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Basic Installation
kile relies on cmake to build.
Here are suggested default options:
-DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX="/opt/trinity" \
-DCONFIG_INSTALL_DIR="/etc/trinity" \
-DSYSCONF_INSTALL_DIR="/etc/trinity" \
-DXDG_MENU_INSTALL_DIR="/etc/xdg/menus" \
Requirements for use:
- TeTeX 2.0/3.0 or TeXLive (Including "AMS"-Packages and the documentation)
- KPDF, KGhostView (Viewing PS and PDF)
- Acroread (Viewing PDF)
- Imagemagick, DVIPNG 1.7 (Bottom bar preview)
By default there are also tools for the following programs defined:
- Tar/zip/gzip/bzip2 (Archive)
- DBlatex (Docbook to LaTeX)
- Metapost and Asymptote
- Latex2html (LaTeX to Web)
- Tex4ht (LaTeX to Web)
- Lilypond (Music Typesetting)
- Konqueror/Mozilla/Firefox (Viewing HTML)
- Kbibtex, KBib, JabRef, pybliographer, gbib (View Bibtex files)