-02-08 Thomas Fischer <>
* EncoderLaTeX: Improved handling of dollar signs
* SideBar, SearchBar, Settings, SettingsEditing: Searchbar filter for fields is
reset when typing (optional by configuration)
2008-02-02 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings, Value, FieldListView: Adding both "FirstName LastName" and
"LastName, FirstName" to auto-completion for both authors and editors
* IdSuggestionComponentTitle: Fixing translation
* IdSuggestions: Refactoring handling of small words
* Version bump to
2008-01-28 Thomas Fischer <>
* EntryWidgetUserDefined, EntryWidget, EntryWidgetKeyword, DocumentWidget,
EntryWidgetOther, KBibTeXPart: Fixing minor issues when KBibTeX is embedded
as read-only part
2008-01-27 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQueryDBLP: Merging both entries (conference article and proceedings) per hit
* Entry: Improving entry merging
2008-01-26 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQuery*: Fixing crashes, improving cancel operation and improving
error handling
* File: Adding const functions, fixing infinite loop
* FileExporterXML, FileExporterRIS: Using const functions from File
2008-01-25 Thomas Fischer <>
* SettingsIdSuggestions, EntryWidgetKeyword, SettingsSearchURL,
SettingsUserDefinedInput, SettingsKeyword: Adding icons to push buttons
* SettingsIdSuggestions, SettingsUserDefinedInput: Fixing moving elements
up and down
2008-01-24 Thomas Fischer <>
* DocumentListView: Fixing broken copy-to-clipboard code
2008-01-22 Thomas Fischer <>
* FileImporterBibTeX: Minor bugfix regarding valid ids
* EntryWidgetPublication: Beautifying page field
* DocumentListView: Checking for duplicate ids when inserting items
2008-01-21 Thomas Fischer <>
* DocumentWidget: Refactoring file opening code
* KBibTeXPart: Merge for file types other than .bib possible
* FileImporterRIS, FileImporterBibUtils, FileImporterBibTeX:
Fixing guessCanDecode(..)
* DocumentListView: Pasting .ris files possible
2008-01-19 Thomas Fischer <>
* Improving internationalization support, including correct plural forms;
updating German and Russian translation
2008-01-17 Thomas Fischer <>
* Many changes for better i18n support
2008-01-11 Thomas Fischer <>
* FileExporterBibTeX: Fixing usage of protective curly brackets
* DocumentWidget, KBibTeXPart: Fixing enabling and disabling of menu items
2008-01-09 Thomas Fischer <>
* IdSuggestionWidget: Improving GUI
2008-01-05 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings, SettingsFileIO, FileExporterBibTeX: Adding new option to put
curly brackets around title and other selected fields to protect them
from case changes in some BibTeX styles
* DocumentListView: Fixing bug when deleting several items from list
* EncoderXML: Taking care of special chars like < and >
* WebQueryWizard: Storing current settings after closing dialog
* WebQueryPubMed: Showing progress
2008-01-03 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings, WebQueryWizard: Keeping dialog between searchs, adding
auto-completion to search term, checkbox to import all hits
* SettingsUserDefinedInput: Adding buttons to move items up and down
* DocumentListView, DocumentWidget: Fixing bug where changes in entry
dialog were not applied to main list view
2007-12-31 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQueryArXiv: Improving parsing content of website
* DocumentWidget: Improved handling of web query results
* WebQuery: Minor UI improvements
* WebQueryPubMed: Changing entry type to article if it is from a journal,
fetching abstract, detecting first and last name correctly
2007-12-30 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQuery, WebQueryWizard, WebQueryAmatex, WebQueryArXiv, WebQueryBibSonomy,
WebQueryCitebase, WebQueryDBLP, WebQueryGoogleScholar, WebQueryPubMed,
