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ksquirrel-0.8.0 and ksquirrel-libs-0.8.0
* new runtime options:
* added Konqueror intergation module
* added printing feature in image window
* added codec manager, which will allow to
enable/disable image codecs (requires root password)
* fixed licensing issues in source code
* fixed MIME types in .desktop files
* time counting in image window is more fair
* added EPS, PSP
* bugfix in PNM decoder on P3 PNMs
* bugfix in CAMERA codec, when KSquirrel couldn't open raw fotos
* more bugfixes in tabs
* more improvements in selection rectangle in image window
* selection rectangle is now drawn by OpenGL
* saving to clipboard now doesn't mix red and blue channels
* other small bugfixes
* added translations: Turkish, Polish, Italian, British, Ukranian, Czech
ksquirrel-0.7.4 (bugfix release)
* filtering and color balance in image window doesn't loose rotation angle
* saving in image window doesn't loose rotation angle (flipping is still lost)
* prevent autoresizing when tab count is 1
* external tools for non-local URLs now work
(but not all programs accepts URLs, GQview for example)
* external tools in image window now don't depend on navigator
* navigator now has focus at startup
* slider is changed when switching between tabs
ksquirrel-0.7.3 and ksquirrel-libs-0.7.3
* command line arguments now work better
* improvements in preview window
* cusomizable double click in image window
* select a region in image window and press Y to crop image
* added tabs in image window (off by default) with Opera-like navigation
* 100% zoom now doesn't use linear interpolation
(image is displayed "as is")
* added service menu for Dolphin
* added German translation
* added DDS
* JPEG2000 decoder is much faster now
* lazy thumbnail generation now can generate additional rows
* improvements in treeview
* F10 to repeat last operation with selected files (copy/move/link)
* it is highly recommended that you won't have FAM running,
see for more
* Added folder basket
* SVG codec now uses rsvg-convert
* fixed segfault in GIF codec (in rare cases)
* added DICOM (requires medcon)
* added APNG (see,
* lazy thumbnail generation (like in DigiKam)
* single click to highlight file, double click
to open
* drag operation now can show number of dragged files
and first two thumbnails
* fixed problems with file naming in converter and image window
* thumbnail loader now uses EXIF thumbnails if present
* thumbnail rotation using exif
* small fixes in thumbnail loader
* small fixes thumbnail cache master
* context menu in folder tree
* folder tree now accepts drops
* previous directory now selected during navigating
* current page in sidebar is now saved
* "Show hidden files" is also saved
* Sorting order is also saved :)
ksquirrel-0.7.1 and ksquirrel-libs-0.7.1
* context menu in file manager now have proper content (it worked in KDE 3.3, but in 3.5 it didn't)
* kio-slaves support (including smb:/, tar:/ etc.)
* archive extractor now uses kio-slaves (see previous). In general, it supports
zip, ar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, iso, rar, 7zip. To add support of rar and 7zip please install
tdeio_rar and tdeio_p7zip (search
* thumbnail creation on non-local filesystems (for ex. smb:/ or tar:/)
* statusbar improvements
* hotkeys in image window now don't depend on current keyboard layout
* history combobox now shows mime types
* bugfixes in slideshow
* new thumbnails' cache directory. Please remove old thumbnails from ~/.ksquirrel/thumbnails
* image rotation using EXIF in thumbnail loader and image viewer
* KIPI plugins now could be loaded on demand
* F2 to rename files
* thumbnail loader now corresponds thumbnail spec from
* other small bugfixes
* added XFIG (transfig package is required)
* added Degas PI3
* TTF codec is designed for freetype 2.2.1 (it should work at least in Debian Etch)
* CAMERA codec now uses dcraw v8.77 without modifications, which doesn't violate dcraw license
* bugfixes in scripts
* navigator is now hidden when running with file argument
* fixed file selection when passing filename through command line
* animated widget in toolbar now can be disabled (Options->Main)
* splash screen security improvements
* file path via command line parameter now works, e.g.
# ksquirrel /home/me/1.png
* new autoconf test for OpenGL
* small fix in image window toolbar (in 'Selection' popup menu)
* fixed toolbar height in image window
ksquirrel-0.7.0 and ksquirrel-libs-0.7.0
* filtering using selection is now available in image window
* fixed flicker of thumbnail loading progressbar
* fixed segfault on directory execution with "Return" button
* RAR archives are now supported ("unrar" program is required)
* fixed -l option
* fixed crashing when no image plugins were found
ksquirrel-0.7.0-pre2 and ksquirrel-libs-0.7.0-pre2
This is last preview release.
