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This document describes Kile's DCOP interface, the parts of the Lyx protocol known by Kile and
the services Kile can use from other KDE apps.
1. Kile's DCOP interface
Open a file either by absolute or relative path:
virtual void openDocument(const TQString &);
Insert text at the cursor position in the current document; this can be used to replace Lyx's pipe mechanism:
virtual void insertText(const TQString &);
Same effect as openDocument; kept for backward compatibility:
virtual void fileSelected(const TQString &);
Close the current document:
virtual void closeDocument();
Open a Kile project file, either by absolute or relative path:
virtual void openProject(const TQString &);
Jump to the given line in the current document; please note that the parameter is not of the type 'int' but of 'TQString' instead:
virtual void setLine(const TQString &);
Raise Kile's main window; does not steal the focus:
virtual void setActive();
Run the given tool; the return values are { Running = 0, ConfigureFailed, NoLauncherInstalled, NoValidTarget, NoValidSource, TargetHasWrongPermissions, NoValidPrereqs, CouldNotLaunch, SelfCheckFailed}:
virtual int run(const TQString &);
Run the given tool with a specific configuration as second parameter; returns the same values as the function above:
virtual int runWith(const TQString &, const TQString &);
2. Kile's Lyx Pipe emulation
The following Lyx commands are understood by Kile.
Insert the citations $Name1, Name2, ... at the current cursor postion; the citation command is hard coded to '\cite':
Insert the command \bibliography with the files named $myBib1, $myBib2, ... at the current cursor position:
Insert the string $text at the current cursor position:
3. Services usable Kile
Kile can ask a BibTeX manager to insert all marked citations; for example, via the menu item "LaTeX->References->cite from viewBib".
Currently only KBib ( is supported. If you want to get your application added, please contact us
at kile-devel _ aht_
Valid for Kile 2.0, written at 10/08/2007
The Kile Development Team