WebQuerySpiresHep, WebQueryZMATH: Refactoring WebQuery classes (no more
UI elements); may have introduced bugs and regression
* Preamble, Macro, Entry, Comment, FileExporter, FileExporterXML,
FileExporterExternal, FileExporterBibTeX, FileExporterPDF, FileExporterPS,
FileExporterRTF, FileExporterRIS, FileExporterBibUtils, FileExporterXSLT:
Making functions const
* EntryWidgetOther, File: Refactoring completeReferencedFields for better
const support
* KBibTeX_Part, SearchBar: Refactoring searching online databases (after
WebQuery rewrite)
* DocumentWidget, DocumentListView: Some major refactoring
* Entry, Comment, Element, Macro, SearchBar: Searching supports exact,
every word and any word now
2007-12-25 Thomas Fischer <>
* IdSuggestionComponent*, IdSuggestionsWidget: Initial version of a
widget to edit id suggestions
2007-12-24 Thomas Fischer <>
* IdSuggestionsListViewItem, SettingsIdSuggestions, IdSuggestions:
Representing id suggestion format strings in a human readable form
* KBibTeXPart: Disabling menu items if no element is selected
2007-12-23 Thomas Fischer <>
* DocumentWidget: Fixing bug with KDirWatch when modifying a file
while handling dirty signal
2007-12-10 Thomas Fischer <>
* DocumentSourceView: Refactoring code, fixing crash related to editor
* DocumentWidget: Fixing crash, fixing handling of preamble, refactoring
insertion of web query results
2007-12-09 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings, SettingsUserDefinedInput, EntryWidgetUserDefined,
EntryWidgetOther: Adding initial support for user-defined input fields
in entry edit dialog
* FileExporterPDF, FileExporterPS: Better error handling if pdflatex or
latex fails
* EncoderLaTeX: Adding additional encoding cases
* DocumentWidget: Avoiding duplicate ids for new entries
2007-11-24 Thomas Fischer <>
* EncoderXML: Support for coded chars (&#x0123;) added
* WebQueryArXiv: Refactoring to fetch all data from only
* Preparing project for internationalization (i18n) and
localization (l10n)
* WebQuery: Added erase button for the search string
2007-11-22 Thomas Fischer <>
* ValueWidget: Fixing bug which inverted the order of value items
* EntryWidgetPublication: ISBN numbers can be looked up in Wikipedia
* FileExporterXML: Supporting combined months (e.g. nov # "/" # dec)
2007-11-16 Thomas Fischer <>
* DocumentListViewItem, WebQuery: Removing {, }, and ~ when displaying
BibTeX entries for better readability
* WebQueryArXiv: Abstracts will be fetched, too; multiple words in
a query possible; UI and bugfixes
2007-11-14 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQueryArXiv: Initial code to query arXiv (including SPIRES and
ADS) added
2007-11-06 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQueryGoogleScholar: Adding progress bar, allows canceling search
2007-11-04 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQueryGoogleScholar: Search Google Scholar finally works
2007-10-28 Thomas Fischer <>
* FileExporterBibTeX: Refactoring save method
2007-10-23 Thomas Fischer <>
* Releasing KBibTeX 0.2
2007-10-13 Thomas Fischer <>
* EntryWidgetTitle, File: Fixed handling of title and book title
for crossref'ed entries
2007-10-12 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings, SettingsFileIO, DocumentListView, KBibTeXPart:
Lyx in pipe detection will be performed before sending data,
no more user interaction/configuration necessary
2007-10-07 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings, SettingsFileIO: Changed detection of LyX in pipe
2007-10-03 Thomas Fischer <>
* Releasing KBibTeX
2007-09-29 Thomas Fischer <>
* FileExporterXML, FileExporterRIS: Resolving macros and crossref
before exporting file
* Settings, SettingsEditing: Disallow "no sorting"
