KShowMail – show mails on a POP3 server
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Eggert Ehmke <eggert.ehmke@berlin.de>
Allistar Melville <allistar@silvermoon.co.nz>
Oleg Ivanov <saruman@unigsm.com>
Ulrich Weigelt <ulrich.weigelt@gmx.de>
Since I started the kshowmail development, I received lots of feedback and constructive
critics from all over the world. I appreciate this very much and want to say "thank you"
to all of you. In particular:
Manfred Haertel <Manfred.Haertel@rz-online.de> who wrote the original command line version.
Espen Sand <espen.sand@neo.no> who provided the timers and some keyboard shortcuts.
Nicolas Vignal <nicolas.vignal@fnac.net> who provided RPM's for RedHat,
and the french translation.
Serge Parmentier <gerapa@skynet.be>� who updated the french translation
Edgardo Garc�a <edyx@mindless.com> who provided the spanish translation
Stephan Giesler <giesler@gmx.net> who updated the spanish translation and
did some testing.
Mattias Newzella <newzella@swipnet.se> who provided the swedish translation
Aharon Schkolnik <aharon@health.gov.il>, who did a lot of testing and created a lot of
Matthias Doell <mail@MatthiasDoell.de>, ideas that are now part of kshowmail.
Thomas Watz <twatz@gmx.de>
Maic Szotek <webmaster@dragontower.de> who provided the nice new icons for the
3.x.x version.
Gustavo Zamorano S. <gzsuniq@cableonda.net> who suggested the "Reply" feature and tested
some scripts.
Sandor Laza <slaza@xs4all.nl> who provided the hungarian translation.
Gabriele Postorino <g.posto@tin.it> who provided the italian translation.
Robert Kratky <kratky@rob.cz> who provided the czech translation.
Have a lot of fun! ;-)