* multiple directory view: Shift+click to recursively toggle current
item and all subitems; Ctrl+click to recursively set current
item and all subitems on; Alt+click to recursively set current
item and all subitems off
* GQView mode removed till better times
* added preview widget
* new slideshow
* bugfixes in slideshow mechanism
* bugfix in mouse clicking (in list view and icon view)
* current image now can be filtered (filetring using current selection will be available in 0.7.0)
* added IFF, MAC, PICT, PI1, XIM, UTAH, LEAF, NEO (via NetPBM package)
* small fix in
ksquirrel-0.7.0-pre1 and ksquirrel-libs-0.7.0-pre1
* added KIPI support
* multiple directory view
* automatic image fit in image window
* some codecs now have options (DjVu, SVG, CAMERA...). Visit Plugins information dialog.
* edit tools removed. use KIPI instead :) Convertion tool is still available
* current image can be placed to clipboard
* current images can be "saved as..."
* bugfixes in "GQView" mode
* mount view now can mount/unmount
* thumbnail loading now ~15% faster
* improvements in interface switching
* sidebar: added image basket
* sidebar: removed file actions (use context menu in navigator)
* new DCOP parameters, see README
* bugfixes
* fixed segfault on GIF and some other libraries on some systems
* CAMERA codec now uses dcraw 8.61
* added settings support to CAMERA, SVG
* added DjVu (just single page via settings).
* added AutoCAD DXF (+settings)
* added GIMP XCF (+settings)
* small fixes in configure script
* configure output now more informatible
ksquirrel-0.6.3 and ksquirrel-libs-0.6.3
* interface improvements, now KSquirrel can look like GQview
* small fix in reloading libraries from disk
* added categories
ksquirrel-0.6.2 and ksquirrel-libs-0.6.2
ksquirrel and ksquirrel-libs now should correspond Debian policy.
* some changes in API
* fixed segfault if the file format is not supported
* new option: "Don't show tooltips when the main window is inactive"
* "L" key ("Ignore, if the image is less than window") in image window now works
* added Russian handbook
* single-page images now eat less memory
ksquirrel-0.6.1: bugfix release, minor changes
* updated .desktop files. MIME types inserted.
* "Nice" zoom now default zoom type
* "OpenGL information" moved to separate dialog
* "./configure.gnu --disable-ksmall" to disable ksquirrel-small in compile time
* small fix in rotate dialog, pixmap now erased correctly
* some codecs are disabled as buggy (use --enable-devel to enable them)
* ksquirrel-libs now installs development library and header files. Now ksquirel-libs
must be installed BEFORE KSquirrel.
* updated documentation
ksquirrel-0.6.0-final and ksquirrel-libs-0.6.0-final
* small fix in animating mechanism
* fixed F1/F4 bug in image window (only in pre9)
* fixed small memory leak
* closing image window now stops slideshow (if running)
* fixed flicker in image window in fullscreen state with hidden toolbar
* help widget now saves current page
* fixes in help widget
* If the image is broken, "broken" image will appear (like in GQview)
* image window: right click = context menu, middle click = toggle fullscreen,
left click = start drag, left click+SHIFT = select zoom area
* small fix in maximum/minimum zoom
* improved Xinerama support (I hope)
* small improvements in file manager
* added new options:
- show images progressively
- hide toolbar in fullscreen
- ability to choose number of image pages to be loaded (in edit tools too)
* added sidebar with
- file/image actions
- file tree
- view of currently mounted partitions
* small memory optimizations in file manager
* changing thumbnails' size now a little bit faster
* fixed small bug in DCOP connection, which could cause strange behaviour of file manager
* menu layout changes
* small fix in version checker
* small fix in setting background image in image window
* new toolbar in image window
* fixes in external tools
* saving geometry now works properly
* CTRL+T to recreate selected thumbnails + bugfixes
* code cleanups, comments
* SVG: added ".svgz" extension
* MNG: small fix in data types
* KOALA: small fix in bitdepth (bitdepth was always '0')
ksquirrel-0.6.0-pre9 and ksquirrel-libs 0.6.0-pre9
* small fixes in manual pages
* library loader now doesn't check +x permissions
* --enable-final for configure now works
* ksquirrel-small: bugfixes
* filter tool: added red-eye removal
* filter tool: small fix in pixmap updating
* edit tools: improvements in preview image
* edit tools: small fix with alpha channel for preview image
* experimental "Nice zoom" ('N' to toggle)
* new toolbar in image window
* improvements in loading mechanism, now KSquirrel will store only ONE frame in video memory. Is doesn't depend on whether image is animated or not
* ksquirrel-small now doesn't share settings with KSquirrel, but some settings (like zoom limit, background color etc. are still shared (and read-only))
* fixed small memory leak
* code cleanups
* XCUR: fixed segfault
* PNM: small fix (on pgm images)
* SGI: small improvements
* CAMERA: new file extensions added
* added font support (ttf, pfa, pfb...)
