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version 2.0.2 -> 2.0.3
- Add {} to special characters in symbolview for easier handling (#170144)
- Don't blend user defined symbols because we don't know how they look like
- Misplaced cursor with intelligent double quotes and selections (#174937)
- Fixed a case where the autocompletion dies (#164231,#174003)
- Make the statistics pane work also for non latex files (#173745)
- Don't report certain log messages as tex errors (#174665)
- Properly escape the log messages so that also <...> shows up (#175148)
- some cwl typos
- Added babel, todonotes (thanks to Salim), glosstex, nicefrac, float,
fastex (thanks to Fabian Rost)
- latex: -- fixed corner case where \newcommand got highlighted wrong
-- highlight alignat and friends correctly
version 2.0.1 -> 2.0.2
- Insert \item[] in description environments for smart newline (#161658),
reported and fixed by Job Noorman
- Fix regression in 2.0.1 inside structure view related to opening files (debian #484146)
- Fix regression in latexoutputfilter resulting in the wrong file being
reported (#162899)
- Fix regression in Kile 2.0.x, blend symbols so that they are usable with
dark themes also (#161153)
- Don't create 'save' and 'save-as' actions specifically for Kile as they will
interfere with the corresponding actions from KatePart. Thanks to Mathias
Soeken for reporting.
- Also parse class warnings and show them in the Logview, patch by Jeroen Leeuwestein (#169040)
- Remove not sh-compliant code by requiring a Bash shell for system check (debian #489618)
- Add a workaround for a bug contained in KatePart 3.x in the 'setEncoding' method, which enforces
a reload on every change of the encoding (as a consequence the user sees a confusing
document-modified dialog) (#160258)
- Make find-in-files work again with anyting else than the "all files" filter (#165636)
- Minor cwl fixes
- cwl file for siunitx (thanks to Dirk Sarpe) and allrunes packages
version 2.0 -> 2.0.1
- Do all section actions on the whole section (#154272)
- Fix possible crash due to unchecked index bounds
- Some i18n fixes (#153371)
- cwl files: fix wrong commands with \left and \right and make them more complete
- Typos in symbols (#158749)
- Sync kile project on disk before archiving
- Add figure* to the structure view also (#151743)
- Fix completion for multiple citations/references (#152766)
- Fix crash at template handling, reported and fixed by Vincenzo Di Massa
- Rename some cwl files so that they not only differ by case (#158600)
- Search also in $BIBINPUTS and $TEXINPUTS paths if opening files from the
structure view
- Add missing package definitions to some symbols from the misc-text pane
- Allow spaces in the name of images in the includegraphics dialog (#161101)
- Don't recompile forever if some file timestamps are in the future (#121956)
- Fix the "autocompletion dies" bug (#155044) and also (#160555)
- Add \newlength as a variation of newcommand
- Add url.cwl, svninfo.cwl, svn-multi.cwl, yfonts.cwl, virginialake.cwl
- Allow ":" and "-" in citation keys, important for codecompletion
- Highlight & and @{} in tabular like environments
- Ignore Noweb blocks
version 2.0beta2 -> 2.0
- Added some new logic to really disable all debug output if --disable-debug
is given to configure, should make kile faster
- New documentation kile-remote-control.txt
- Added new DVItoPDF config Modern which calls dvipdfmx instead of dvipdfm,
set Modern as default
version 2.0beta1 -> 2.0beta2
- Polishing Quickdocumentdialog
- More agressive recompiling
- Cwl fixes
- Mathsymbol commands were biased with one, some symbol cleanups (#148855)
- Don't make system check if the user has defined a master document (#148800)
- Don't offer eqnarray in the latex menu (but we still support it for math environment completion etc.) (#101583)
- Consider also files located in $TEXINPUTS and $BIBINPUTS paths for codecompletion. (#149652)
- Call asymptote if needed on latex run
version 1.9.3 -> 2.0beta1
- More than 50 bugs have been closed
- Symlinked files and directories in combination with inverse search
- Autosave fix: If a file is two autosave cycles not writable we will skip the file until it is writeable again.
- Fix starting directory for add Files. Take the project's basedir
- Fix bug in tabular wizard, when breaking some multicolumn cells
- Remove selected text in any case if the user insert "
- Fix bug where environments were completed which should not have been completed.