* File: For better usability, showing value of macro references
2007-09-27 Thomas Fischer <>
* FileExporterBibUtils, FileImporterBibUtils, KBibTeXShell,
KBibTeXPart, DocumentWidget: Fixing support for BibUtils
* kbibtex_part.desktop, kbibtex.desktop: Entries fixed
2007-09-24 Thomas Fischer <>
* EntryWidgetPublication, EntryWidgetTab,
EntryWidgetTitle: Validity check uses data from
crossref'ed entry
* DocumentListView: Preview uses data from crossref'ed
2007-09-23 Thomas Fischer <>
* DocumentWidget: Preview uses data from crossref'ed
2007-09-22 Thomas Fischer <>
* FileImporterBibTeX, EncoderLaTeX: Better debug output
if parsing a .bib file fails
* WebQueryPubMed, WebQueryDBLP, WebQueryZMATH,
WebQueryBibSonomy, WebQueryCitebase, WebQuerySpriesHep:
Saver query urls
* WebQueryGoogleScholar: Query interface for Google
* WebQueryAmatex: Query interface for Amatex
* SearchBar, DocumentWidget, KBibTeXPart: Putting search
in online databases more prominently in the UI
2007-09-21 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings, SettingsFileIO: Improved finding LyX's
in pipe
2007-09-20 Thomas Fischer <>
* FileExporterRIS, FileImporterRIS: Improving keyword
support for RIS modules
* DocumentWidget: Fixing bug in assigning keywords
using context menu
* Releasing KBibTeX
2007-09-17 Thomas Fischer <>
* EntryWidgetUser: Detecting URLs and file names in
field values, enabling Open button
* FileExporterPDF, EntryWidgetUser, EntryWidgetExternal,
DocumentWidget, File, Settings: Improved detecting
local files if referenced in a BibTeX file
2007-09-16 Thomas Fischer <>
* KBibTeXPart, DocumentWidget: Minimal statistics
dialog added
* DocumentWidget: Bug fix: Assigning keywords marks
file as modified
* KBibTeX: Bug fix: Disabling/enabling menu items only
if available
* SettingsIdSuggestions: Suggestions will be edited
in input dialog and no longer inside list view
* DocumentWidget: Long keyword lists in the context
menu will be split into a two-level menu
2007-09-08 Thomas Fischer <>
* Element, Entry, Preamble, Comment: Added text()
method for debugging
* FileExporterBibTeX: Fixed bug with bracket handling
2007-09-02 Thomas Fischer <>
* FileImporterBibTeX: Improved parser for names with
curly braces
2007-09-01 Thomas Fischer <>
* Value: Parser for names can handle curly braces
2007-08-28 Thomas Fischer <>
* DocumentWidget, KBibTeXPart: Adding code to
actually add preamble elements
2007-08-27 Thomas Fischer <>
* File, FileImporterBibTeX, FileExporterXML,
FileExporterBibTeX, MergeEntries, DocumentWidget,
DocumentListView, DocumentListViewItem, Preamble,
PreambleWidget: Added better support for BibTeX
2007-08-25 Thomas Fischer <>
* Releasing KBibTeX
2007-08-23 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings, SettingsSearchURL, DocumentWidget: Making
decision whether to include author per search entry
2007-08-20 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings, SettingsSearchURL, DocumentListView: For
web searchs, authors' names can be included next to
2007-08-19 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings: Changes to make settings object static
* SettingsEditing: UI changes, using combo box for
name ordering
* Value, EntryWidgetPublication: Checks for invalid
entries improved
2007-08-17 Thomas Fischer <>
* FileImporterBibTeX: Comments can be ignored
optionally; cleaning input data from some HTML code
* FileExporterPDF, FileExporterPS: Support for apacite
* WebQueryDBLP: Adding DBLP as new web search
* WebQueryCitebase: Adding Citebase as new web search
* Settings, EntryWidgetKeyword, WebQueryWizardBibSonomy:
Several bugfixes
2007-08-14 Thomas Fischer <>
* SettingsIdSuggestions: Minimal GUI to edit id
* IdSuggestions: Improvements and additions to pseudo
2007-08-13 Thomas Fischer <>
