Komposé – a fullscreen view of all your tasks and/or virtual desktops. Every window is represented by a scaled screenshot of it's own. Komposé was part of the BerliOS project.
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string( REGEX REPLACE "[ \r\n\t]+" ";" _linguas "$ENV{LINGUAS}" )
foreach( _po ${po_files} )
get_filename_component( _lang ${_po} NAME_WE )
if( "${_linguas}" MATCHES "^;*$" OR ";${_linguas};" MATCHES ";${_lang};" )
if( "${_po}" MATCHES "^([^/]*)/.*" )
string( REGEX REPLACE "^([^/]*)/.*" "\\1" _component "${_po}" )
else( )
set( _component "${PROJECT_NAME}" )
endif( )
tde_create_translation( FILES ${_po} LANG ${_lang} OUTPUT_NAME ${_component} )
endif( )
endforeach( )