- Textcolor bug in tabular wizard
- Only use special quotes if we have a tex file
- Fix bug in lyxserver when the filesystem in the users home directory does not support FIFOS
- Use the $PATH variable to search for the tools
- Remove our own "not perfectly" working spellchecker implementation, now the katepart spellchecker is always in charge
- Call "Refresh Strcuture" after changing the encoding
- Grep for \newenvironment and add them to the completion lists
- Smart newline now also recognizes comment lines
Bigger Features:
- Add auto completion in abbreviation mode:
a) All abbreviations can be shown in the sidebar (configurable)
b) All abbreviations from a local abbreviations list 'kile-abbrevs.cwl' are
editable. This file can be found in the local application path of Kile.
c) Editable abbreviations are marked with a star.
d) It is possible to add new abbreviations or delete existing ones.
e) A new auto mode to expand abbreviations was added (configurable
of course). If an abbreviation is followed by a space or a punctuation
symbol, it is immediately expanded without further user commands.
- Added a set of commands to work directly with sectioning on the structure view:
copy, cut, paste, select, delete, comment, quick preview
- New Symbolview which contains:
- Most frequently used symbol list
- Complete revamped symbol list with more items (nearly 1000) and more
- Show command and depending packages in the tooltip
- Send a warning in the logwidget if a package is not included
- By pressing CTRL and SHIFT while inserting an item one gets {} or $$
around the inserted command
- Added a scripting interface to kile
- A big bunch of new cwl files, mostly from kile users , so kile has now more
than 80 :)
- Add support for TexLive 2005/2007
- Preview of mathgroups from Mathias Soeken (with some additions and
extensions by Holger Danielsson)
Smaller Features:
- New tool entries for:
- Asymptote
- PDFLaTeX draftmode (available in PDFTeX from TeXLive 2007)
- Bibtex 8bit Version
- Added Lilypond tool (4 variants), icon will follow
- Renamed LaTeXtoDocBook to DBLaTeX , use
programm dblatex for that and also introduced 4 variants of it.
- Renamed LaTeXtoHTML to LaTeX to Web and added tex4ht variants (to XML, to HTML
and to MathML), but keeping the latex2html tool also
- Added a variant of quickbuild , do only LaTeX
- Added DVItoPDF variant, Landscape and "Black and White"
- Moved Archive tool from type none to Archive and also added much more
configs, now users can also alter them
- Changed default bibtex viewer for new kile users to kbibtex
- added gbib, jabref, kbib to bibtexviewers
- Recursive parsing of footnote command
- New citeViewBib action, which asks the bibtex viewer (currently only
kbib) to send marked references. Thanks to Thach Nguyen for the
initial patch
- New function "Save Copy as..."
- Revamped the new-file dialog.
- Add support for templates types other than LaTeX.
- Use the extension ".kileicon" for template icon files.
- Added lyx:paste command in kile's lyxserver
- Add Readme, Readme.cwl and Building-with-cmake.txt
- Show todo/fixme tasks in structure view
- Enhance completion configuration dialog usability and support local directories for completion files
- Merge labels and sections in document structure view as user configurable option
- First preliminary support for the beamer package
- Select a single LaTeX command with CTRL+MouseDblClick-left
- Autocomplete $ to $$
- Move cursor out of braces after selecting from a keylist
- Make include commands configurable through our nice latexcommand menu
- Assign the keyboard focus to the active text view after Kile has started up
- FindInFiles dialog can be moved into the background
- Add additional double quotes for babel supported languages (czech, icelandic)
- Highlighting of Section Titles as bold
- Add emacs-like delete-to-end-of-line command
- Removed metapost view in the sidebar, the commands can be accessed via
kile's dictionary mode
- Sort items in references list box
- Some new toolbar icons
- Added more optional fields in the predefined bibtex entries, patch from
Martin Weis <martin.weis.newsadress (a)>
- Added CMake build support.
- Add scripting support.
- We always remember now the current most top item of the structure view and restore it after an update.
