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Changes since version 0.10.0b
- Use html page baseurl for resolving urls from the knpplayer backend
- Initialize thread support for knpplayer, makes knpplayer crashes go away
- Second part of set viewarea background to part's parent background
Changes since version 0.10.0a
- Fix some flash wanting full Url out of a relative Url before streaming data
- Hardcode flash mimetypes in pluginsinfo
- Fix kpart not reading the system global kmplayerrc
- Set viewarea background to part's parent background for the plugin
- Fix kxineplayer crash when sending the configurations
Changes since version 0.10.0
- Fix npp streams with javascript urls, that never reached the finish state
- Fix memory leak in SMIL image
- Get rid of nspr dependency
Changes since version 0.10.0-pre3
- Fix double scaling of video in a region
- Use XPLAIN again for npp's GtkPlug embedded in QXEmbed, makes reproducable
mouse grab go away
Changes since version 0.10.0-pre2
- Fix unpausing with multi items from playlist
- Compile fix for gcc >= 4.2
- Cairo painting speedups, always round to screen pixel values
- Adjust for timer drifting in SMIL files
- SMIL additions, add AnimateMotion, more transition types, transOut support,
region background image and 'showBackground' attribute among others
- Replace -vop with -vf for MPlayer
Changes since version 0.9.4a
- Allow per mimetype preferred player backend
- Add npp backend that plays xembed style browser plugins
Changes since version 0.9.4
- Crash fix in playlist change while still playing
- Support for mouse events on 'area' elements in SMIL
- Clear the 'Connecting' status message when we got the data
- Fix regression in 0.9.4, xine added reference links weren't auto played
- Fix painting gifs that where larger than qmovie default buffer size
- Support SMIL 'fillDefault' attribute
- Globally share XML attribute names, reducing memory pressure
- Fix region painting regression to limit updating only the region rectangle
- Add audio/x-ms* to list of possible playlists
Changes since version 0.9.3a
- Support for MPlayer ICY stream info
- Fix flashing/resizing infowindow between two items having info
- Podcast item w/o an enclose but having a description now keep them self
active for a calculated time
- Fix easy breaking reading CDATA sections
- Changed intro animation, making it slightly shorter and using fade transition
- Add support for SMIL linknodes a and area, brush and transiton (only fade)
- RealPix's fades now realy fades in or out
- Moved SMIL/RealPix painting to libcairo
- Fix auto hiding controlpanel disappeared after switching to console view
- Fix autohiding controlpanel when there is also a statusbar
Changes since version 0.9.3
- Reading RAM playlists should stop on '--stop--' stop lines
- Make playlist occuring on top less likely
- Support for 'repeatCount="indefinite"' in SMIL
- Fix uninitialized member in GenericMrl, eg. reopening saved playlist crashed
- "quot" entity fix in XML parser
- Also show content of cdata sections in infoview w/ RSS and XSPF
- Fix konqueror wheel spinning when HTML object has an 'autostart=0' set
- Fix possible hang in RemoteObject for SMIL or RealPix
- Don't play exit animation when KDE terminates
- Nested playlist fix for RSS and XSPF
- Item 'Playlist', of panel's popup menu, didn't work in fullscreen/minimal view
- Allow Xine as player for TV using v4l:/Tuner/frequency mrls
Changes since version 0.9.3-rc1
- Fix audio/video CD w/ MPlayer adding more and more nodes on restart
- MPlayer movie length detection fix for URLs in lists
- Fix playlistview accessing root node w/o checking (crash fix)
- XML Shareable Playlist Format (aka spiff) support
- Fixed editing in place tree of URL, they were modified by KURL::prettyURL()
- Fixed missing 'NotRunning' state change notification in some cases
- Window title for playlists fix, either group name or item URL
- Catergory items should not be editable
Changes since version 0.9.3-pre2
- Patch from bero, add more output audio and video drivers
- Frequencies for Xv TV watching should now be in MHz (like with MPlayer)
- Add more help in the handbook about the backends and the playlist format
- Support MPLAYEROPTS argument for group/item nodes to add extra settings
- Add option to set path/application name for mplayer backend
- Fix possible crash when updating the playlist tree from QListView click events
- Add 'Delete item' and MoveUp/Down for persistent playlists context menu and TV
- Delay loading of recent XML file to first item played or category opened
- Defaults to not show progress slider instead of having a disabled slider,
this greatly improves channel switching with Xv and the bttv driver
- Properly stop kmplayer when 'hanging' in the resolving state, also add
'Connecting' when starting resolving
Changes since version 0.9.3-pre1
- Support for audio cdrom
- Fixes for 'Persistent Playlists' tree; drop position didn't account for
scrollbar position, painting fixes, popup menu position and dropping an item
in a not-yet-loaded tree created a temporary ghost tree
Changes since version 0.9.2a
- Painting of root items in playlist view as 'Window Background'
- Add a 'Persistent Playlists' sub tree to playlist view, editing by D&D,
in-place node editing or changing the XML directly using the 'Edit Mode'
- Add a 'Most Recent' sub tree to playlist view, when having more than 10
items, automatic create a sub tree 'More ..'