* IdSuggestions: Modified system to use a printf like
system of shortcuts to describe an id
2007-08-11 Thomas Fischer <>
* FileExporterBibUtils, FileImporterBibUtils,
KBibTeXShell, DocumentWidget, KBibTeXPart, Checking for bibutils with configure,
using #define for conditional compilation
* WebQuerySpiresHep: Adding Spires-Hep as new web search
* WebQueryZMATH: Adding Zentralblatt MATH as new web
* IdSuggestions: Added new class to create a list of
suggestions for possible ids of new entries
* Version bump to
2007-08-05 Thomas Fischer <>
* FileExporterBibUtils, FileImporterBibUtils: Initial
version of importer and exporter using a library
based on Chris Putnam's bibutils
* KBibTeXShell, DocumentWidget, KBibTeXPart: Adding
support for bibutils based importer and exporter
* EntryWidgetExternal, DocumentListView, EntryWidgetUser,
DocumentWidget: Using KRun to open external files in
their respective viewers
2007-08-04 Thomas Fischer <>
* Several minor code cleanups
* KBibTeXShell: Keyboard shortcuts can be configured
for actions inside the part
* KBibTeXPart: Setting default keyboard shortcuts
* EntryWidget, EntryWidgetTab: Refactoring to use
EntryWidgetTab as widget in main view
2007-07-30 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQueryBibSonomy, BibSonomyWizard: Added web query
wizard to query and to import from BibSonomy
* WebQuery, PubMedWebQuery: Some refactoring code
2007-07-28 Thomas Fischer <>
* MergeEntries: New class and code to merge two BibTeX
* Version bump to
2007-07-26 Thomas Fischer <>
* DocumentWidget: Added file watch to notify user if
BibTeX file has been modifed from outside
* FileListView: Support for BibTeX "and others" feature
added (special checkbox for authors and editors)
2007-07-15 Thomas Fischer <>
* FileImporterBibTeX, FileExporterBibTeX, Comment,
CommentWidget: Plain text in .bib files between
entries is treated as comments
* Settings, FileExporterToolchain: Implemented kpsewhich()
to check if a given file is available to the TeX system
(code is duplicated in both classes!)
* FileExporterToolchain: Some code cleanups
* FileExporterPDF, FileExporterPS, FileExporterRIS,
DocumentWidget: Using kpsewhich() to check for packages
before including them into TeX code for export
* FileExporterPDF, DocumentWidget: DocumentSearchPath is
used to located file to be embedded
* EncoderLaTeX: Minor fixes
2007-07-07 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings, SettingsEditing, DocumentWidget: Default
search path for "View Document" can be specified;
additionally, the current file's path is used as
search path, too.
* SettingsFileIO, EntryWidget, FileExporterToolchain,
DocumentListView, SideBar, KBibTeXPart: Minor bugfixes
2007-07-04 Thomas Fischer <>
* SideBar: Sorting for number of occurrences is
numerically now
* DocumentWidget: Empty keyword menu if no keywords
* EncoderLaTeX: Minor encoding bug fixed
* Entry: TechReport may have ISSN
2007-07-03 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings, SettingsFileIO, FileExporterBibTeX, ...:
BibTeX keywords may be written in different casing
styles such as @inproceedings, @Inproceedings,
@InProceedings, or @INPROCEEDINGS
* File, SideBar: Number of hits shown next to found
* Version bump to
2007-06-17 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings, FieldLineEdit: Macro ids (keys) are used for
auto-completion, too
* FileExporterPDF: Bugfix in PDF export (always including
* EntryWidget: Improving code for id suggestions
* DocumentWidget: Code optimization (fewer refreshing)
2007-06-14 Thomas Fischer <>
* FileImporterBibTeX: Code cleanups, refactoring
* EntryWidget: Initial code for id suggestions
* FileExporterBibTeX: Reverting most of previous changes
* EntryWidgetKeyword: Keyword handling fixed
