KPicoSim – IDE and simulator for the Xilinx PicoBlaze-3
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2005-mm-dd, version 0.6:
* first change
* second change
--- old entries ---
V0.5: 'ORR sX, sY' assembled to 'ORR sX, kk' where kk was undefined
'SUBCY sX, sY' simulated wrongly (undefined behaviour)
'SUBCY sX, kk' simulated wrongly (undefined behaviour)
Save/Restore settings on open/close. (Not everything yet)
Popupmenu in serial view.
V0.4: Added the debug toolbar
V0.3: Added export to *.HEX and *.MEM files
V0.2: Made assembler more verbose
Added icons
Improved debugger
V0.1: Initial Version