KBibTeX – a bibliography editor
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.TH "KBibTeX" "1" "11 September 2005" "TDE" "TDE Application"
kbibtex \- a bibtex editor for TDE
.B kbibtex
[\fIQt\-options\fR] [\fITDE\-options\fR] [\fIfile\fR]
KBibTeX is a BibTeX editor for TDE written by Thomas Fischer and released under the GPL.
KBibTeX can be started as a stand\-alone program or embedded into virtually every TDE program (e.g. Konqueror).
It supports searching for citations via Google and CiteSeer.
Thomas Fischer <fischer@unix\-ag.uni\-kl.de>
.BR bibtex "(1)"
The \fBkbibtex\fR homepage at:
.I http://www.unix\-ag.uni\-kl.de/~fischer/kbibtex/
When reporting bugs, please submit the BibTeX file for diagnostics, too.