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$Id: KDGanttView.h 523435 2006-03-28 08:01:15Z mlaurent $
KDChart - a multi-platform charting engine
** Copyright (C) 2001-2004 Klarälvdalens Datakonsult AB. All rights reserved.
** This file is part of the KDGantt library.
** This file may be distributed and/or modified under the terms of the
** GNU General Public License version 2 as published by the Free Software
** Foundation and appearing in the file LICENSE.GPL included in the
** packaging of this file.
** Licensees holding valid commercial KDGantt licenses may use this file in
** accordance with the KDGantt Commercial License Agreement provided with
** the Software.
** This file is provided AS IS with NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING THE
** See for
** information about KDGantt Commercial License Agreements.
** Contact if any conditions of this
** licensing are not clear to you.
** As a special exception, permission is given to link this program
** with any edition of TQt, and distribute the resulting executable,
** without including the source code for TQt in the source distribution.
#include <tqptrlist.h>
#include <tqwidget.h>
#include <tqlistview.h>
#include <tqsplitter.h>
#include <tqlayout.h>
#include <tqfont.h>
#include <tqdom.h>
#include <tqvbox.h>
#include "KDGanttViewItem.h"
#include "KDGanttViewTaskLinkGroup.h"
#include "KDGanttMinimizeSplitter.h"
#include "KDGanttViewItemDrag.h"
class KDGanttViewTaskLink;
class TQPrinter;
class TQIODevice;
class itemAttributeDialog;
class KDListView;
class KDGanttViewItem;
class KDGanttViewEventItem;
class KDGanttViewTaskItem;
class KDGanttViewSummaryItem;
class KDTimeTableWidget;
class KDTimeHeaderWidget;
class KDLegendWidget;
class KDGanttCanvasView;
class KDGanttViewTaskLink;
class KDGanttMinimizeSplitter;
class KDGanttView : public KDGanttMinimizeSplitter
TQ_PROPERTY( bool showLegend READ showLegend WRITE setShowLegend )
TQ_PROPERTY( bool showListView READ showListView WRITE setShowListView )
TQ_PROPERTY( bool showTaskLinks READ showTaskLinks WRITE setShowTaskLinks )
TQ_PROPERTY( bool editorEnabled READ editorEnabled WRITE setEditorEnabled )
TQ_PROPERTY( TQDateTime horizonStart READ horizonStart WRITE setHorizonStart )
TQ_PROPERTY( TQDateTime horizonEnd READ horizonEnd WRITE setHorizonEnd )
TQ_PROPERTY( Scale scale READ scale WRITE setScale )
TQ_PROPERTY( YearFormat yearFormat READ yearFormat WRITE setYearFormat )
TQ_PROPERTY( HourFormat hourFormat READ hourFormat WRITE setHourFormat )
TQ_PROPERTY( bool showMinorTicks READ showMinorTicks WRITE setShowMinorTicks )
TQ_PROPERTY( bool showMajorTicks READ showMajorTicks WRITE setShowMajorTicks )
TQ_PROPERTY( bool editable READ editable WRITE setEditable )
TQ_PROPERTY( TQColor textColor READ textColor WRITE setTextColor )
TQ_PROPERTY( int majorScaleCount READ majorScaleCount WRITE setMajorScaleCount )
TQ_PROPERTY( int minorScaleCount READ minorScaleCount WRITE setMinorScaleCount )
TQ_PROPERTY( int autoScaleMinorTickCount READ autoScaleMinorTickCount WRITE setAutoScaleMinorTickCount )
TQ_PROPERTY( Scale maximumScale READ maximumScale WRITE setMaximumScale )
TQ_PROPERTY( Scale minimumScale READ minimumScale WRITE setMinimumScale )
TQ_PROPERTY( int minimumColumnWidth READ minimumColumnWidth WRITE setMinimumColumnWidth )
TQ_PROPERTY( int ganttMaximumWidth READ ganttMaximumWidth WRITE setGanttMaximumWidth )
TQ_PROPERTY( TQColor weekendBackgroundColor READ weekendBackgroundColor WRITE setWeekendBackgroundColor )
TQ_PROPERTY( TQColor ganttViewBackgroundColor READ gvBackgroundColor WRITE setGvBackgroundColor )
