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Version 0.4.8:
* fixed high CPU load when the default gateway is missing (sysbackend)
Version 0.4.7:
* fixed missing tray icon caused by too many opened sockets
* fixed crash when non-wireless interfaces get disconnected
* make KNemo compilable on systems without iw lib
Version 0.4.6:
* disable statistics entries in configuration dialog if statistics are
not activated for at least one interface
* sys backend uses ioctls for network addresses
* sys backend uses proc filesystem for default gateway
* sys backend uses iwlib for wireless information
* wireless tab of status dialog was redesigned
* improved switching of status dialog and signal plotter
* if the PPP driver resets its data on disconnection KNemo should
also start to count the data from zero for every new connection
Version 0.4.5:
* fixed counting of transmitted data for sys backend
* changed handling of KNemo as a service:
KNemo must now be started using its control center module. This was
necessary to keep KNemo from starting automatically for every user
in a multiuser environment.
* fixed calculation of transfer speed
* redesigned the status dialog
Version 0.4.4:
* fixed counting of transfered data for ppp interfaces
Version 0.4.3:
* updated Russian translation
* support for different backends to gather information
Version 0.4.2:
* fixed crash when opening status dialog or tooltips
Version 0.4.1:
* added Hungarian translation
* updated Russian translation
* added timer to store statistics periodically
* made location of statistic files configurable
* made update interval of interface informations configurable
Version 0.4.0 (april fool release):
* added statistics for every day, month and year that show the
incoming, outgoing and total traffic.
* some minor improvements and changes
Version 0.3.1 (birthday release):
* added Russian translation
* updated Brazilian Portuguese translation
* updated French translation
* it's possible to move the custom menu entries up and down
* added preview for iconsets
* if visible but not on top RMB and MMB will bring traffic plotter to front
instead of hiding it
* same for LMB and status dialog
* status dialog and traffic plotter store their position and size in the
config file so that they keep them between 2 KDE sessions
Version 0.3.0:
* updated Czech translation
* updated Italian translation
* added support for dynamic number of entries in the context menu. Useful
to start/stop/restart interfaces or to configure them using external tools
like KNetworkConf or NetGo.
Version 0.2.3 (the illuminated release)
* updated Czech translation
* updated German translation
* updated Brazilian Portuguese translation
* updated Spanish translation
* updated French translation
* KNemo now supports iconsets. This is the same behaviour as the previous
'indication of connection type'. This checkbox was removed and an entry
'Monitors' added to the combobox. The monitors are still default but now
you can select a different set of icons for every interface.
Thanks to SarahB for this proposal.
Version 0.2.2 (maintenance release):
* added Dutch translation
* updated Italian translation
* updated Brazilian Portuguese translation
* the system tray icon can indicate the connection type
drawback: you need to tell KNemo the type of connection as KNemo can
only detect the type when the interface is connected. So offline
interfaces would display the wrong icon. Automatic detection of the
connection type will be turned off if the user sets it manually.
* traffic plotter now also accessible through context menu
* status dialog and traffic plotter store their position on the screen
between closing and reopening
Version 0.2.1 (maintenance release):
* added French translation
* added Brazilian Portuguese translation
* updated Czech translation
* added KNemo application icon ( Danke Bernd ;-) )
* show correct uptime in the tooltip
Version 0.2.0:
* added Italian translation
* added Czech translation
* fixed: selecting a different interface in the configuration dialog activated
the 'Apply' button
* fixed the 4GB bug: Knemo reported 4GB of sent and received traffic
shortly after the connection was established
* added status information for ethernet interfaces: broadcast address
and default gateway
* added traffic information: transfer speed for up- and download
* added notification for 'interface does not exist'
* status dialog: made all labels on the IP-tab selectable making it possible
to copy&paste the information on this tab
* middle-clicking on an icon displays a traffic plotter that was taken
from KSysGuard (2nd click hides dialog)
Version 0.1.10 (maintenance release):
* removed the entry 'Quit' in the context menu as it shouldn't be used
for daemons (moreover it doesn't work for them correctly)
* fixed the German translation
* updated Bulgarian and Spanish translation
* fixed a compile problem with KDE-CVS
* improved configure check of 'ifconfig' and 'iwconfig'
* don't display empty line in tooltip if no alias is set
* small fix for Bit Rate detection of wireless interfaces
Version 0.1.9:
* fixed recognition of connection status for interfaces that are IPv6 enabled
* don't compile and install documentation as long as there is none
* added GPL header in all source files
* added Bulgarian translations by Malin Malinov <>
* ESSIDs can now contain any character
* KNemo counts the number of transfered bytes and no longer depends on the
output of 'ifconfig' for the total number of transfered bytes. This way
KNemo can even display a hugh amount of traffic while 'ifconfig' has an
overflow at 4GB.
* added "About KNemo" dialog
* added "Report Bug" entry in context menu
* KNemo now distinguishs between the interface not being connected and
the interface not existing. Added an option to hide the icon when the
interface does not exist. This is useful for interfaces that are dynamically
created and destroyed, for example interfaces of bluetooth adapters.
* tooltips don't display uptime and wireless information when not connected
or the interface does not exist
* statusdialog uses correct icon and displays the interface name in the
title to avoid <2> etc in the title when opening more than one dialog
* 'ifconfig' and 'iwconfig' are now called with LANG and LC_ALL set to C
to avoid problems with localized output
* configure will now search for 'ifconfig' and 'iwconfig' so it is no
longer neccessary to setup the path in the config dialog
Version 0.1.8:
* fixed a bug with localized output of 'ifconfig' (parsing of received
and send packets)
* fixed a bug with uptime using QDateTime::daysTo() which doesn't
give the correct results when you are interessted in complete days
* added support for notifications
* started with localization
Version 0.1.7
* custom tooltips: the tooltips can now be configured to show some (or all)
of the information available in the status dialog. This is meant for easy
and quick access to often needed information.
* opening the control center module from the context menu will preselect
the interface the context menu belongs to
* fixed handling of 'Reset' in the control center
Version 0.1.6
* left-clicking an icon toggles the status dialog
* 2 optional custom entries in the context menu to start and stop the
* using the more standard icons
- network_disconnected
- network_connected
- network_incoming
- network_outgoing
- network_traffic
* install the icons under $TDEDIR/share/icons/crystalsvg/22x22/actions
* fixed a problem with QTime when uptime became negative after midnight
Version 0.1.5
* Initial Release