- Merge TV input and device name to make tree one step less deep
- Add Television as persistent sub tree to playlist view
- Add 'Optical Disks' with VCD/DVD as persistent sub tree to playlist view
- Make playlist tree less deep and remove the branches paintings
- Plugin fix for for Konqueror >= 3.5.4 users
Changes since version 0.9.2
- Fix realvideo on, support control lists as well
- Toolbar can now be changed using KDE's default KEditToolbar dialog
- Support 'ref' media tags and 'meta' head tags for Smil
- TV source channel switching using Xv player now lowers volume for a short time
- Fix passing playlist files at the commandline, were directly fed to backends
- Fix ASX in case entries point to other playlist files, these weren't resolved
- With plugin, undo infowindow or controlpanel only view if video output
is detected (basically undo (mis)detection which controls to show)
- Fix set Edit mode window to plain text, it interpretered HTML tags
Changes since version 0.9.2-rc1
- Added a DCOP call 'isPlaying()' that returns true when backend is running
and a DCOP call 'isPlaying()' on the backends, other than MPlayer, that
returns true when not paused
- Fix having to press 'pause' twice for unpause and pausing not working with
playlists (likely regression since 0.9.2-pre1)
- Compile fix for when not using Xine (regression in 0.9.2-rc1)
- Crash fix when restarting certain SMIL files, eg when having an RealPix img
Changes since version 0.9.2-pre3
- Recorder added using Xine's mrl setup (see xine-ui-ver/doc/README.en.15.MRLs)
- Seeking support for gstreamer backend
- Ported gstreamer backend from 0.8 to 0.10
- Fix length parsing for MPlayer current CVS version (by Jonas Hurrelmann)
Changes since version 0.9.2-pre2
- Update with 0.9.1c
- SMIL files can be part of other SMIL files
- y-coordinate fix for images in RealPix
Changes since version 0.9.2-pre1
- Update with 0.9.1b
- Added RealPix support for SMIL animations
Changes since version 0.9.1c
- Option added to disable color setting on movie start
- Simple playlist edit mode, edit (sub)tree in raw XML
- SMIL animations can be paused now
Changes since version 0.9.1b
- WMP's showdisplay object argument interpretation fix, it's about clip info
- Fix current playlist item not visual selected and plugin's playlist not
showing HTML object's arguments (regression in 0.9.1b compared to 0.9.1a)
- Fix TDEHTML setting palette on controlpanel, buttons weren't updated
- Double click on video widget for Xine/Gst/Xv or background toggles fullscreen
Changes since version 0.9.1a
- WMP plugin fix for not showing video widget when 'controls' is
- Fix for audio only plugin group for real
- Fix media:// url's
- Crash fix for SMIL when resolving multible url's simultaneously
- Don't play exit animation if started with an url
- Fix for plugin w/ floating statusbar,wrong parent was set
- Real plugin fix for 'controls=All', shouldn't show video widget
- Support for uimode/nolabels/nocontrols/showdisplay/showcontrols/showstatusbar
attributes for WMP's embedded object emulation
- Autohide controlpanel w/ 'Click to play' and support for TARGET attribute
for QT embedded object emulation
Changes since version 0.9.1
- Fix that switching channels w/ VDR sometimes stopped the backend
- Fix saving playlist looses cdata sections (if any) and don't normalize them
- Fix application window stays hidden when fullscreen window closed with ALT_F4
- Fix parser closing root's parent object when reading a XML file in an
existing playlist (ie. a playlist item points to a broken XML playlist file)
- Fix small chance of crashing by the intro movie when choosing another
source very fast (eg. when having, and using, a shortcut for VDR directly)
- Remove hardcode Esc shortcut to escape fullscreen mode, it clashes with
canceling playlist editing
- Workaround bug in TDEListView when clearing the playlist while it's editing
an item, by clearing Focus on any child widget. Also move focus back to
