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Features of version 0.4.5 include:
* support for ethernet (including wireless) and ppp connections
* the icon shows incoming/outgoing traffic
* hiding of icon when the interface is not available
* hiding of icon when the interface does not exist (useful for interfaces that
are dynamically created and and removed)
* automatic detection of wireless extensions for ethernet interfaces
* left-clicking on an icon displays a status dialog with information about the
selected interface (2nd click hides dialog)
* middle-clicking on an icon displays a traffic plotter that was taken from
KSysGuard (2nd click hides dialog)
* configuration via context menu or control center module (Internet & Network/
Network Monitor)
* customizable tooltip for quick access to often needed information
* custom entries in the context menu. Useful to start/stop/restart interfaces
or to configure them using external tools.
* automatic detection of available interfaces (click on 'Default' in the
configuration dialog and KNemo will look under /proc/net/dev for interfaces)
* support for notifications via sound and passive popups
* KNemo counts the number of transfered bytes and does not depend on the output
of 'ifconfig' for the total number of transfered bytes. This way KNemo can
even display a hugh amount of traffic while 'ifconfig' has an overflow at 4GB.
* support for different iconsets for every interface
* support for daily, monthly and yearly statistics
* configurable update interval for interface informations
* support for different backends to gather information