* DocumentWidget: Minor code improvement
* SideBar: Minor changes in renaming code
* Version bump to
2007-06-11 Thomas Fischer <>
* Changed copyright information to 2007
* Keyword, KeywordContainer: Bugfixes in keyword handling
* EntryWidgetSource: Honouring first name first flag
* SettingsFileIO: GUI changes for PDF export
* Value, ...: String replacement can handle container classes
* DocumentListView, FieldListView: Code cleanups
* FileExporterBibTeX: Fixed bug in quoting macro text
2007-06-09 Thomas Fischer <>
* EncoderLaTeX: Rewriting encoding system so that it accepts
LaTeX commands that would require a context-sensitive
language otherwise
* DocumentListView: Added progress bar to be shown when
updating the main list view
* Settings, SettingsEditing, Person, PersonContainer, ...:
New configure option: Show first name first; requires
restart to take effect
* FileExporterPDF, Settings, SettingsFileIO: File pointed
to by a reference can be added to the exported PDF if
2007-06-06 Thomas Fischer <>
* DocumentListView, DocumentListViewItem, DocumentSourceView,
DocumentWidget, Encoder, EncoderLaTeX, EncoderXML, Entry,
EntryWidget, EntryWidgetPublication, EntryWidgetWarningsItem,
FieldLineEdit, FileExporterExternal, FileImporter,
FileImporterExternal, KBibTeXShell, SearchBar,
SettingsEditing, SettingsSearchURL, SideBar, XSLTransform:
Source formatting changed slightly
* DocumentListView, DocumentListViewItem, Entry, EntryField,
EntryWidgetExternal, EntryWidgetKeyword,
EntryWidgetPublication, EntryWidgetUser, FieldLineEdit,
FieldListView, File, FileExporterBibTeX, FileExporterRIS,
FileExporterToolchain, FileExporterXML, FileImporterBibTeX,
FileImporterRIS, Macro, Settings, ValueWidget:
Changes due to modified classes representing BibTeX data
(BibTeX::Value and related classes)
* DocumentWidget: Changes in keyword handling and searching
websites due to modified classes representing BibTeX data
(BibTeX::Value and related classes)
* DocumentListView: Drag'n'drop of urls from Firefox correctly
* Encoder, EncoderLaTeX, EncoderXML: Code cleanups
* EncoderLaTeX: If a string contains \url, do not replace & by
\& (actually, undo previous replacement), otherwise url will
be broken
* EntryWidget: Button to insert suggestions for ids added, but
not yet functional
* EntryWidgetKeyword: Modifications on keyword management
* kbibtex_part.cpp, SettingsFileIO: Adding support for LyX
in pipe
* SettingsDlg, SettingsKeyword: Changes due to improved
keyword support
* Value, ValueTextInterface, PlainText, MacroKey,
PersonContainer, Person, KeywordContainer, Keyword,
ValueItem: Completely new/rewritten classes to handle
BibTeX data
* WebQueryPubMed: Switching to KIO::NetAccess, but still
work in progress
* WebQuerySRU: Work in progress
2007-02-11 Thomas Fischer <>
* SettingsKeyword, EntryWidgetKeyword, DocumentWidget:
Improving keyword support
2007-01-14 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings, SettingsFileIO, DocumentListView, DocumentWidget,
KBibTeXPart: Adding support to send references to LyX using
an in pipe
2007-01-04 Thomas Fischer <>
* EntryWidget: Checking the identifier for invalid characters
2006-12-27 Thomas Fischer <>
* Value, ValueItem, ValuePersons, PersonValueKeywords: Replace
function added
* SideBar: All occurrences of a value can be replaces using a
context menu in the sidebar
* keywords.bib: New benchmark file
2006-12-09 Thomas Fischer <>
* ValueKeywords: Introducing new class to handle keywords
2006-11-19 Thomas Fischer <>
* SettingsKeyword, EntryWidgetKeyword: Added support for
keywords assigned to BibTeX entries
2006-10-23 Thomas Fischer <>
* FileExporterRIS: Initial code to export RIS files added
2006-10-21 Thomas Fischer <>
* FileImporterRIS: Initial code to import RIS files added