* added MNG, JNG (reading)
* added PXR (reading)
* added JBIG (slow, reading))
* code cleanups
* no more static libraries. Now SVG, GIF, OPENEXR, WMF and JPEG2000 are optional.
[from 0.6.0-pre8 u1 + new ones]
* new options for configure script:
ksquirrel-0.6.0-pre8 and ksquirrel-libs 0.6.0-pre7
* edit tools: fixed bug in writing images
* edit tools: preview image now works
* edit tools: new writing options
* filter tool: added 20 filters
* resize tool: removed all previous resize methods, added new ones: Box, Triangle, Bell, B-Spline, Lanczos3, Mitchell
* some interface changes in filter tool
* code cleanups
* source code now hardly commented
* added man page
* added new binary: ksquirrel-small. It is "light" version of KSquirrel - without filemanager, External tools, Filters,
Edit tools etc. It takes only one command line argument - path to file. For example:
[localhost@krasu]$ ksquirrel-small /mnt/c/images/cat.png
* internal changes
ksquirrel-0.6.0-pre7 and ksquirrel-libs-0.6.0-pre6
* fixed segfault when printing multipaged images
* fixed small bug in "Recreate selected thumbnails" action in thumbnail view
* fixed wrong header naming in "External tools" menu
* fixed small bug in print tool, in "Alignment" frame
* fixed bug with size() of version checker
* fixed compile problems on some Qt versions, which don't support STL (like Slackware's one)
* added filter tool (only "Negative" and "swap RGB" are currently supported, new filters coming soon)
* added slideshow and advanced slideshow (Ctrl+S, Ctrl+Alt+S)
* added mc-like file selection with '+' and '-'
* added "Select All" and "Deselect" actions in menu
* added some new options
* added unique application support (KSquirrel now can have only one running instance)
* print tool: "Custom fill" now works
* print tool: added transparency support
* now you needn't delete old config file - KSquirrel will do it for you
* edit tools now look like simple wizards (hope TiamaT will draw new squirrels soon...)
* libraries information was moved from Options to "Plugins information" dialog
* some menu layout changes
* code cleanups
* some changes in API
* added MTV Ray-Tracer (reading, writing)
* added AVS X (reading, writing)
* added PNM (writing)
* LIF: many bugfixes
* SVG: removed useless "-lfontconfig" dependency, which could create compile problems on some systems (like Slackware)
* PNG: fixed autoconf problems on some systems (like Slackware)
ksquirrel-0.6.0-pre6 and ksquirrel-libs-0.6.0-pre5
* resize tool now works (four resize methods: nearest, bilinear, tiles, hyper)
* colorize tool now works
* rotate tool now works (has some small bugs in algorithm)
* print tool now partially works (only "One image per one page")
* added JPEG2000 (reading)
* added OpenEXR (reading)
* added Quake2 WAL texture (reading)
* added HalfLife model (reading)
* added KOALA (reading)
* added HDR (reading)
* added LIF (reading)
* added SCT (reading)
* CUT decoder now not-alpha
* added DCOP interface, which was removed in early 0.2.8 :) Check README for list of parameters
* new version checker (old one removed)
* new autoconf test for GL library. old one could fail on some systems.
* image window: some changes in toolbar and context menu.