TQ_PROPERTY( TQColor listViewBackgroundColor READ lvBackgroundColor WRITE setLvBackgroundColor )
TQ_PROPERTY( TQColor timeHeaderBackgroundColor READ timeHeaderBackgroundColor WRITE setTimeHeaderBackgroundColor )
TQ_PROPERTY( TQColor legendHeaderBackgroundColor READ legendHeaderBackgroundColor WRITE setLegendHeaderBackgroundColor )
TQ_PROPERTY( double zoomFactor READ zoomFactor )
TQ_PROPERTY( bool showHeaderPopupMenu READ showHeaderPopupMenu WRITE setShowHeaderPopupMenu )
TQ_PROPERTY( bool showTimeTablePopupMenu READ showTimeTablePopupMenu WRITE setShowTimeTablePopupMenu )
TQ_PROPERTY( bool headerVisible READ headerVisible WRITE setHeaderVisible )
TQ_PROPERTY( bool showLegendButton READ showLegendButton WRITE setShowLegendButton )
TQ_PROPERTY( bool legendIsDoctwindow READ legendIsDoctwindow WRITE setLegendIsDoctwindow )
TQ_PROPERTY( bool displayEmptyTasksAsLine READ displayEmptyTasksAsLine WRITE setDisplayEmptyTasksAsLine )
TQ_PROPERTY( TQBrush noInformationBrush READ noInformationBrush WRITE setNoInformationBrush )
TQ_PROPERTY( bool dragEnabled READ dragEnabled WRITE setDragEnabled )
TQ_PROPERTY( bool dropEnabled READ dropEnabled WRITE setDropEnabled )
TQ_PROPERTY( bool calendarMode READ calendarMode WRITE setCalendarMode )
TQ_ENUMS( Scale )
TQ_ENUMS( YearFormat )
TQ_ENUMS( HourFormat )
enum Scale { Minute, Hour, Day, Week, Month, Auto };
enum YearFormat { FourDigit, TwoDigit, TwoDigitApostrophe, NoDate };
enum HourFormat { Hour_24, Hour_12, Hour_24_FourDigit };
enum RepaintMode { No, Medium, Always };
KDGanttView( TQWidget* parent = 0, const char* name = 0 );
virtual void show();
virtual bool close ( bool alsoDelete );
void setRepaintMode( RepaintMode mode );
void setUpdateEnabled( bool enable);
bool getUpdateEnabled( )const;
void setGanttMaximumWidth( int w );
int ganttMaximumWidth() const;
void setShowLegend( bool show );
bool showLegend() const;
void setLegendIsDoctwindow( bool dock );
bool legendIsDoctwindow( ) const;
TQDockWindow* legendDoctwindow( ) const;
void setShowListView( bool show );
bool showListView() const;
void setEditorEnabled( bool enable );
bool editorEnabled() const;
void setListViewWidth( int );
int listViewWidth();
void setEditable( bool editable );
bool editable() const;
void setCalendarMode( bool mode );
bool calendarMode() const;
void setDisplaySubitemsAsGroup( bool show );
bool displaySubitemsAsGroup() const;
void setDisplayEmptyTasksAsLine( bool show );
bool displayEmptyTasksAsLine() const;
void setHorBackgroundLines( int count = 2,
TQBrush brush =
TQBrush( TQColor ( 200,200,200 ),
TQt::Dense6Pattern ));
int horBackgroundLines( TQBrush& brush );
bool saveProject( TQIODevice* );
bool loadProject( TQIODevice* );
void print( TQPrinter* printer = 0 ,
bool printListView = true, bool printTimeLine = true,
bool printLegend = false );
TQSize drawContents( TQPainter* p = 0,
bool drawListView = true, bool drawTimeLine = true,
bool drawLegend = false );
void setZoomFactor( double factor, bool absolute );
double zoomFactor() const;
void zoomToFit();
void ensureVisible( KDGanttViewItem* );
void center( KDGanttViewItem* );
void centerTimeline( const TQDateTime& center );
void centerTimelineAfterShow( const TQDateTime& center );
void setTimelineToStart();
void setTimelineToEnd();
void addTicksLeft( int num = 1 );
void addTicksRight( int num = 1 );
void setShowTaskLinks( bool show );
bool showTaskLinks() const;
void setFont(const TQFont& f);
void setShowHeaderPopupMenu( bool show = true,
bool showZoom = true,
bool showScale = true,
bool showTime = true,
bool showYear = true,