ViewArea when an item is executed
Changes since version 0.9.1-rc1
- Added Find/FindNext in playlist's context menu
- Intro-movie's background will finish when clicked on its background
- Fix possible crash w/ plugin if javascript did a 'put' on an unknown property
- Support reading playlist files from media:// or remote:// protocols, movie
files that resolve to these, still doesn't work though
- Support SMIL's 'begin' attribute on group tags (seq/par/excl) as well
- Fix not honouring MPlayer's aspects detection in case it's not width:height
- Fix MPlayer with the X11Shm video driver not scaling correctly when
'keep aspects' is set
- Fix Xine not resuming on 'pause' when pressing the 'pause' button again
- Fix to not let the session manager restore a backend application as well
- Support for CONTROLS="StatusBar" for plugin, having the same statusbar
as application. See tests/controls.html, after installing KMPlayer-plugin,
with konqueror (also used on many sites when choosing for real format)
Changes since version 0.9.1-pre3
- Show backend's status in application's statusbar and show the play time
left as well.
- Add OBJECT's attributes coming from tdehtml to the document of urlsource, that
might be helpful for web developers (using the 'Show all' feature of playlist)
- Add TDEAction for showing the control or language popup menu
- Put colors and font settings on a separate tab, reducing total config
dialog dimensions
- Fix restoring playlist causing flashing on screen after intro animation
- Also remember window location for window->minimal mode->window
- Integrate MPlayer's languague/subtitles menus for DVD with new languague
popup menu and seek to current position when changing languague/subtitles
with MPlayer
- Support for audio/subtitles within a stream. A language button will be added
when detected which has submenus for the languages. GStreamer only subtitles
with an external url ATM.
Changes since version 0.9.1-pre2
- Support for CONTROLS="Playlist" for plugin
- Support for <base HREF='...'/> tags for ASX
- Network bandwidth setting added, this is used in SMIL's <switch> element
when <video> or <audio> elements have a system-bitrate attribute
- Unpushing the playbutton now actually stops playing
- Fix kxineplayer crashing on exit due to double deletion
- Keep playlist entry in popupmenu, controlpanel button might be gone
- Remember window location so window->fullscreen->window is at same place again
- Option to not resize on opening new source added
- Fix ASX Entry's having more than one Ref child nodes, current wasn't set
right in playlist (did play though)
Changes since version 0.9.1-pre1
- Playlist button of controlpanel has no use when in fullscreen or minimal
mode, so reuse if for a back-to-normal-window button
- Fixed bug in plugin, 0.9.1-pre1 only, that messed up all attributes passed
to KMPlayer from TDEHTML and likely breaking lots of webpages having
audio/video and also omitting KMPlayer's checks for local access.
- Shorten intro/exit animations and also animate the icon rise and fall
- SMIL's regPoint/regAlign support
- Don't resize kpart if 'intrinsic' size is 0x0
- Don't resize for intro/exit animations
- XML export, or regenerate in case of XML playlist, of loaded playlist.
- Fix possible crash when changing source from the TV source to another one.
Changes since version 0.9.0c
- Font settings for playlist and infowindow added.
- Color settings for infowindow added.
- Added some docu about intro/exit movies and kmplayer:// urls in handbook.
- Added minimal mode option that hides playlist, status- and menubar and
autohides the controlpanel.
- Moved playlist option from popupmenu to controlpanel and a configure option
whether to show this button
Changes since version 0.9.0b
- Fix 1+ movies become black&white with Xine backend playing the playlist
- Fix the 'Remember window size on exit' setting and make the 'Always start
with fixed size' setting use the last remembered size.