* SearchBar: Making the search bar taller
* DocumentWidget: Fixing the main view's context menu for
"View Document"
* FileImporter: Fixing error when compiling with GCC 4.2
2006-10-08 Thomas Fischer <>
* DocumentListView: Fixing bug when selecting multiple
entries in a filtered list
2006-10-06 Thomas Fischer <>
* EncoderLaTeX, FileImporterBibTeX, FileExporterBibTeX:
Fixing problem with encoding ampersants from and to
BibTeX/LaTeX files
* Releasing version 0.1.5
2006-10-05 Thomas Fischer <>
* DocumentWidget, SearchBar: Minor UI improvements
* DocumentSourceView: Focus handling improved; bugfix in
pre KDE 3.4 support
* Setting version
2006-10-04 Thomas Fischer <>
* Minor bugfixes
* WebQueryPubMed: Allowing both 'ForeName' and 'FirstName'
in author fields in XML document
* DocumentSourceView: Making search compatible with pre
KDE 3.4 releases
* Setting version
2006-10-03 Thomas Fischer <>
* DocumentSourceView: Searching in text added
* FieldListView: Correct handling of names fixed
* SideBar: Disabling widget when not visible
* Entry, EntryWidgetPublication: Handling required and optional
fields fixed
* KBibTeXShell: Tool button for opening files opens a list
of recent files similar to KPDF
* Setting version
2006-10-01 Thomas Fischer <>
* EntryWidgetExternal: Added a browse button for local file
* WebQueryPubMed: Changed UI to a simple dialog, no more
* html.xslt: Added more fields to the stylesheet, so preview
will show more information
2006-09-26 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQueryPubMed: Switching NCBI's interface from esummary to
efetch, as this returns a more modern/structured output
2006-09-26 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings, SettingsEditing, DocumentListView, FieldLineEdit,
FieldListView, SideBar, SearchBar: User-defined font can be
set for widgets containing BibTeX data; useful if special fonts
are required
2006-09-24 Thomas Fischer <>
* Global renaming of BibTeX classes (now without "BibTeX" in
2006-09-21 Thomas Fischer <>
* BibTeXValue: Patch by Frank Osterfeld to fix name parsing
* Replacing QPtrList by QValueList using patches from Frank
* SideBar: Patch by Frank Osterfeld to navigate via keyboard
* As suggested by Frank Osterfeld, compare(..) replaced by ==
and find(..) replaced by contains(..)
2006-09-19 Thomas Fischer <>
* BibTeXEntry: DOI urls will be complete with a prefix if
they do not start with "http"
* WebQueryPubMed: Columns in search results list view
rearranged, fixing page numbers, detecting publication type
and journal title
* DocumentListView: Crash fixed when opening documents with
the enter key
* Rearranged and renamed menu items for better usability
2006-09-17 Thomas Fischer <>
* BibTeXValue, BibTeXValuePersons: Specialization for persons
(authors and editors) added. Now persons will be sorted by
last name in the sidebar
* SideBar: List uses values from current file only, no longer
from competion lists
* WebQueryPubMed: Simplified, only PubMed will be queried
* Rearranged some menu items
* Removing command sequences from preview and list view items
for better UI display
* Setting version
2006-09-13 Thomas Fischer <>
* BibTeXEntry: Field type localfile is optional now
* Settings: Added SpringerLink as search engine
* EntryWidgetPublication: Forcing correct hyphen for pages
* DocumentWidget: Updating context menu when changing search
* BibTeXEntry: New function returns list of URLs of this entry
* Settings, SettingsEditing, DocumentListView: Double click
action in main list can be set to either edit an entry or open
an URL of this entry
* SettingsEditing, DocumentListView: Column sorting fixed, got
broken during some refactoring
* SettingsDlg, SettingsEditing, DocumentWidget,
DocumentListWidget: Dialog actions and handling improved (e.g.
