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0.1 First version
0.2 Switched preferences in style KDE 2.2
Added save/load configuration file
Added RUNTIME on panel
Added switch 230/120V and 50/60Hz
Added read XFER from UPS
Added more members on main (front) panel
0.3.2 Added German localization - Crissi
Added Italian localization - Andrea
Added Tool Tip in main (front) panel
0.4.0 Added setting font for main (front) a analog panels
0.4.1 First revision for KDE 3
0.5.0 Added autorange for output current, battery current and battery voltage
Added new UPS dialog (autosizing)
Added view of all UPS(NUT) variables
Added French localization
Cleaning code
0.6.0 Added change color for background of main panel
Added change color for background of main window
Added change color of analog panels (background, finger, font ...)
Changes in knutnet. I started clean code in knutnet.
First version of manual, now in Czech language only. Sorry.
Changed in view if all UPS(NUT) variables
Added running instant commands
Added setting RW variables
0.6.1 Added list of error to statusbar.
New (faster) version of KNutNet class.
First version of manual in English language.
0.7.0 Added support for new protocol client-sever and new versions of variables.
New version window for showing variables.
New version of core. Core were divided on two parts, the core and the main window.
Added Russian localization. - Oleg Shevchenko
Added Ukrainian localization. - Oleg Shevchenko
Added quicker return from lost connection to data OK.
Added correct for connection on bad line, when protocol UDP is used.
Changed in preferences window. Main protocol is TCP now.
Corrected a few small mistakes.
0.7.1 Correct dead-lock of knutclient when upsd crashed
0.7.2 New version of Handbook (only Czech language).
New showing runtime.
Corrected problem witch Handbook for KDE 3.1.x.
New Handbook for Czech language.
Changed for add/delete the first ups.
0.7.3 New version of Handbook.
Corrected frequence/frequency error
0.8.0 New showing of runtime, when connection is down (-:--)
Small changes in code.
Zeroing analog panels when connection is down.
Corrected knutnet.h for FreeBSD
(Carlos Fernando Assis Paniago)
New icons
Corrected "save properties" for KDE Logout
0.8.1 New look
Added shortcut, dialog for configuring key settings.
(Laurent Montel)
0.8.2 Changed code for KDE 3.2.x, correct QPallete problem
Corrected connect (...) in KNutMessageManager class Corrected for gcc-3.4
(Andrea Joachens)
0.8.3 Corrected version number for Debian
Corrected French localization
0.8.4 Added refresh connection (reconnect)
0.8.5 Corrected maximum values for battery voltage, battery current and output current
when big UPS (Powerware 9305, ......) is used.
0.8.6 Correct German localization
0.9.0 Made new net layer.
Connecting is asynchrone now.
End of supporting UDP protocol.
KDE older then 3.0.0 already is not supported.
0.9.1 Added checkbox for turn on/off of error message window
0.9.2 Added support for automake 1.8 and 1.9
Added Spanish localization.
(Sir Mad)
New categories for knutclient are 'Qt;KDE;System;Monitor;'
(Sir Mad)
0.9.3 Corrected error for x86_64 environment
(Alexey Sidorov)
0.9.4 Made facelift of analog pointers
Added: click on dock makes or activates main window
Added: Show message when KNC is connected on NUT server again.
Added New error message AlreadySetUsername
Added: New analog panel "Output frequency".
Added: New error message NoListVars.
Corrected: All message window have timeout now and use message manager.
Corrected: Icon in dock has transparent background now.
Corrected: New message window rewrites older message window when has same priority
Corrected: Corrected problem with logon when was switched on other NUT server
Corrected: Corrected problem when values of status was "WAIT"
Corrected: Corrected error in knutdock.h
Added Polish localization - Tomasz Walach
Added: Into comboBox, for setting main window, was added values "Auto".
Added: New icons for preference window.
Changed: KNC is running on KDE 4 /on distribution which uses KDE4 a has
support for aplication from KDE3 / a little better.
Changed: Window for select of UPS values was changed.
Changed: Index file for czech language uses UTF8, older versions use iso-8859-2
Corrected: Font for analog meter's values is changed/repainted immediately.