- Fix XML parser if two or more entities follow each other and block a
possible stack overflow
- Check for local file access on playlist items too
- Hide more XML nodes in playlist if they don't have a title
- Fix displaying jpeg pictures in SMIL's <img> elements
- Make sure to reset view after playing
- Add js binding to DoPlayPause for real plugin
- Try to restore playlist to previous position
- Fix creating default region in SMIL (if no <layout> is found)
- Show inner text in infowindow if clicked on an element that isn't a mrl
- Support for Atom type podcast playlists, plays <link rel="enclosure" src=../>
- Add a scale slider to popup menu when in fullscreen. This is particular
useful if watching a 4:3 movie on a widescreen display.
- Allow for custom intro/exit movies when exists {intro,exit}.xml in either
$TDEDIR/share/apps/kmplayer/ or an user's .kde/share/apps/kmplayer/
Changes since version 0.9.0a
- Removed decoration (+ and - for tree) from root item in playlist, saving
16px horizontal. Also set icon for this item to an url.
- Removed extra text/html mimetype check for playlist detection. Seems some
sites use this mimetype for ASX too.
- Fixed random navigating in ASX playlists.
- Don't show a folder icon when playlist item has no childeren and isn't a
multi-media link either.
- Make playlist menu/toolbar item a toggle for show and hide.
- Combine console/video toolbar buttons and menu items as one toggle and get
rid of 'View' submenu in popup menu. Fill gap on toolbar with zoom100%
- Clear history didn't clear 'Recent files' permanently.
Changes since version 0.9.0
- Fixed last minute change that broke almost all Podcast RSS support
Changes since version 0.9.0-rc1
- Fix the broken recording from rc1 and possible some pre's too
- start and end with a simple smil document if started with no url.
Can be turned off in rc file with option "No Intro=1" in section
"[General Options]".
- support Podcast rss urls, list chanel/item/enclosure tags and play url
arguments of enclosure elements and display inner text from description
in info window
- Added an info panel that is now implemented as a dockable view, this should
become the infopanel for Real plugin's CONTROLS attribute possibility. Put
messages from Xine backend in this window.
Changes since version 0.9.0-pre4
- In place renaming of TV channel/input names in playlist
- Added help sections for TV and VDR in handbook.
- TV settings are now stored in ~/.kde/share/apps/kmplayer/tv.xml. There is an
automatic conversion. Should make manual changes more easy, see handbook for
the format. Now also XVideo port and encoding can be configured, although
manually only.
- More work on SMIL. Allow playing mediatype elements w/o having a region
assigned, fixes audio only streams (eg. with the <audio> tag).
- Optionally use the expat SAX parser (instead of kmplayer's own one) when
configured with --enable-expat. Note, the expat parser is more strict and
therefor can misread some ASX files.
Changes since version 0.9.0-pre3
- Fix for DVD submenus for MPlayer and update regexp for audio/subtitle
- More work on SMIL. Show active SMIL element in playlist using the color
settings. Like mediatypes, if set/animate elements have a duration than it
should not deactivate itself immediately.
- Undo 'First jump to URL source page when opening an URL' from 0.8.1. Now the
'Configure KMPlayer' option jumps to that page. File open, opens a file
dialog again (and can select multible files)
- Allow opening multible files
- Support for gif movies in SMIL's 'img' element
- Regression fix plugin; when split over multible objects, the base url could
be opened instead of the SRC url.
Changes since version 0.9.0-pre2
- Support javascript properties FileName and Volume
- Internal redesign of DOM classes
- Store current url in KDE's session config
- Added a 'Clear History' action, that will clear recent files and URL source
- Delayed mouse hiding in fullscreen, patch from Ben Laenen
- Option for docking in system tray
- Smarter painting when moving regions in SMIL document
- More work on SMIL support. Implemented animate's 'values' attribute and
'calcMode="discrete"'. Added 'fit' attribute for mediatypes (only used
for images now, and value 'scroll' is not implemented). Group
'excl' is now supported. Text elements are rendered by QTextEdit, so it
supports html now too. Updated applications in tests/ directory
Changes since version 0.9.0-pre1
- Include tests directory
Changes since version 0.8.4b
- Build fix for compiling with -fvisibility=hidden
- More work on SMIL, support for layout/root-layout/region tags so one can
position a mediatype in a rectangle, other than video/audio also support
for text/img mediatypes and flow control with begin/dur/end attribute that
can be time values but also (mouse) events or clip ends and set/animate can
be used to alter arguments on-the-fly.