- Add new actions gotoNextSection() and gotoPrevSection()
- Quote replacement should not happen inside verbatim/verb environment
- Add new actions gotoNextParagraph() and gotoPrevParagraph()
- Fix rebuild structureview if changing the expansion level
- Add mathgroup preview to the popup menu (right mouse button), where either a selection or a mathgroup is shown
- More tools in kile's system check
- Add drag-and-drop functionality
- Remember MakeIndex checkbox settings in kileprojectdlg
- Add autoref command to std. ref. commands
version 1.9.2-> 1.9.3
- Recognize escaped chars in \newcommand. (#132899)
- Use KPDF as embedded viewer for quick preview, because KPDF can remember current settings. (#129177)
- Bugs in tabular wizard, when merging, breaking and merging again some cells
- Quote replacement should not happen inside verbatim/verb environment (#133112)
- Fix bug in tabular wizard, when breaking some multicolumn cells
- Don't use default permissions for backup file (CVE CAN-2005-1920 also applies to kile)
- Fix bug in syntax highlighting: mathmode in optional parameter (#134146)
- Allow tools with brackets in the configuration string also in sequence tools, fixed also the crash which hid the bug. (#134605)
- One fix in latex-document-cwl and color.cwl
- Fix crash when adding a file to a project (with no open documents) which contains an undefined reference (#135575)
- Improve the logic for closing environments (#134793)
- Don't treat \\[foo] as a math environment (#137131)
- Remove selected text also if we insert a " (#137272)
- Prepared the latex syntax file for beamer commands
version 1.9.1 -> 1.9.2
- Add autoref command to standard reference commands (#130037)
- Remember the setting of MakeIndexOptions checkbox in the project settings
dialog. (debian #337550)
- Added utf-8 and other encodings to the quickdocument dialog. (#131402)
- Make the "New Tool" dialog box big enough. (#132425)
- Check if masterdocs in kilepr files exist, should fix some problems with upgrades from kile 1.8.
- Searching for environments in Edit functions improved.
- Take array as math environment instead of tabular in Configure->Latex Environments.
- Don't crash if a user changes the icon of a toolbar item. (debian #382317)
- Allow a few more punctuation in codecompletion of citation keys. (#130148)
- Remember last working directory in 'find in files' dialog. (debian #359932)
- Tabular wizard should insert all entered elements. (#132736)
- Only autosave files which have been modified.
- Delete comma of last bibtex entry if Bibliographie->Clean is called. (#129499)
- Quick Preview fails if graphics are included in selection (#126019)
version 1.9.0 -> 1.9.1
- Restore support for KDE 3.2.x.
- tex files starting with numbers can now also used for "Forward DVI". (#124613)
- now we respect the default project location set by the user also in projectOpen(). (#124099)
- don't restore the line position if the file is already open. (#125175)
- honor users who want to cancel the close request to embedded parts. (namely kbibtex)
- fix ViewBib, if we support $BIBINPUTS for compilation we should also do it for viewing. We now also check in all paths in BIBINPUTS for an bib file. (#125133)
- if "show labels" is disabled in structureview, we should nevertheless gather them for codecompl. and undefined ref.
- don't fake pressed buttons, now the log message button does not looked pressed when you start kile. (#124098)
- only add an trailing slash to the default project location if we need one.
- hide the latex menu when we don't have docs open.
- don't see unstarred env. as closing for starred. (#120509)
- we are now much more carefully if the autosaving has succeded. We now warn if we can't autosave and don't overwrite backups with empty backups. (#125975)
- only use special double quotes if no slash is in front of the cursor. (#127813)
- Add the possibility to use bullets in user tags via a new placeholder %B.
- Colour bullets so that they can be spotted easily.
- new cwl file for the textcomp and import package.
- we now highlight TODO, FIXME in comments. (only if they are not in normal text)
- added Readme.MacOSX
version 1.6.3 -> 1.7a3
- smart LaTeX: rerun automatically when needed, runs BibTeX and/or MakeIndex if required
- a more flexible and powerful tool system
- automatic completion of LaTeX commands
- access to teTeX help system
- system configuration checker (Settings->System Check), detects installation errors, missing apps and wrong Kile settings
- BibTeX files are now parsed as well, references in a BibTeX file can be used in \cite autocompletion now as well
- user defined commands (using \newcommand) are added to the autocompletion list
- improved structure view, remembers its state, it doesn't collapse anymore after a save
- find in files dialog
- several LaTeX specific editing options (close environment for example)
- convert accented letters (like Ë) to ASCII TeX commands (like \"E) and vice versa
- new side and bottom bars
version 1.6.2 -> 1.6.3
- fix a crash when opening/closing projects with common files
- warn if user tries to overwrite an existing file in the "New Project" dialog
- make usertags/tools shortcuts configurable
- place cursor after a bracket when inserting a usertag
- polished up the "New File" wizard, the size and selected template are now remembered, an option to start the Quick Start wizard after selecting an empty template is also added
- double clicking on a non-existent file results in a dialog requesting the creating of this file, instead of just an error
version 1.6.1 -> 1.6.2
- bugfixes
version 1.6 ->1.6.1
- bugfixes
version 1.5.2 -> 1.6
- new editor (katepart)
- project management
- auto-complete environments
- statistics dialog for document (word count)
- can open multiple files in one go (using the open file dialog or the sidebar)
- launch you favorite BibTeX editor using the bilbiographies found in your document
- interaction with gBib and pyBliographer
- restore files and projects on start up (optional)
- checking whether or not the document is a LaTeX root before compile is optional now
- structure view: jump to line AND column, allow multiple labels on one line, allow space between \struct and { }, don't parse
structure elemented that are out-commented
- configurable shortcuts to focus log/messages, output, konsole, editor views (resp. ctrl+alt+m,o,k,e)
- more advanced \includegraphics dialog (thx Michael Margraf)
- check for modified on disc
- highligthing inside math environments
- allow user to set PS-PDF, DVI-PS, PDF-PS, BibTeX, makeindex commands
version 1.5 -> 1.5.2 :
- prompt user when trying to run LaTeX on a document which isn't a document root
- better syntax highlighting (deals with \verb and verbatim environment)
- summary of compilation results after running LaTeX
- improved "clicking on errors in the log file jumps to corresponding line"
- user can define an arbitrary number of user tools/tags.
