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*Calendar for meal planning
*Command-line interface
*Improved printing support: I'd like to allow, for example, printing on recipe cards.
*Handle "Cookbooks". In MySQL/PostgreSQL a cookbook would be a table, and in SQLite it would be a file.
*Recipe revisions (planned for 1.1)
*Improved navigation - add a forward and back button
*E-mail recipe(s) option (using kapp->invokeMailer())
*Give option to import recipe formats by pasting the recipe text into a widget
*Allow saving and loading diet info from a file (or just store it in the database?)
*Database maintenance options (Empty database, Remove unused elements, etc.)
*Configurable shopping list (Maybe allow the user to select a style sheet or add a section to settings dialog... or both)
*Let the user know when nutrient info for a recipe is incomplete (due to missing info for one or more ingredients)
*Web album export (a spiffed-up multiple-page website ;)
*Disable delete when renaming an element (otherwise, it crashes)
*Let user know when no layout file was found
*Secure database access passwords??
*The icons on the left menu at times will disappear... I can't seem to reproduce this, however
*Make use of transactions in database backends where appropriate
*Give a warning when deleting categories (such as when a recipe was a part of that category)
*Delete the database table when deleting Krecipes
*Give a message box when exporting recipes, letting the user know what they are exporting (Is it the whole database, just what is visible, or a specific recipe)... Make it a "Don't ask me again" dialog.
THOUGHTS (feel free to comment):
*Recipe copy
*Reference a recipe to a cookbook (title, page number, category, etc.)
(I don't claim ownership of these. If you do it, I'll be happy too :) )
planned for 0.8:
*Step-by-Step recipe instructions with photos
*Check ingredients from existing kitchen resource table? Check amounts in the ingredient matcher?
*Add an option to popup for newly created ingredients, and include the USDA nutritional info at the same time