- Added option to adjust the colors of playlist and viewing area
- Added an option in playlist context menu to show all nodes in case of XML
based playlists (ASX or SMIL)
- Added option whether backends should set volume on start
- Original gcc-2.95 compile fixes (Leo Savernik)
Changes since version 0.8.4a
- gcc-2.95 compile fixes (Leo Savernik) hopefully correctly backported
- Read playlist from audio/m3u mimetypes
- Don't print log to stdout but to stderr instead (BR100422)
- Don't set volume on starting MPlayer because MPlayer sets volume relative
to current volume (BR99953)
Changes since version 0.8.4
- Fix keyboard shortcuts for increase/decrease volume for fullscreen
- Better 100% zoom calculation
- Prevents ways to crash KMPlayer via DCOP when just started
- Fix MPlayer's command queue after manually stop a movie
Changes since version 0.8.4-rc5
- Debian builds now a kmplayer-i18n package too
- Controlpanel uses paletteForegroundColor for drawing
- Added a volume control to controlpanel that let backends control the volume
(unlike the slider in menu, which uses kmix) + two actions for shortcut
possibility in 'Configure Shortcuts' dialog
- Bookmarking a VDR channel now bookmarks it as kmplayer://vdrsource/channel
- When controlpanel is in autohide mode, move it over the video instead of
shifting the video up causing annoying flickering (bug 96861)
- up/down/ok/back/menu for VDR are added to the toolbar as well when connected
- Unmute DVB card when VDR reports volume of zero, restore on exit
- Auto scroll playlist when current is outside the viewing area
Changes since version 0.8.4-rc4
- Recording now stops movie playing after hitting 'Start Recording'
- Be less strict with parsing ASX (and SMIL) play list files
- Internals: merge code from backends, with the 'never reaching' goal to add
a new backend just by configuration (plus a backend player of course)
- Internals: move playlist handling to Partbase, instead of each process have
their own tricks. Also kxineplayer accepts '-vo x11' now, kgstreamer eats
local url's w/o file:// prefix.
- Internals: re-implement backend XML config and TV config data using own
DOM-like classes for no less reason than increasing the code coolness :-)
- Added view video/playlist/console to toolbar
- Playlist will default appear on top if there are only a few items
- TV inputs/channels are now displayed inside the playlist, instead of a menu
- kxvplayer also accounts for frequency setting when guessing the xvideo port,
more usable for TV viewing
- Move all library classes to the KMPlayer namespace and strip the KMPlayer
prefix in the name. Rename class KMPlayer itself to PartBase.
- Binary data detection when reading a playlist that turns out to be
video/audio stream (instead of creating a playlist w/ wierd names)
Changes since version 0.8.4-rc3
- Look for title entries in ASX and .pls files for playlist items
- DemiBold font for playlist and console log window for readability
- Begin of GStreamer backend support, local file only
- Allow disconnect/connect for VDR while still playing, allows other apps to
access the VDR port
- Actively determine mime-type for playlist detection (was guess on extension
or use the one the plugin got from konqueror)
- VCD tracks are, for MPlayer only, displayed in playlist and not in menu
- Added custom command for VDR, output to console view
- Made command interaction with VDR much more reliable
Changes since version 0.8.4-rc2
- Added a XVideo player (kxvplayer) process. Used now for viewing VDR
- Fixed various crash cases with the playlist
- Playlist view is dockable now
Changes since version 0.8.4-rc1
- Oops, left an ugly hack in the icon loading for the playlist tree, can crash
- Some playlist tree visualization ordering fixes
Changes since version 0.8.3a
- Nice icons from Marcel Dierkes, thanks!!!
