KNights – chess game
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Knights TODO version 0.6
- Server Selector in dlg_logic
- Bughouse/Crazyhouse Support
o Add support for multiple boards viewed at once
- Convert the Main Window to use the TabManager
o Must find a way to replicate the top-menu
o Must move most of the knights class into the match class
- Time to remove the knights class completely?!?!?!?
o Umm.. is the main window going to look OK with the menu BELOW the tabGrip and close button?
o We can remove the thinbutton class
o Must make game boards dynamically resizeable
- Resizing is slow. How can we speed this up?
o Add support for a 'sideboard' which displays waiting chessmen
- Must use TabManager tabs
o Resizing will be slow. We must find a way to speed up resizing.
- Add scratchboard support
o Must replace match's right-click code with a pop-up menu
or context sensitive actions
- Implement io_email
- Implement 'Online Player' option in New Match Dialog
o If player is not online at the time, begin connecting
o Once online, begin seeking a match w/ time controls set in New Match dialog
- Implement audio speech which follows teh action on the board
o Must find someone with a great voice. :-)
- Support hyperlinks in the console