Apply button), settings will be stored correctly
2006-09-11 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQueryPubMed: Crash fixed; UI improvements; minor bugfixes
2006-09-10 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQueryPubMed: Some more fixes and clean-ups
* SideBar: Toggle button to switch between important and all
field types added
* Some refactorings regarding searching Internet based
bibliography sources
* DocumentWidget, Settings: Width of SideBar and height of
Preview will be saved and restored
* FieldListView: Adding keyboard shortcuts such as Ctrl+A to add
new authors/editors
* Setting version
2006-09-09 Thomas Fischer <>
* BibTeXEntry: Fixed bug by changing "Electronic (IEEE)" to
* DocumentListView: Column "Element Type" can be hidden now, too;
"Element Id" renamed to "Entry Id"
* KBibTeXPart: Menu to select columns to show is in main menu
under "View" now, too
* SearchBar: Clear button resets restriction to "All Fields"
* SideBar: Instead of double-click, global KDE setting is used
(signal execute)
* WebQueryPubMed: Some code clean-ups, XML data will be dumped as
debug output for manual analysis
2006-09-06 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings: New search engines added (taken from
2006-09-05 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQueryPubMed: Importing elements worked for the first time
2006-09-03 Thomas Fischer <>
* WebQuery*: Initial code to query web-based bibliography
databases, not working yet
* DocumentWidget: Code from Felix Schmitt <fschmitt@stanford.
edu> added which fixes some crashs
* DocumentListView: Code from Felix Schmitt <fschmitt@stanford.
edu> added which adds better drag'n'drop functionality
* DocumentListView, BibTeXFileImporter*: Code from Felix
Schmitt <> added which adds an intelligent
mechanism when pasting text
* Setting version
2006-09-02 Thomas Fischer <>
* SideBar: New widget in main window to select text to filter
the document for
2006-08-30 Thomas Fischer <>
* Setting version
2006-08-28 Thomas Fischer <>
* FieldListView: Completion support should work by now
* EntryWidget, EntryWidgetSource: Completion system improved
2006-08-20 Thomas Fischer <>
* FieldListView: Double click problem to add new items fixed
2006-08-16 Thomas Fischer <>
* EntryWidget: Checking for missing data on a regular time base
makes warnings more up-to-date
* SettingsSearchURL: Disable buttons when not available
2006-08-13 Thomas Fischer <>
* DocumentWidget, DocumentListWidget: Context menu shows documents
associated with the selected BibTeX entry
* KBibTeXShell: Removed "Quit" menu item, only "Close" remains
* KBibTeX: Making KBibTeX a KUniqueApplication, so only one instance
with possibly multiple windows will run at any time
* Setting version to
2006-08-05 Thomas Fischer <>
* EntryWidgetPublication: Rearranged field widget for better
usability: more important fields are on the left, less
important ones are on the right
* SettingsSearchURL: Changed UI how URLs are entered and
2006-08-01 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings, FieldLineEdit, FieldListView, EntryWidgetAuthor,
EntryWidgetTitle, EntryWidgetPublication: Completion system modified
to support independent completion for different types of fields
2006-07-30 Thomas Fischer <>
* Settings, DocumentWidget, FieldLineEdit, FieldListView: Added text
completion using strings occurring elsewhere in the file
2006-07-29 Thomas Fischer <>
* BibTeXEntry, BibTeXElement, BibTeXComment, BibTeXString,
DocumentListView, DocumentWidget, SearchBar: Support to filter
for specific fields when searching added
* Added short-time highlighting (bold font) for newly pasted elements in
the main list as a visual feedback
2006-07-28 Thomas Fischer <>
* DocumentSourceView: Added undo and syntax highlighting capabilites to
Kate component
2006-07-26 Thomas Fischer <>
* kbibtex_part.rc, kbibtex_part.rc: Moved files back to src/
* EncoderLaTeX: Added German quotes support
* KBibTeXPart: Crash fixed when embedding into Kile
2006-07-24 Thomas Fischer <>
* DocumentListView, DocumentListViewItem: Can handle reordering columns now
* DocumentWidget: Small UI changes
* KBibTeXPart: Calling DocumentWidget's deferred initalization deferred now
* Settings: Modifications to save/restore DocumentListView's ordering and
2006-07-16 Thomas Fischer <>
* kbibtex_part.rc, kbibtex_part.rc: Moved files to data/config/
* DocumentWidget, DocumentListView, DocumentSourceView, SearchBar:
Unified API introducing function setFactory(...)