- Replaced internal playlist structure from std::list to DOM
- Removed the 'Show Console' option, now one can always switch to the console
output window
- Visualization of internal playlist, becomes one of the
video/playlist/console views of the data
- More icons in the menus and some context menus added
Changes since version 0.8.3
- Auto hiding in fullscreen fix
- Mencoder recording fix for URLs
- Yet another spurious seek locking Xine when playing a playlist
- Comment out NoExpose debug line with kxineplayer
Changes since version 0.8.3-rc5
- Two more regression fixes in show cache progress, get rid of spurious seek
command caused by switching progress slider usage and don't update playing
position if there is no position change (might fill cache instead).
- Xinerama fix, fullscreen on display where video widget is on.
Changes since version 0.8.3-rc4
- Fix regression in show cache progress in 0.8.3-rc2, which made the xine
backend hang on some web movies
- Ripped out the arts volume slider. Now you only get a volume slider if you
run kmix standalone or as an applet in kicker.
- Try to limit symbols in the shared objects by using KDE_NO_EXPORT. Although
hard to measure, hopefully speed up loading the plugin
- New recorder (mplayer -dumpstream) from Stefan Siegel
Changes since version 0.8.3-rc3a
- Downloading of .m3u/.pls also eats .asx, so try to read this one too. This
fixes also MPlayer-1.0pre not been able to read .asx files.
- Make sure if we're downloading a playlist file, it isn't bigger than 50k
- More or less revert the alsa5/alsa9 change to just alsa. Seems latest
MPlayer doesn't work with alsa5/alsa9. Although they are still available.
Changes since version 0.8.3-rc3
- add AM_MAINTAINER_MODE in, no recheck/automake/autoconf
version mismatch
Changes since version 0.8.3-rc2
- All QtoolTips to QWhatsThis and help from Xine for whatsthis by xine options
- Store xine settings in ~/.kde/share/apps/kmplayer/xine_config and not in
~/.xine/config2. Save the first time if file does not exist (Automaticly
sets the misc.memcpy_method).
- Added a debian build directory, builds a kmplayer-lib, kmplayer-plugin and a
kmplayer-app package. Eg. install only kmplayer-lib and kmplayer-plugin if
you prefer another player but do want the plugin for konqueror.
- Added protocol files for mms://, rtsp:// and pnm://
- Position slider now also shows progress of the cache fill
Changes since version 0.8.3-rc1
- Remove configure options for control buttons. Simply always autohide for
fullscreen and embedded part and show them otherwise
- Fix another case of video widget stays black cause in kxineplayer
- If position slider is hidden, make buttons small again (like <= 0.8.2)
- Support for AUTOSTART attribute
- Support for FULLSCREENMODE attribute
- Seeking while sliding :-)
- Local .pls and .m3u playlist files support. Works too if autodownloaded, eg
pls' on should work now
Changes since version 0.8.2
- fix for the "video window stays (sometimes/often) black" bug, which seems to
occur more with the latest Qt versions. KMPlayer uses a XSimpleWindow now
that is managed by QXEmbed
- Support for Real's CONTROLS/CONSOLE attributes. This makes it possible
multible plugins cooperate with imagewindow/controlpanel
- Combine control buttons and position slider to one control panel
Changes since version 0.8.2-rc5
- Don't show ffserver setting when no v4l devices are configured
- Stream detection fix for MPlayer-1.0prex (needed for recording)
Changes since version 0.8.2-rc4
- Locale fixes for Xine
- Let Xine play all URLs in playlist
- Change alsa to alsa5/alsa9 audio driver for MPlayer
Changes since version 0.8.2-rc3
- Compile fix for Qt-3.1
- Compile fix for xine-lib-1-rc2
Changes since version 0.8.2-rc2
- Add audio/x-pn-realaudio to supported mimetypes
- Fix for filenames containing a #
- Build fix for KDE-3.1.x
- Add audio.visualization property for Xine (very nice for eg. web radio)
Changes since version 0.8.2-rc1
- Don't fill X log with ffmpeg output
- Jump to broadcast config page first when clicking broadcast button
- 'Start' button on broadcast config page and two leds for ffserver and ffmpeg
- dvd/vcd fix (regression from '-frames 0' removal
- put mplayer's output patterns in a QTable
- default to asf for ffserver
Changes since version 0.8.1a
- MPlayer-1.0-pre is default now ([MPlayer] Post MPlayer 0.90=true in
- Removed the '-frames 0' switch for MPlayer-1.0-pre, now identifying is done
in one stroke with playback (faster playing, less sensible to failures)
- Xine configuration tab for convenient editing of ~/.xine/config2
- Made config dialog somewhat flexible, and TV/broadcast settings are now
not available when launched from the plugin
- Change dir of mplayer/kxineplayer process if playing a local file. Hopefully
fixes relative links in supported playlist files.