bool showGrid = true,
bool showPrint = false);
bool showHeaderPopupMenu() const;
void setShowTimeTablePopupMenu( bool );
bool showTimeTablePopupMenu() const;
void setShapes( KDGanttViewItem::Type type,
KDGanttViewItem::Shape start,
KDGanttViewItem::Shape middle,
KDGanttViewItem::Shape end,
bool overwriteExisting = true );
bool shapes( KDGanttViewItem::Type type,
KDGanttViewItem::Shape& start,
KDGanttViewItem::Shape& middle,
KDGanttViewItem::Shape& end ) const;
void setColors( KDGanttViewItem::Type type,
const TQColor& start, const TQColor& middle,
const TQColor& end,
bool overwriteExisting = true );
bool colors( KDGanttViewItem::Type type,
TQColor& start, TQColor& middle, TQColor& end ) const;
void setDefaultColor( KDGanttViewItem::Type type,
const TQColor&,
bool overwriteExisting = true );
TQColor defaultColor( KDGanttViewItem::Type type ) const;
void setHighlightColors( KDGanttViewItem::Type type,
const TQColor& start, const TQColor& middle,
const TQColor& end,
bool overwriteExisting = true );
bool highlightColors( KDGanttViewItem::Type type,
TQColor& start, TQColor& middle, TQColor& end ) const;
void setDefaultHighlightColor( KDGanttViewItem::Type type,
const TQColor&,
bool overwriteExisting = true );
TQColor defaultHighlightColor( KDGanttViewItem::Type type ) const;
void setTextColor( const TQColor& color );
TQColor textColor() const;
void setNoInformationBrush( const TQBrush& brush );
TQBrush noInformationBrush() const;
// Link-related stuff
TQPtrList<KDGanttViewTaskLink> taskLinks() const;
TQPtrList<KDGanttViewTaskLinkGroup> taskLinkGroups() const;
// Legend-related stuff
void addLegendItem( KDGanttViewItem::Shape shape, const TQColor& shapeColor, const TQString& text );
void clearLegend();
// Header-related stuff
void setHorizonStart( const TQDateTime& start );
TQDateTime horizonStart() const;
void setHorizonEnd( const TQDateTime& start );
TQDateTime horizonEnd() const;
void setScale( Scale );
Scale scale() const;
void setMaximumScale( Scale );
Scale maximumScale() const;
void setMinimumScale( Scale );
Scale minimumScale() const;
void setAutoScaleMinorTickCount( int count );
int autoScaleMinorTickCount() const;
void setMajorScaleCount( int count );
int majorScaleCount() const;
void setMinorScaleCount( int count );
int minorScaleCount() const;
void setMinimumColumnWidth( int width );
int minimumColumnWidth() const;
void setYearFormat( YearFormat format );
YearFormat yearFormat() const;
void setHourFormat( HourFormat format );
HourFormat hourFormat() const;
void setShowMajorTicks( bool );
bool showMajorTicks() const;
void setShowMinorTicks( bool );
bool showMinorTicks() const;
void setColumnBackgroundColor( const TQDateTime& column,
const TQColor& color,
Scale mini = KDGanttView::Minute ,
Scale maxi = KDGanttView::Month);
void setIntervalBackgroundColor( const TQDateTime& start,
const TQDateTime& end,
const TQColor& color,
Scale mini = KDGanttView::Minute ,
Scale maxi = KDGanttView::Month);
bool changeBackgroundInterval( const TQDateTime& oldstart,
const TQDateTime& oldend,
const TQDateTime& newstart,
const TQDateTime& newend );
bool deleteBackgroundInterval( const TQDateTime& start,
const TQDateTime& end );
void clearBackgroundColor();
TQColor columnBackgroundColor( const TQDateTime& column ) const;
void setWeekendBackgroundColor( const TQColor& color );
TQColor weekendBackgroundColor() const;
void setWeekdayBackgroundColor( const TQColor& color, int weekday );
TQColor weekdayBackgroundColor(int weekday) const;
void setPaletteBackgroundColor(const TQColor& col);
void setGvBackgroundColor ( const TQColor & );