* small fix in tootips for thumbnails
* small fix in toolbar in image window
* some changes in main toolbar
* resize, rotate, colorize and print tools are available in preview mode
(will read, but won't write images)
* added thumbnail cache manipulator
* some changes in API. pre2 and pre3 are not compatible.
* added SVG (reading, requires libxml2, freetype)
* TGA: small fix (in v0.7.1 flipping was ON by default, in v0.7.2 flipping is determined by image header)
* XPM: small fix in decoding mechanism
* new mime icons
* please, remove old config file ~/.kde/share/config/ksquirrelrc and old libraries before installation
* some changes in thumbnail view
* changed library path /usr/lib/squirrel =>/usr/lib/ksquirrel-libs
* fully migrated to C++ (stdc++)
* added WMF (reading)
* added SUN Icon (reading)
* added WBMP (reading)
* added TIFF (writing)
* added photos from different cameras (CRW, ...)
* added some examples (QT, QT+OpenGL)
* moved back to Right Click = mouse selection, Middle Click = context menu
* added file actions in Navigator - Copy, Paste, Cut, etc.
* added -t option: find all supported images and create thumbnails. For example
# ksquirrel -t /home/ckult/images/
* "External Tools" now based on .desktop files
* fixed crashing when command line is not empty
* improved Drag'n'Drop support
* image converter now available (select files and press Ctrl+K), but not all libraries support write functions
* added interface for write functions
* added write features for PNG, JPEG, BMP
* PNG: fixed problems with interlaced images, fixed memory leak
* XPM: fixed problems with multiline comments
* ICO: added support of bit depth 24 and 32
* PSD: fixed problems with RGB images, that have 3 channels instead of 4
* GIF: added comments support (comment extensions)
* PNM: fixed problems with Windows-like line breaks (\r\n)
* added nice tickmarks around the image (press K to toggle)
* Middle click (or 'M') for context menu
* F5 to recreate selected thumbnails
* fixed little repainting problem
* fixed startup problem, if /usr/lib/squirrel doesn't exist.
* fixed problem with making image window built-in/separate
* fixed small problem with decoding corrupted files
* GIF decoder is much better now (fixed problems with transparency)
* added X cursors
* added PSD(RGB,CMYK,Grayscale,Indexed)
* added FLI Animation
* added thumbnail generator for FLI, GIF
* small fixes in PNM, BMP libraries
* fixed crushing on item execution (SIGALRM signal, or "Alarm clock")
* fixed awful lines (
* support of multipaged images (GIF, ICO, etc.)
* Now my e-mail is ksquirrel at
* moved back to PNG thumbnails. Please, rm -rf ~/.ksquirrel/thumbnails/
* GIF (beta, including animated)
* interlaced PNG's
* fixed random crushing on some PNGs
* about 15 formats are done
* some interface improvements
* improvements in 'Image Properties'
* new 'fullscreen' method (KDE-related)
* "Quick Browser" now can be moved and resized
* other small fixes
>>> Remember that ksquirrel-libs-0.5.0-pre3 and pre4 ARE NOT compatible!
ksquirrel-0.5.0-preview3 for KDE 3.2 and JPEG library for preview3
Please be patient - preview3 contains only one library, anyway, it's just a preview.
>> critical or important:
* fixed wrong displaying of huge images (more than 2048x2048); now doesn't depend on GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE =)
* fixed crashing on thumbnail view
* fixed awful memory leak, shame on myself !! =)
* moved to JPEG thumbnails (remove old ones from ~/.ksquirrel/thumbnails !)
* detecting images by content (like Trolltech's QImage)
* removed "Look like ..." - useless stuff
* please check README for new keyboard shortcuts.
>> other:
* now "make -f Makefile.dist" to recreate configure and other scripts
* configure was generated with autoconf 2.59, Makefiles - with automake 1.8.5
* fixed wrong url selection in treeview
* fixed wrong gridX value selection in SQ_FileThumbView
* fixed wrong filter selection on startup
* added library's filters support
* added pending thumbnails (sand-glass)
* added extended thumbnails
* added configurable zoom limit
* added tooltips with thumbnail info
* double click in Navigator opens current url in default browser
* image displaying is now faster
* determining archives by MIME, not by extension (._zip wasn't been handled :-(( )
* some changes in 'Options' dialog
* removed GL_LINEAR filter due to new displaying alghoritm
* other small fixes.