- Profiles for broadcasting
- Fixed always having a left/right black border with Xine
- Sub title support (although MPlayer-1.0-pre3 crashes with '-sub' option)
Changes since version 0.8.1
- Fix for Web object having HREF attributes and not 'Click to Play' enabled
- Allow opening 'vcd://' and 'dvd://' URLs (useful for Xine VCD Nav)
- Pass vcd/dvd device setting to kxineplayer
Changes since version 0.8.1-rc1
- Delay arts volume initialization for faster startup when not build with
- First jump to URL source page when opening an URL
- Added history combo for URL on URL source page
- Replaced tree for icons with tabs in settings dialog
Changes since version 0.8b
- First jump to recording page when pressing the record button
- Optionally use ffmpeg for recording (URL or v4l sources)
- Fix mplayer v4l device scanning for mplayer > 0.91
- Bookmarks added
- Beginning of more configurable mencoder options
- Fix signaling of backend player play (regression from 0.8b)
Changes since version 0.8a
- Layout fixes in configuration dialog
- Fix loading percentage feedback
- Fix console output for kxineplayer
- Fix tv channel switching
Changes since version 0.8
- Fix forward/backward/position seek for mplayer and implemented for kxineplayer
- Hide zoom sub menu when in fullscreen
Changes since version 0.7.97
- Locale fix for filenames
- Added audio/x-ms-wma mimetype
Changes since version 0.7.96
- Build changes, tdeinit wasn't used (speeds up loading) and an option for
disabling arts volume slider (eg. if you use kmix already)
use --disable-arts-volume with configure and it prevents linking agains the
arts libs (speeds up loading of kmplayer too)
- Moved color sliders to a sub menu, fix it for mplayer
Changes since version 0.7.95
- Support for mplayer/mencoder from CVS. Set 'Post MPlayer 0.90=true' in
.kde/share/config/kmplayer.rc under group [MPlayer] to use it.
- Also enable DVD playing using kxineplayer (dvdnav, yeah!)
Changes since version 0.7.4c
- Added a simple Xine player backend (kxineplayer). Basically a finger practice
for the upcoming MPlayer-G2 lib, but now quite useful for rtsp/real playback.
Works only for URLs
- Added the javascript bindings to mimic a realplay plugin (only some are
really doing something). You must set KMPlayer as default viewer for
audio/x-pn-realaudio to use it.
- Support for 'Click to play' start images as found on
- Broadcast, http streaming, for video devices (needs ffmpeg/ffserver)
"Say hi to a friend", if you have a webcam.
Changes since version 0.7.4b
- Fix postprocessing checkbox
- Fix proxy setting for mplayer process
Changes since version 0.7.4a
- Height calculation fix when position slider is visible
- Q&D fix for mplayer compiled with locale output (,->. for aspect)
- Aspect fix for fullscreen when embedded in tdehtml
- Position slider fix VCD, re-determine length for each track
Changes since version 0.7.4
- Fix VCD playing
Changes since version 0.7.3
- Re-added the main application toolbar
- Re-identify dvd if another title is selected, because they have different
- Added a record button. Currently only configurable in kmplayerrc, see the
mencoder options in mplayer man page. Doesn't work for audio only streams.
- New config dialog from Joonas Koivunen
- Support for MPlayer's experimental TV capturing (use with care, I need to
rmmod bttv, tvaudio and msp3400 to get xawtv working again afterwards)
No audio capturing for now
- Added a position slider
- Fixed two cases of double deletes found by valgrind
Changes since version 0.7.2
- Make using of arts optional, now that the volume slider automatic starts
- Patch from Rainer Blessing; show/hide menubar. Enhanced it a bit for
people, like me, who forget how to get it back again.