void setLvBackgroundColor ( const TQColor & );
void setTimeHeaderBackgroundColor ( const TQColor & );
void setLegendHeaderBackgroundColor ( const TQColor & );
TQColor gvBackgroundColor () const ;
TQColor lvBackgroundColor () const ;
TQColor timeHeaderBackgroundColor () const ;
TQColor legendHeaderBackgroundColor () const ;
void addUserdefinedLegendHeaderWidget( TQWidget * w );
void setWeekendDays( int start, int end );
void weekendDays( int& start, int& end ) const;
static TQPixmap getPixmap( KDGanttViewItem::Shape shape, const TQColor& shapeColor,const TQColor& backgroundColor, int itemSize);
void setHeaderVisible( bool );
bool headerVisible() const;
void setShowLegendButton( bool show );
bool showLegendButton() const;
// Pass-through methods from TQListView
virtual int addColumn( const TQString& label, int width = -1 );
virtual int addColumn( const TQIconSet& iconset, const TQString& label,
int width = -1 );
virtual void removeColumn( int index );
KDGanttViewItem* selectedItem() const;
void setSelected( KDGanttViewItem*, bool );
KDGanttViewItem* firstChild() const;
KDGanttViewItem* lastItem() const;
int childCount() const;
void clear();
void setDragEnabled( bool b );
void setDropEnabled( bool b );
void setDragDropEnabled( bool b );
bool dragEnabled() const;
bool dropEnabled() const;
bool isDragEnabled() const;
bool isDropEnabled() const;
virtual bool lvDropEvent ( TQDropEvent *e, KDGanttViewItem*, KDGanttViewItem*);
virtual void lvStartDrag (KDGanttViewItem*);
virtual bool lvDragMoveEvent (TQDragMoveEvent * e,KDGanttViewItem*, KDGanttViewItem*);
virtual void lvDragEnterEvent (TQDragEnterEvent * e );
virtual TQSize sizeHint() const;
KDGanttViewItem* getItemByName( const TQString& name ) const;
TQDateTime getDateTimeForCoordX(int coordX, bool global = true ) const;
KDGanttViewItem* getItemByListViewPos( const TQPoint& pos ) const;
KDGanttViewItem* getItemByGanttViewPos( const TQPoint& pos ) const;
KDGanttViewItem* getItemAt( const TQPoint& pos , bool global = true ) const;
// setting the vertical scrollbars of the listview and the timetable
// default values: always off for the listview, always on for the timetable
void setLvVScrollBarMode( TQScrollView::ScrollBarMode );
void setGvVScrollBarMode( TQScrollView::ScrollBarMode );
void setLinkItemsEnabled(bool on);
bool isLinkItemsEnabled() const;
public slots:
void editItem( KDGanttViewItem* );
void zoomToSelection( const TQDateTime& start, const TQDateTime& end);
void timeIntervallSelected( const TQDateTime& start, const TQDateTime& end);
void timeIntervalSelected( const TQDateTime& start, const TQDateTime& end);
void rescaling( Scale );
// the following signals are emitted if an item is clicked in the
// listview (inclusive) or in the ganttview
void itemLeftClicked( KDGanttViewItem* );
void itemMidClicked( KDGanttViewItem* );
void itemRightClicked( KDGanttViewItem* );
void itemDoubleClicked( KDGanttViewItem* );
// The following signal is emitted when two items shall be linked
void linkItems( KDGanttViewItem* from, KDGanttViewItem* to, int linkType );
// the following signals are emitted if an item is clicked in the
// listview (exlusive) or in the ganttview
// gv... means item in ganttview clicked
void gvCurrentChanged( KDGanttViewItem* );
void gvItemLeftClicked( KDGanttViewItem* );
void gvItemMidClicked( KDGanttViewItem* );
void gvItemRightClicked( KDGanttViewItem* );
// the point is the global position!!
void gvMouseButtonClicked ( int button, KDGanttViewItem* item, const TQPoint & pos);
void gvItemDoubleClicked( KDGanttViewItem* );
// the point is the global position!!