- autosave
- added an Output view, the Output view is the location for the raw
output of the shell processes (latex,dvips, etc.)
- more error messages/warnings when the user tries to do compile/view
non-existing/untitled documents
- added templates support (user can select a template when creating a new
file, user can create templates from existing documents).
- added a stop button, (La)TeX can now be stopped while compiling
- added a Toolbars submenu, toolbars can be hidden now
- output of compilations remains visible, log file can be shown
on request
- inverse search now also works for documents whos name starts with a number
- more flexible command syntax, instead of having latex and pdflatex as
commands, one can use
latex %S.tex or make %S.dvi
version 1.4 -> 1.5 :
- added metapost support
- added "user commands" menu
- added ability to change or add gnuplot commands before plotting with the Gnuplot frontend
- fixed the bug for files with accents in the Kite file selector
- added the ability to show the line numbers and to choose the colors for the editor
version 1.32 -> 1.4 :
- added dvi and postcript embedded viewers (based on kdvi and kghostview tdeparts)
- spell checking is now possible for the selected paragraphs and not only for all the document
- overwrite an existing file must now be confirmed
- the bug about the "report" document class in the "quick document dialog" has been fixed
version 1.31 -> 1.32 :
- the user can set the encoding character of the file with a combo box included in the Kite file selector.
- two color schemes are available for the editor (Black on White/White on Black)
- improved the "Multiple Function" dialog of the "Gnuplot frontend"
version 1.3 -> 1.31 :
- new dialog box for the "ref" and "pageref" tags (the user can select one of the existing labels)
- the "--unique" option is now used for the "Kdvi Forward Search" command
- the bug about the "report" class in the "Quick Start" wizard has been fixed
- the GnuPlot front end code has been cleaned (only QString are used instead of string)
version 1.3beta -> 1.3 :
- fixed some minor bugs
- new user manual
- added more options for the "Quick Start" wizard
version 1.2 -> 1.3beta :
- the "label" tags written on the same line than a "section" tag are now detected
- added a "find next" command
- improved the "replace" command
- improved the "edit user menu" command (ability to insert several lines)
- added more options for the "quick start", "tabular" and "array" wizards
- added new LaTeX tags (maketitle, footnote, tableofcontents, ref, pageref)
- added DCOP support (no new instance when kile is already running - Kdvi "inverse search" should work better)
version 1.1 -> 1.2 :
- new panel (file selector, structure view, mathematical symbols and the greek letters)
- no more embedded viewers
- classical order for the "recent files" list
- added shortcuts for the "item" tag and icons for the "enumerate" and "itemize" environments
- added info about the size of the .eps file while using \includegraphics{}
- the Konsole is now synchronized with the current document
- added ability to remove the optional fields of a .bib file. ("Clean" command)
- added "watch file" mode for the "quick build" command (the viewers are not launched)
version 1.0 -> 1.1 :
- added toolbars configuration
- added new modes for the 'Quick build' command
- user can now print the ps/pdf file directly with kite
- added a wizard for the 'Tabbing' environment
- by typing %myenvironment in the 'LaTeX content' field of an 'user menu', Kite inserts directly this code :
- fixed some minor bugs