Changes since version 0.7.1
- Check for an onFinished handler before emiting it
- Great patch from Joonas Koivunen, add postprocessing filter configuration
Changes since version 0.7a
- Added a 'Open Pipe' item to 'Source' menu for mplayer reading from stdin.
Of course slave commands doesn't work here (forward/backward/pause/...)
And I had some hard time killing mplayer this way (make 'stop' work).
Not available for the embedded part.
- Add tearoff handle to 'DVD'/'VCD' menus
- Changed 'File' menu to 'Source' menu and move 'DVD'/'VCD' to it
- Use KProtocolManager::proxyForURL to determine if http_proxy should be set.
Copied some code from KProtocolManager::slaveProtocol for the exceptions.
MPlayer seems to only support http protocol proxies.
- End fullscreen mode when movie ends when embedded
- Zoom fix when embedded, 100% resets original movie size
- Move config button to front, makes it accessable for very small movies
- Also delay hiding of control buttons a bit
Changes since version 0.7
- Arts::Dispatcher -> KArtsDispatcher, fix multiple use crash
Changes since version 0.6.5b
- Zoom sub menu added in popup menu
- Arts volume slider added in popup menu
- Fullscreen mode for part (when embedded)
- Small config button shows a popup menu now
- Set environment variable http_proxy in mplayer's process when defined
- Use LiveConnect for automatic resizing to movie size when embedded in tdehtml
fixes movie sizes at, needs KDE-3.1 from cvs
- Typo in application/x-mplayer2 mimetype
Changes since version 0.6.5a
- Remove -mpentium4 from admin/ (build fix)
Changes since version 0.6.5
- Changed regexp in wrong string fix
Changes since version 0.6.4
- Don't set a subtitle automatically
- Put some basic install instructions in README
- Get rid of the compiler warnings
- Added ; at end of Patterns in mimetypes. Lets hope this fixes the mimetype
- Changed regexp; mplayer rc3 changed "Start playing" to "Starting playback"
- Fix uncheck of subtitle/language DVD menu
Changes since version 0.6.3a
- View Arts Control menu option (tdemultimedia)
- disable screensaver in fullscreen mode
- more user feedback; BrowserExtension::infoMessage for cache fill
- start hiding buttons when the movie starts, not when mplayer is executed
- do a lowercase match on HREF, fixes more on
Changes since version 0.6.3
- compile fix for KDE-3.1 'kdDebug () << KURL' works only in HEAD
Changes since version 0.6.2
- Play HREF's if given, fixes movies at
Changes since version 0.6.1
- added auto hide buttons option
- drop -alang and -slang in favor of -aid and -sid (fix duplicate languages)
= synchronious killing of mplayer in KMPlayer's part dtor, fix possible crash
- implemented some BrowserExtension functions,
loadingProgress, better progress feedback in konqueror of cache fill
save/restoreState, backward/forward works now in konqueror
setLocationBarURL when url changes in config dialog, updates locationbar
- added video/x-ms-asf mimetype, now I can watch webtv from :-)
- sync config after each Ok/Apply
- fix url argument (was broken by fix file argument)
- fix crash, ConfigDialog already destoyed by view
Changes since version 0.6
- fix kmplayer file argument without path
- fix some memory leaks
- fix ratio settings when setting a new URL from the configure dialog
- make loop non default (MPlayer bug workaround)
- drop quoteURL, use TDEProcess:quote
- add VCD menu
- --enable-final fix
- gcc-2.95.x compile fix
Changes since version 0.5
- Made colors of console output window darker
- Fix for not restoring main window size
- Don't have an useless toolbar
- Make DVD menu optional
- Make buttonbar optional
- Add loop option
- Config dialog added
- Quick fix for File|Quit hang
- Fix escaping bug
- Make keep width/height ratio default
Changes since version 0.4
- Make small control buttons even smaller and flat
- Play and Stop buttons are toggles
- Try even harder to kill mplayer
- Make console output window optional
- More config options, eg. mplayer output patterns
(use vi .kde/share/config/kmplayerrc for now)
- Added an extra mimetype application/x-mplayer2 (how many are ther for wmf?)
I hope someone can tell me why these mimetypes doesn't show up in file
- a patch for mplayer x11 video driver, for those that don't have xv