KSquirrel – powerful image viewer
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  1. * KSuirrel is under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (see LICENSE)
  2. * KSquirrel statically links against fmt_filters. See fmt_filters_README for more.
  3. * some functions in SQ_GLWidget (see source code for more) are based on
  4. original code by (C) Guillaume Chazarain <guichaz@yahoo.fr> in his great GLiv
  5. project (under GPL).
  6. * "broken" pixmap was taken from the "Nuvola" icon theme for KDE.
  7. * SQ_CategoryMenuBrowser is based on PanelBrowserMenu by (C) Matthias Elter
  8. from kde-3.2.3. See ksquirrel/sidebar/sq_categorybrowsermenu.h for more.
  9. * documenation for KSquirrel is under GFDL, see LICENSE.GFDL
  10. * some files in admin/ are under LGPL, see LICENSE.LGPL
  11. * SQ_GLU namespace is under LGPL, see LICENSE.LGPL