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02-12-20 * Added BSD support thanks to Andy Fawcett and Robbie Ward.
02-12-13 * v1.99.
* Ported to KDE3.
* Completely restructured, with the aims of:
- sharing as much code as possible between KCPULoad
and KNetLoad;
- looking and behaving more like other KDE apps
(including more respect for system settings and i18n);
- making the code more maintainable (such as providing
source documentation).
* Removed references to original website which is now offline.
Hopefully the new home will be KDE CVS.
* New maintainer Ben Burton <>.
00-10-01 * v1.90 Ported to QT 2.x / KDE 1.9x/2.x (prerelease).
99-09-15 * Added a split option, which splits the diagram up
into one system-load scale and one user-load scale.
99-09-13 * Added German translation thanks to Fredrik Olson.
99-09-09 * Added a new Soft diagram option for a smoother curve.
* Added user documentation for installation and usage.
99-09-07 * Finished a new specialdesigned QToolTip lookalike,
leftclick to show it, leftclick again or rightclick
on popup to hide, use left mouse on popup to move it.
* Structure changes to make the program use less CPU.
99-09-01 * Added colorsetting for CPU2's diagram, and changed
so that SMP options don't appear on non-SMP systems.
99-08-30 * Settings are now saved direcly, not only upon quit.
* Added sessionmanagement thanks to Carsten Pfeiffer,
so the program will restart when KDE is restarted.
* Removed QToolTip Popup info dialog from program
because of a mem leak which made the program hang.
* Added several icons for both Color and style menues.
99-08-29 * Added two translations, Swedish, and Croatian
thanks to Vladimir Vuksan <>
99-08-28 * Full SMP support with extra option for multiple
diagrams, one for each CPU or one for both.
* Added labels, so it doesn't look like knetload.
* Added Popup Tooltips with exact utilization values.
99-08-11 * Uses qmessagebox.h instead of `outdated' qmsgbox.h.
* Small security fixes.
99-08-06 * Program ready for initial release v1.0.