KMatplot – a gnuplot-like tool for plotting data sets in either two or three dimensions
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- bugfixes
- examples
- pixmap buffering
- python module
- formulas
- cut/copy/paste,
- undo/redo,
- group/ungroup objects,
- multiple pages,
- arbitrary number of axes per graph,
- surfaces and contours can display non-gridded data ( using Delunay triangulation ),
- colored area under the surface, v-gradient, plotting 4d data ( still under development ),
- XY plots - stairs,
- custom tics values,
- fast selecting of graph elements by middle button click,
- general data storing policy has changed - vectors are stored as columns,
- many bug fixes.
- bugfixes: surfaces use row index, autorun from within Octave and Scilab,
loads/saves arrow styles, no crashing when loading/saving or deleting objects,
Scilab functions updated.
- exporting(requires) to Qt Metafile, PNG, JPEG, BMP, pdf(GhostScript),
eps(Ghostscript), xfig(pstoedit) and other formats provided by
GhostScript, pstoedit or ImageMagick.
- global data sheets.
- rulers added to the page view
- 3d scatter and trajectory plots
- compile problems (hopefully) fixed
- new autoconf/automake scripts
- smoother GUI
- new gradient implementation.
- major redesign
- QGL widget is distributed with KMatplot