* DocumentSourceView: Using Kate part by default; text can be copy,
cut and pasted now
* DocumentWidget: Better code by using enum EditMode; functions
newElement, cutElements, copyElements, pasteElements supported in
source edit mode
* KBibTeX: File open dialog starts in same directory as currently open
document (if applicable)
* KBibTeXPart: File save and export dialogs start in same directory as
currently open document (if applicable)
* Calling the current development version
2006-07-14 Thomas Fischer <>
* BibTeXFileExporterRTF: Support to export to RTF (Rich Text Format) added
2006-07-05 Thomas Fischer <>
* DocumentSourceView: Crash in destructor fixed (code is still alpha)
* KBibTeX: Switched from KApplication::quit to KApplication::closeAllWindows
for KBibTeX's quit operation
2006-07-02 Thomas Fischer <>
* DocumentListView: Pressing the enter or return key opens the entry
editing similar to double-clicking on an list element
* SearchBar: Shortcut for search bar changed from Alt+A to Alt+S
2006-06-22 Thomas Fischer <>
* EncoderLaTeX: Encoding of backslashes fixed
* DocumentSourceWidget: Working on using KTextEditor part
2006-06-15 Thomas Fischer <>
* BibTeXFileImporterBibTeX: When writing entries containing quote chars and
using quote chars as delimiters at the same time resulted in a parser
failure; fixed.
2006-06-10 Thomas Fischer <>
* BibTeXFileImporterBibTeX, DocumentWidget: Integrating Frank Osterfeld's
patches for fixing the BibTeX parser and the modification status when
pasting BibTeX elements
2006-06-04 Thomas Fischer <>
* DocumentListView, DocumentListItem, Settings: Columns in the main list view
are more flexible, any standard field type can be (de)selected using the
list header's context menu
2006-05-24 Thomas Fischer <>
* Local File patch from Sebastian Scherer <>
2006-05-09 Thomas Fischer <>
* EntryWidgetUser: Sizing problem in list view with long values for
user-defined fields fixed
2006-05-07 Thomas Fischer <>
* DocumentListView, Settings: Working on having all field types as columns
available (work in progress)
* main.cpp, KBibTeX: File opening and closing management made more intuitive
* KBibTeX, KBibTeXPart: Minor fixes and improvements in configuration
* Settings: Additional search URL for PubMed added
2006-04-26 Thomas Fischer <>
* FieldListView: Fixing warning
* Releasing KBibTeX 0.1.4
2006-04-18 Thomas Fischer <>
* EntryWidgetAuthor: When editing Book or InBook entry, only author xor
editor are required; warnings adapted
* FieldListView: Internal status problem when deleting all list items fixed
2006-04-17 Thomas Fischer <>
* For all occurrences of QTextStream ensure that it is using UTF-8
* EntryWidget: Improve warnings for entry (GUI improved, missing warning
for month added)
2006-04-15 Thomas Fischer <>
* BibTeXValue: static function to check if a text contains only valid chars
for a string key
* EntryWidgetExternal, EntryWidgetMisc, EntryWidgetPublication, EntryWidgetTab,
EntryWidgetTitle, FieldLineEdit: Check and warnings for invalid string
keys implemented
2006-04-13 Thomas Fischer <>
* KBibTeXPart: KMessageBox with list not available in old KDE versions.
Fixed with conditional compilation
* FieldListView: Empty items forbidden, double click on list creates new
item, moving items while editing disabled
* Preparing for (aka 0.1.4 Beta 5)
2006-04-11 Thomas Fischer <>
* BibTeXFileExporter*: Error log in form of a string list is passed to the
* BibTeXFileExporterBibTeX: BibTeX exporter will honor encoding (LaTeX or
UTF-8) now
* FieldListView: QToolTips added, Warnings fixed
* SearchBar: Icons enlarged, QToolTops and spacings added
2006-04-06 Thomas Fischer <>
* EntryWidget*: If an entry's edit dialog has modifications, a warning
message will pop up before closing the window, thus preventing the user from
loosing his/her data