void gvContextMenuRequested ( KDGanttViewItem * item, const TQPoint & pos );
// lv... means item in listview clicked
void lvCurrentChanged( KDGanttViewItem* );
void lvItemRenamed( KDGanttViewItem* , int col, const TQString & text );
void lvMouseButtonPressed( int button, KDGanttViewItem * item, const TQPoint & pos, int c );
void lvItemLeftClicked( KDGanttViewItem* );
void lvItemMidClicked( KDGanttViewItem* );
void lvItemRightClicked( KDGanttViewItem* );
void lvContextMenuRequested ( KDGanttViewItem * item, const TQPoint & pos, int col );
void lvMouseButtonClicked ( int button, KDGanttViewItem* item, const TQPoint & pos, int c );
void lvItemDoubleClicked( KDGanttViewItem* );
void lvSelectionChanged( KDGanttViewItem* );
void itemConfigured( KDGanttViewItem* );
void taskLinkLeftClicked( KDGanttViewTaskLink* );
void taskLinkMidClicked( KDGanttViewTaskLink* );
void taskLinkRightClicked( KDGanttViewTaskLink* );
void taskLinkDoubleClicked( KDGanttViewTaskLink* );
void dropped ( TQDropEvent * e, KDGanttViewItem* droppedItem, KDGanttViewItem* itemBelowMouse);
private slots:
void forceRepaint( int val = 0 );
void slotSelectionChanged( TQListViewItem* item );
void slotCurrentChanged ( TQListViewItem * item );
void slotItemRenamed ( TQListViewItem * item, int col, const TQString & text );
void slotMouseButtonPressed ( int button, TQListViewItem * item, const TQPoint & pos, int c );
void slotmouseButtonClicked ( int button, TQListViewItem * item, const TQPoint & pos, int c );
void slotcontextMenuRequested ( TQListViewItem * item, const TQPoint & pos, int col );
void slotdoubleClicked ( TQListViewItem * item );
void slotHeaderSizeChanged();
void addTickRight();
void addTickLeft();
void enableAdding( int );
void slot_lvDropped(TQDropEvent* e, KDGanttViewItem* droppedItem, KDGanttViewItem* itemBelowMouse );
struct legendItem {
KDGanttViewItem::Shape shape;
TQColor color;
TQString text;
bool loadXML( const TQDomDocument& doc );
TQDomDocument saveXML( bool withPI = true ) const;
static TQString scaleToString( Scale scale );
static TQString yearFormatToString( YearFormat format );
static TQString hourFormatToString( HourFormat format );
static Scale stringToScale( const TQString& string );
static YearFormat stringToYearFormat( const TQString& string );
static HourFormat stringToHourFormat( const TQString& string );
// PENDING(lutz) Review these
friend class KDGanttCanvasView;
friend class KDGanttViewEventItem;
friend class KDGanttViewItem;
friend class KDGanttViewTaskItem;
friend class KDGanttViewSummaryItem;
friend class KDGanttViewTaskLink;
friend class KDGanttViewCalendarItem;
friend class KDTimeTableWidget;
friend class KDTimeHeaderWidget;
friend class KDListView;
friend class KDGanttViewTaskLinkGroup;
friend class KDLegendWidget;
KDListView * myListView;
KDGanttCanvasView *myCanvasView;
KDTimeHeaderWidget * myTimeHeader;
KDTimeTableWidget * myTimeTable;
KDLegendWidget * myLegend;
itemAttributeDialog* myItemAttributeDialog;
TQVBox * leftWidget, * rightWidget;
TQHBox * spacerLeft;
TQScrollView* myTimeHeaderScroll;
TQHBox* myTimeHeaderContainer ;
TQWidget* timeHeaderSpacerWidget;
TQWidget *spacerRight;
bool listViewIsVisible;
bool chartIsEditable;
bool editorIsEnabled;
bool _displaySubitemsAsGroup;
bool _displayEmptyTasksAsLine;
bool _showLegendButton;
bool _showHeader;
bool _enableAdding;
bool fCenterTimeLineAfterShow;
bool fDragEnabled;
bool fDropEnabled;
bool closingBlocked;
TQDateTime dtCenterTimeLineAfterShow;
KDGanttViewItem::Shape myDefaultShape [9];
TQColor myColor[9],myColorHL[9];
bool undefinedShape[3],undefinedColor[3],undefinedColorHL[3];
TQColor myTextColor;
TQColor myDefaultColor[3],myDefaultColorHL[3];
TQPtrList<KDGanttViewTaskLinkGroup> myTaskLinkGroupList;
TQPtrList<legendItem> *myLegendItems;
void addTaskLinkGroup(KDGanttViewTaskLinkGroup*);
void removeTaskLinkGroup(KDGanttViewTaskLinkGroup*);
int getIndex( KDGanttViewItem::Type ) const;
void notifyEditdialog( KDGanttViewItem * );
void initDefaults();
KDGanttViewItem* myCurrentItem;
KDGanttMinimizeSplitter *mySplitter;
virtual TQDragObject * dragObject ();
virtual void startDrag ();